How to Get Keventers Franchise in Your City – Complete Details

how to get keventers franchise

Keventer is one of the best bands in the middle of the Indian market with a new presence in milk and dairy products. So let’s find out how you can get a Keventer franchise in your city.

Edward Keventer laid the foundation of the brand in the Indian market in 1990 And at the same time there was a shortage of milk in India. The brand has come out of such a situation and is now at a good level.

What is a Keventers Franchise

A Keventers franchisee can open two stores in metros or two in non-metros and 10 in the suburbs. The minimum investment for a franchisee is Rs 15 lakhs, and a 30 percent GST is applicable on the total turnover of the business for the first three years. Franchise registration forms Franchise fee: Rs 4500, Other requirements: Must have at least a six-year experience in the hospitality industry.

Minimum five percent of the total turnover from operations towards the startup cost of the unit. They are not required to have any manufacturing experience Keventers reviews A passionate team with an immense work ethic has propelled the Keventers brand to be recognized globally as a premium beverage manufacturer.

Owning a Keventers Franchise is an exciting journey that involves tremendous physical and financial investment. It consists in selling the same café through an agreement to franchisees. You also have first to register your business with Keventers and fulfill the necessary legal conditions, including licensing fee, signing a brand-licensing agreement, contracting a Keventers’ Franchise Consultant, providing the required documents for the Keventers Franchise Agreement and filling the necessary franchisee’s application form. You can also choose to have your Keventers’ Boutique in a territory.

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Before you register your Keventers Franchise, it is imperative to keep in mind that Keventers is known to make a customer experience special. To achieve?

A Keventers franchise is a form of a joint venture with the parent company. The franchisee receives partial equity share and long-term exclusive rights to open units at the selected retail outlets for five years. The franchisee needs to pay a one-time fee of Rs.1.50 crore and a royalty fee of 10% of the revenue from the total number of outlets opened during the five-year term.

Who can start a Keventers Franchise?

Anyone who knows the real estate business with a minimum net worth of Rs.40 crore can apply for the franchisee spot. The minimum required net worth to apply for the Keventers franchise is Rs.4 crore, along with at least a minimum annual turnover of Rs.200 crores for the five years of the agreement period. 

How to start a Keventers Franchise

To start a Keventers Franchise, interested individuals need to send in their legal documents. Additionally, a physical inspection of the store location is required. If they pass the preliminary round of review, one needs to pay Rs 16,38,000 as the initial fee, Rs 14,38,000 as the franchise fee, and Rs 2,000 as GST. A Keventers franchise owner will be required to purchase 20 cows every month for milk and milk products.

Training and awareness drive is the other part of the process that needs to be put in place. Apart from regular briefings about procedures and policies, candidates will be trained to meet the standards of Keventers. 

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To get started with a Keventers franchise, it is essential to have good background knowledge of the brand and the fast-growing ice cream market in India. Understanding the basics of running an ice cream store and the challenges and common mistakes to avoid at the same time is paramount before investing in the franchise. This will help you make the right decision.

Keventers provides a step-by-step guide to its franchise partners on how to start and expand their business with the help of their approved franchising consultants.

Do a background check on the franchisee and look for the franchisor’s good track record before deciding whether to proceed with the franchise agreement. Aspirants must be clear on their goals and objectives to invest in a franchise in

The detailed process of creating a franchise for the brand is covered in detail in a self-published book titled Keventers Franchise: The Definitive Guide by Harsh Agarwal.

  • Getting the Right Niche

The successful franchisee must be committed to coming up with new ideas to excite its customers about the different offerings in its menu. The service providers must create a solid customer base for their venture.

  • Getting Funding

The venture must take financial help from investors. An active business plan is a prerequisite to get financial aid.

  • Researching the Market

The franchisee must research the market to determine the profitability. If it is a small city and does not generate sufficient footfalls, an urban property may not be suitable for the venture.

  • Setting the Right Expect

First things first, there is a particular ‘Keventers family’ inside each of us who wants to open one of the finest sweet-and-savory cafes. But, be careful; this opportunity comes with its own set of challenges – from setting up your infrastructure to focusing on soft skills like managing your sales to offer delightful food to your patrons!

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An extremely competitive environment puts Keventers owners at a disadvantage. If you’re expecting an easy ride, you’re going to be disappointed. Unless you possess a deep-rooted understanding of both the history and the role of dairy in the Indian food culture and the killer marketing skills, you are going to face insurmountable difficulties.


As all the recipes and formulas are the same, it does not require much investment for the franchise owner. A person with excellent marketing skills, a modern kitchen, a nice set of restaurants, and a good look can benefit from the franchise opportunity. While one may have a good idea of running the business, a franchise partner will bring in the management skills that can make you stand out from the crowd. With his franchise partner, a franchisee can come up with a concept based on their ideas and make it a must-visit place.

The Keventers franchise is a viable option for people with an overall experience of dairying and liquor manufacturing and knowledge of the beverage and culinary sector. Further, they have to have a good and workable business plan and the required competencies and experience to run the business. All these attributes add to the overall effectiveness of the venture. With easy financing, starting the Keventers franchise can be an exciting and profitable venture.