How to Get Go Gas Dealership in City – Complete Procedure

Go Gas Dealership

If you are looking for a good business that can survive in every challenging situation, stay with me and know how to buy Go Gas Dealership.

Go Gas is a cylinder, and the gas-related company that provides LPG cylinder all over India and their agency have reached in about 22 states.

If seen in India, many such companies provide dealership agency, but despite all this, why do we recommend Go Gas dealership only, know further.

Founders and History:

Confidence Petroleum Limited Group started the GoGas brand, and Go Gas Elite began the first Auto LPG division around 2008.

Auto LPG is a good and straightforward solution that is a safe, green, and clean solution against the increasing pollution all around.

The agency has been approved by the Government of India long ago because it will increase the possibility of providing employment in India.

Market Expansion and Growth:

If we talk about their existing, then 209 Auto LPG stations and 1400+ more dealers and distributors are present in India.

If we talk about their LPG stations, the company wants to spread its reach in many areas of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, and the company has set its target to open 500 LPG stations in the next three years.

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Go gas has taken steps for a green revolution, i.e., a pollution-free country, so the Government of India has recognized it.

Why Go Gas Dealership:

This agency is known for green gases, but their products are somewhat different that makes them unique.

  1. Most of the LPG cylinders that they provide are different from the conventional cylinders, and the risk of explosion-like things is shallow, which means the outer layer is not attractive to any explosives.
  2. If you look at the structure of the cylinder, it is slightly different from the traditional cylinder. It is completely lightweight and not made of metal.
  3. If there are holes in conventional cylinders, then there is some difficulty in seeing or understanding them, but go gas cylinders can easily show us whether there is a hole or not.
  4. As we mentioned, it is lighter than the conventional cylinder, that is, the material used in its construction, its name is polyethylene, it can take most of the massive weight. These cylinders also come in great colors and attractive designs.

Products and Services:

If we talk about Go Gas’s different products or services, Go Gas Elite has made its strong presence in the market, especially in LPG cylinders.

The variety of their LPG cylinder, which we will get in 4 types and classified according to their weight like 2KG, 5KG, 10KG, 20KG.

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Go Gas Dealership Overview:

If you have read this much and want to know more details on how to buy GO Gas Dealership in your city, stay tuned with us and note the below-mentioned criteria.

  • First thing if you want to go with go gas dealership then you have to keep in mind that to open a gas agency a considerable space is required which should be up to 1000 square feet which may change at city and rural level as per company rules.
  • Now coming to expenses, as in the entire process of the dealership from beginning to end, you are expected to spend at least 20 lakhs. Many other costs and fees are included: office house, worker’s salary, security fee, etc.
  • If we talk about the profit margin here, we can not say for sure because a cylinder delivery gives a profit of up to 40rs/per, so according to this, how many cylinders are reaching the house per day, then the gain is good.

Corporate Office:

If you live close to the address given below, it will be easy for you, and you can also meet them directly or leave your message on the phone and email provided below.

Confidence Petroleum India Ltd.

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4th Floor, Landmark Building,

Ramdaspeth, Nagpur – 440012

Email Us :

Contact Details: 

Help Desk Number:- (+91) 76202-50251

Customer Support: – (+91) 76665-55560

Email Support:-

Bottom Line: I have explained the answers to almost all types of questions related to Go Gas Dealership and their process. Want to know more than this, you can directly leave your message on the given phone number or email id. If you have everything as per the given information, would you like to go with a Go Gas dealership in the future or not, do let us know your views through the comment section? If you liked this post, then you can share it with your friends on social media here.