How to Get Pizza Hut Franchise in India – Complete Cost and Profit Info

how to get pizza hut franchise in india


In India, food franchising has become a prevalent option to enter into the planning of the food and beverage industry. The pizza hut store has more than 17,000 stores all over the world. The pizza hut started its franchises in 1960 with its headquarters in Texas. In India, the pizza hut has more than 400 outlets and also plans to open 200 outlets in the coming 2022 in order to expand its retail footprint. Pizza Hut is among the number one positions in the top ten in the fast-food business in India. The brand has claimed to possess assets worth $37 billion. Its popularity has not stopped down even once in the past 15 years. The pizza Hut is a popular pizza selling company in the world. To sell exotic flavours of pizza. They have managed to win the hearts of pizza lovers across the world. 

The pizza hut has become an integral part of the pizza market. They provide excellent service and business opportunities to entrepreneurs who are looking to start this business as their startup. The brand has more value and service. It is a part of Yum! Brand.Inc and the largest global restaurant chain in the whole world and remains to be one of the favoured choices. In this article, we have curated a detailed guide on how to get Pizza Hut Franchise In India. We have also mentioned the requirements and procedures for setting up a pizza hut franchise in India. As Indians are habituated to eating veg and non-veg pizzas. Globalisation has made it possible for people to try different cuisines which have become popular around the world. 

How to start a pizza hut franchise in India:

If you are planning to start your own business. Here are the details for how to get a Pizza Hut Franchise In India. Pizza is the favourite fast food along with the youngsters rather than homemade or traditional food items. In India, there are nearly 170 pizza units that operate on home services. Currently, it is increasing every passing day. The representation of this best-tasting Pizza has made it possible to hire more than 14,000 delivery drivers by the end of 2021.  The experience has led to growing their growth potential into double digits.

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Every Indian loves pizzas so there is huge potential to open a  pizza hut franchise in India. The first pizza hut franchise was opened in Bangalore, India. Since then it has dominated to high growth and has managed to retain its rate of over 40% per annum. Due to its international reputation, the pizza hut franchise has an everlasting impression on Indians. The pizza hut is located in over 40 cities of India. 

Pizza hut franchise investment:

The unique USP of Pizza Hut selling point at their eateries is their wide variety of food items with different exotic flavours. Some of these handmade Pizzas are hand-tossed pan Pizzas with soft crunchy crust at the ends. They are further categorized into classic, signature, supreme and favourite. 

The investment plan to open a pizza hut franchise in India comes in three different business models. You can choose according to your investment and requirements. The first franchise fees could be approx INR 14 lakhs with a yearly royalty fee of 6.5% at your gain. 

Business Model of Pizza Hut Franchise:

The business model for the pizza hut franchise comes in three different formats. Such as dine-in locations. They are a famous business model for most investors. Next comes the carry-out model with dine-in restaurants to parcel the takeaways. The third one is delivery options along with carry-out and dine-in options. Some of the pizza hut franchises also have a lunch buffet. Throughout these three formats, pizza hut makes good profit returns.

Restaurant based delivery system pizza hut restaurants:

In this type of franchise and other products approved by LLC. It has dine-in and carry-out service features. To get ownership one has to invest around INR 25-30 lakhs depending upon its requirements. 

Delivery/carryout (Delco) system pizza hut restaurants:

It offers to carry out services in this type of franchise. As their products are sold only in this feature and it costs around INR 15 lakhs. 

Delivery Based Restaurant” (DBR)/Fast Casual Delco (FCD) System Pizza Hut Restaurants:

In this type of franchise, the products are sold for dine-in and carry-out services. But they also offer delivery options. And interested people who want to invest in this franchise must pay around INR 20 Lakhs. 

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Along with these franchise options, the franchisor must also pay for advertising fees, purchasing contribution fees, and monthly royalty fees which depend upon the percentage of the sale. The standard space requirement for the franchisee must be 1000 sq. ft to 1500 sq. ft as per the reasonable space requirement for the brand. Although there are no area requirements to open a pizza hut franchise. But these are the basic area requirements. A person who is looking to start their entrepreneurial business by becoming a franchisee in pizza hut. They must look forward to establishing their advertising and marketing strategy with the support of pizza hut. They must never plunge at any point of the time. But they must act with good communication and up their level of a selling point. 

Pizza Hut Profit Margin:

The profit for the pizza hut franchise depends upon its footfall and performance, area and state. How well the franchise owners are capable to analyse the situation and work towards living better. But the initial profit margin an investor can expect is INR 20,000 every month. 

Minimum staff requirement:

The owner of the franchise must hire a stable and mentally fit to handle any kind of situation. They must also be able to handle the equipment and serve the customers with the right attitude.

Regions Of Operation:

The pizza hut company has till now managed to open nearly 422 outlets in India alone in over 44 cities. The outlets are classified into North Zone, South Zone, West Zone, Central Zone and Union territories. The owner of the brand Yum brand also plans to open 200 outlets in the coming years. This will be the second-largest pizza place in the Asia Pacific region. 


To start a pizza hut franchise in India. The candidate must have ideal experience in management, successful retail or business ownership experience in the restaurant industry. 

Terms of Agreement:

The employers must sign a written agreement to keep the confidentiality of PHI’s trade and proprietary information. The term of the agreement for the franchise would be five years. It changes from location to location. PHI’s may take longer sometimes or in no time. 


Pizza hut brand provides training for the staff to its franchisors. They also offer in-depth training when compared with other places. The training lasts for 8 to 12 weeks at your given location. The franchisees are also responsible for the expenses of travel accommodation of the management team. They also offer two types of support. One is the newsletter and convention. The additive hut also offers loyalty points and advertisement templates.

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Restaurant training:

This training consists of a leader program, assistant manager program, area coach program and restaurant general manager program. 

Franchise Onboarding:

In the franchise onboarding, the individuals must meet with the designated functional leaders. 

Making Proposal:

If you are planning to propose a franchisee in a pizza hut. You must visit the official website of Pizza Hut and fill out the application form. The details to be offered include the name of the applicant, mobile number, email address, current city, state of residence, a reasonable range of investment and other details. 

After filling the form the application must be submitted. Post the form the company will contact you in case you turned out to be an eligible candidate for the pizza hut franchise. It will take a series of interviews alongside background checks for about 10-12 weeks. After identifying it will take three to five months depending upon the size of the opening. After the trade area is approved you will have to sign the development agreement. Then you have one year to open for business. 

Pizza Hut contact details:

The official website of the pizza hut franchise:

The official office address:

Pizza Hut Head Office Contact Details

12th Floor, Tower D, Global Business Park,

Gurgaon, Haryana, India,

Pin code: 122002

Contact number: 91-124-4025100


Feel free to contact the official website and apply for the franchise model. Just get in touch with the right person in the pizza hut and start your franchise. The procedure is simple to fill the application form and get started. These are the detailed guides on how to open a pizza hut franchise in India in this article. Pizza Hut has good essential qualities which stand apart from other food and beverage franchises. They customize the food menu according to the customer’s preference, have flexibility and make their customers feel heard and respected. So research well about your business by keeping in mind the location, decor, ambience, dining experience with profitability.