How to Get Maruti Suzuki Dealership in Your City – Complete Info

Maruti Suzuki Dealership


You reached here, that means your are looking for maruti suzuki dealership process or investment details, right. Then your search may ends here.

Do you know ? there are many car brands exist in indian market and the count is 34, but what makes maruti suzuki most lovable for indian?

Maruti provides the value for indian which is not easy in the affordable budgets, thats why people tend to buy usually indian brands. So without wasting time, lets move to direct topic.

Founders and History:

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., commonly referred to as Maruti Suzuki, is an Indian automobile company headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. Founded in 1982, it is a subsidiary of Japan’s Suzuki Motor Corporation. The company produces cars under the Maruti brand. In addition to automobiles, Maruti manufactures motorcycles, scooters, lawn mowers, tractors, generators, and agricultural equipment.

In the early 1990s, Maruti launched a new car, the Alto 800, which was a success. The company decided to launch a call centre to provide customer service. This was the beginning of Maruti True Value, which now owns over 1,000 vehicles.

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The Indian brand Maruti Suzuki plans to launch its first all-electric car in the next two years, according to the source. The company will start selling the new model in the second half of 2025.

Industry Expansion and Stocks:

The company has a manufacturing facility in Gujarat that is solely responsible for producing all of the company’s parts and accessories. Additionally, Maruti Suzuki has two production facilities in Haryana (Gurugram and Manesar).

Do you know? Maruti Suzuki is one of the top ten automakers in the world. Volkswagen, which was placed eighth and valued at US$ 5,986 million, was surpassed by the Indian automaker, which was ranked ninth and valued at US$ 6,375 million.

Maruti Suzuki, the industry leader, saw a decline in market share to 44.2% from 46.9%. (Y-O-Y). Negative year-over-year growth, but a 3.9% increase when compared to January 22.

Why Maruti Suzuki Brand for Dealership:

  • Affordable vehicles are a specialty of Maruti Suzuki.
  • Maruti Suzuki vehicles all have very great mileage.
  • The company’s nationwide sales and servicing network is extremely extensive.
  • Due to the significant market demand for Maruti Suzuki vehicles, these vehicles might have a high resale value.

Eligibility for Applying Maruti Suzuki Dealership:

The investment for a Maruti Suzuki dealership varies depending on the region and other elements, but in general, this is the usual sum. A Maruti Suzuki dealership in India costs between 30 and 50 lakhs.

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While submitting an application for a dealership, one lakh rupees from this investment amount must be delivered to Maruti Suzuki in the form of a demand draft. For the dealership you must have at least 4000 square feet of commercial space. 

Below Points need to Consider While Applying for Dealership:

      Expertise in the auto industry or a related field.

•      The CIBIL Score Report.

•      The applicant’s income tax information.

•      The balance sheet and all of the prior three years’ profit and loss accounts.

•      Verification of showroom space.

•      A demand draft for Rs. 100K INR

•      New place location map, which shows no other dealership near to the particular location.

As we know, Maruti is the most well-known and successful automaker in India, it sells a variety of vehicles and helps dealers make money by from dealerships. Maruti increased the dealership margins from average 6-7% to 8.5% on its well-known vehicles Swift, Dzire, and Brezza.

Contact Details:

Here is the official website, where you can submit your contact details or directly talk to staff representative.

Maruti Suzuki India Limited

1, Nelson Mandela Road,

Vasant Kunj, New Delhi – 110070.

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Bottom Line:

I have explained the process and its related info on Maruti Suzuki Dealership in this blog. If you want to know more, you can directly leave your message on the given phone number or email id. if you have ever thought on go with an auto dealership, then which brand you will personally like, do let us know your views through the comment section. If you liked this post, then you can share it with your friends on social media here.