How to Get KFC Franchise in India – Complete Cost and Profit Details

how to get kfc franchise in india

How to Begin KFC Franchise in India 

KFC is one of every of the foremost fashionable fast-food chains and a good franchise chance in India. It’s a gift in more than a hundred thirty-five countries worldwide and has quite 22,600 eating houses. In 2018, the revenue of this world fast food restaurant was calculable at $26 billion.

So if you’re fascinated by the gap between a KFC franchise in your city and how to begin a KFC franchise in India, you’ve reached the proper place. We will give you every bit of data you would like to know about the franchise’s history, the advantages of running a franchise of KFC, a way to apply it, the necessities to open a franchise, etc.

 What’s the USP of the KFC Franchise? 

The distinctive marketing Proposition (USP) of the franchise lies within the “11 herbs and spices” at the start created by commissioned military officer Sanders himself. Even supposing the instruction wasn’t patented, it’s a command as a trade secret.

The small print of the recipe is safely held within a vault in KFC headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. Another USP of KFC is that “Lifestyles higher with KFC” because it offers food that comes with a novel taste that no different food outlet might replicate.

It’s calculable that KFC caters to the requirements of quite twelve customers daily across the world through its chain of fast-food restaurants. They provide each takeaway and in-store eating in their restaurants.

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About the Company

KY-cooked chicken, also called KFC, could be a fast-food chain whose primary specialty is fried chicken. The corporate has its headquarters within America in the town of Louisville, Kentucky. In terms of sales, KFC is that the second biggest fast-food building chain in the world. The most crucial chain is McDonald’s. 

The corporate encompasses a worldwide presence which might be seen from the fact that as of the Gregorian calendar month of the year 2018, the company is a gift in 136 countries with around 22,621 locations unfolds across the globe.

A restaurant company named Yum! is the parent company of KFC and the parent company of different sustenance building chains like Wing Street, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. Commissioned military officer Harland Sanders is the one who based the KFC. Sanders started the corporate as a margin restaurant wherever he wont to sell cooked chicken throughout the nice Depression. 

Sanders complete that the company had the potential for the conception of franchising. Thus, the primary ‘Kentucky cooked Chicken’ franchise outlet opened within 1952 in the town of Utah. By distinguishing himself as commissioned military officer Sanders, Sanders used his image because of the company’s emblem that also helped heaps within the corporate’s advertising.

KFC is additionally standard for its catchy slogans like ‘So Good,’ ‘It’s Finger-Licking’ Good!’ and ‘Nobody will Chicken just like the KFC.’ within the year 1963, KFC became the most crucial fast-food operation in America with over 600 restaurants that spread all across the country. From that point, the company has simply unbroken on growing, and in the year 2013, KFC recorded sales of around twenty-three billion dollars. 

How to begin KFC Franchise business In India? 

Beginning KFC franchise business in India is extremely simple however bit expressible. However, this will be a golden opportunity if you’ve got sensible quantity to speculate into a food franchise business. Nowadays India, KFC is working quite 340 open restaurants in prime a hundred towns of India.

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Also, KFC is trying to find a lot of enlargement in the Indian continent, and because of this, KFC Franchise is the most profitable franchises business opportunity.

KFC Franchise Business Investments : 

Bureau of Intelligence and Research 1.5 Core to three Total Core Investment needed is around 1.5 animal product to 3 Cr. this is often just for the franchise charges for a lot of details concerning KFC franchise.

You’ll be able to contact with the below contact choice for more information. In India, among all the food franchise businesses, solely KFC franchise offers multi-unit franchisees. So if you have a significant money capability and a robust & Quality retail experience, then only you can think about applying for a franchise of KFC. For machinery, the entire investment is fifty animal products to 60 Lac.

KFC Franchise business Commission: 

As each business charges some proportion of the entire sales budget, KFC also Charges around 10% to a pair of 0% of your sales amount. It should vary from product to product. 

KFC Franchise business area demand 

If you have a property in an exceedingly sensible neighborhood like tier 1, tier 2, and tier-three cities, KFC Company may consider renting your property. 

KFC Franchise business area needs

 As it takes a significant investment, you ought to have some space around one hundred Sq.Ft to 150 Sq.Ft at a prime location like tier 1, tier a pair of, and tier-three cities, so KFC will think about this property for rental purposes once you can get quality folks whose shopping for capability is good.

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KFC business needs 

There are sure demands that require to be consummated by a private to accumulate the KFC franchise. The essential requirement that a franchisee has to fulfil relates to the outlet house or area needed to line up the restaurant.

A good place is required to set up the outlet, so there’s space required in the kitchen, equipment, the seating arrangement for the customers, and so on. In addition, the employees ought to be able to walk around freely to perform their duties. The realm required to set up a KFC outlet store is around 1000 to 1,500 sq. feet.

KFC Franchise price in India 

One major issue that each capitalist considers while choosing whether or not to take a position during a company or not is the cost of investment. Betting on the situation of the outlet, someone has to place up around 1 crore rupees to become the owner of a KFC outlet. Excluding that, a franchisee additionally has got to pay a royalty fee of four % to the company.


KFC is growing at a fast rate in the Republic of India. Today, the company’s turnover is taken into account to be around four hundred integer rupees. Therefore, KFC’s market share in India could be approximately 25% the company is valued at about 1,500 crore rupees in India.

All this data suggests a simple plan to take a position in an exceeding organization like KFC and become the responsible head of a KFC franchise. So, if you have the cash to invest and need to invest in a fast-food field and treat yourself as a franchise owner, KFC is an excellent option.