How to Get Subway Franchise in India – Cost and Profit Details

how to get subway franchise in india


Subway is one of the top fast-food chain restaurants in the world. The brand is highly appreciated for its unique sandwiches or subs with customized toppings. The brand Subway has nearly 500 branches in India and it’s growing its space. Subway is not only popular in terms of sandwiches but in general today.

They are made freshly in front of the customers where toppings and sauce is customized accordingly by the customer’s choice. This quality is one of the benchmarks to bring closure for the customer and Subway.

Subway is an American privately held restaurant that is known for making subs or submarine sandwiches and salads. Subway is one of the fastest-growing franchises which has more thousands of restaurants than McDonald’s. 

If you are looking to start your entrepreneurial business journey. In this article, we provide you a profitable business deal on how to get a Subway Franchise in India. You will be getting detailed information regarding the same. 

Subway Franchise in India:

The company opened its first outlet in Saket, New Delhi in 2001 has grown a lot and gained a huge amount of success in India. The company has more than 500 outlets in various cities and aims to increase my outlets in the coming years.

Subway provides a lot of benefits and services to its franchisees. If the investor decides to be associated with the company. Subway has specifically made efforts to cater to the needs of the Indian public by making innovative and unique changes to its menu. It is good to invest in Subway considering its brand value. The duration of the agreement franchise is for 20 years. It can be renewed after it.

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The company provides additional training and support. The company also provides a two-week training program along with advertising for the owner and their staff. The development and design for the construction of the subway outlet are managed by the company. The company also helps the owner in term software lease negotiations. 

Subway Franchise Capital Requirements:

The cost of investment for the Subway Franchise depends upon the location store-wise. There is no direct information regarding the investment for Subway. However, based on the studies at the market level, it shows that the brand fee or initial investment costs around INR 5 – 7 lakhs and 3.5% to 8% of the net sales are charged towards the royalty fees and advertising cost.

Subway offers two business models to choose from for the franchise cost in India and area space. The advertising and royalty fee includes 3.5%- 8% are charged by Subway in India. 

The area for the food court of the subway requires 170 sq. Ft and for the non-condensing court area it requires 350 sq. Ft. For the Subway food court franchise it costs INR 20-30 lakhs. The total cost for the Subway Dealership may include from INR 50 – 80 lakhs. To run a subway franchise a minimum of 8 member personnel is required. The usual operating cost to run a subway franchise costs around INR 1 lakhs and the breakdown can be achieved at a rate of 40% per year. 

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Subway Profit and ROI:

According to data study and research on the internet. The owner of the Subway Franchise can earn up to a profit of 70,000 INR  per month. The owner can recover the entire costs of setting up the franchise within 5-6 years. The franchisee can also earn a profit of 40-50% from its outlet. 

Steps on How to Open a Subway Franchise:

A candidate who is interested in investing in Subway and becoming a part of the company should request the Subway brochure. Visit the official website of subway

Then the candidate must go through the details provided by the company and fill out the application form and submit it to the company. Click here to fill out the application form

If the candidate is selected by the Subway company, they are required to meet with a local development agent. Who will not only help in the application form but also assist the franchisee in different aspects to set up the franchise?

After the discourse document is reviewed the franchisee must sign the franchise agreement. Then the franchisee along with their staff must go through the two-week training program. After which they must secure a location and build your restaurant. Then, at last, is the grand opening of the restaurant. 

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Qualities of a Successful Subway Partner:

Here are some of the skills required for the candidate who wants to become an investor and be a part of a subway franchise. 

  • The individual must have a high spirit level. 
  • They should be well-connected with the requirements of communication and management skills to build a successful Subway business. 
  • Must be adjusted to the working environment and become a team player. 
  • They should have confidence in over building day-to-day changes and learn new skills. 
  • The candidate must have extra curricular skills on how to operate the billing system. 
  • They should cover the in-depth operational manual of the necessary topics to run this business. 

Subway Franchise Contact Number:

If you want to be a part of a subway business company. Then contact directly to the following address. 

Subway Systems India Pvt Ltd:

Unit no .20-24, 3rd Floor,

MGF Metropolis,

M.G Road, Sector 28

Gurgaon –122002,

 Haryana, India

Subway Franchise

Telephone: 91 12441 88700


Subway is one of the well-established brands all over the world. The brand is highly beneficial to invest in and become a profitable entrepreneur. Subway brand has always maintained the sanctity of customers and their choices. The brand uses quality products to keep attracting the customer’s base. Becoming a franchisee is one of the good ideas to become more profitable and make your business stand apart in the food and beverages industry. Moreover, you should conduct research and get into details regarding the market value before starting this Subway Franchise business in India.