How To Get Franchise of Dosa Plaza In Your City

Dosa Plaza franchise


To become a Dosa Plaza Franchise you need to be either an entrepreneur who wants to own a business. Or a person who is passionate about customer service and loves South Indian food. So if you are a lover of Dosa and want to invest in a food company that specializes in Dosa. Then this article is for you. Because this article has an accurate plan and details regarding the Dosa Plaza Franchise and how you can invest in them and acquire them to your benefit.

Dosa Plaza Franchise:

Dosa Plaza was established in the year 1998 in Maharashtra Dosa plaza is a food outlet chain that started its operations with unique ideas. They created varieties of Dosa and easily attracted a huge customer base. Today the brand has reached its heights in every corner of India. Moreover, it has a plan to set its international presence with such a vision. That the credibility of the Dosa Plaza adds a lot of value to the brand.

The brand serves more than 120+ dosa varieties in each of its outlets. And moreover, they have around 20+ types of Dosa patented under their own name which is the reason for the formation of the food chain outlets across India. The company is having different categories of dosas.

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It includes sada dosa, combination masala dosa, traditional dosa, chinese fusion dosa, thin crispy dosa, chopsuey dosa, mexican style dosa, paper dosa, spicy dosa, and more. To become an owner of Dosa Plaza Franchise you need to have a minimum investment of about INR 40-50 lakhs.

To become a franchisee of the Dosa Plaza Franchise, you need to follow certain steps. Firstly, you need to visit the company’s official website, then you have to fill out the application form details. Certain professional and personal details have to be mentioned in this form.

Then you need to submit the form to the company. The official members of the company will review the application. If it’s selected, then you will be contacted by the higher officials for further details.

Benefits of Starting Dosa Plaza Franchise:

Here are a few of the benefits which you can avail if you are selected as the franchisee of Dosa Plaza Franchise. They are

  • Low cost and high returns business opportunities.
  • Complete pre-opening support.
  • Business management assistance and development.
  • Ongoing support and training.
  • Growth-oriented transparent work policies.
  • The brand offers two types of business models that one can use and take advantage of. They also supply all the necessary equipment and will guide you throughout the entire process with management support and guidance.
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Investment Requirement for Dosa Plaza Franchise:

Dosa Plaza Franchise offers two types of business models the food court express model and the dining restaurant model. Each has its own advantages as follows.

Food Court Express Model:

The investment required for this model is between 25 – 30 lakhs.

A franchise fee of about 8 lakhs is charged.

It should have a store room which should be spacious enough for the execution. The store has to be about 400 square feet.

Dining Restaurant Model:

The investment required for this model is between 55 – 60 lakhs.

The franchise fee is around INR 12 lakhs.

Though depending upon the model that is being chosen by the candidate the investment amount will vary, however irrespective of the model chosen the royalty fee is about 8%.

Requirements for Starting Dosa Plaza Franchise:

The minimum area required for starting this franchise outlet would be as per the type of model chosen.

For the food court express franchise model, the minimum area required is between 400-500 sq.ft. For the dining restaurant, the minimum area required is between 1000 – 1500 sq.ft.

What Are Profit Margin In:

You are expected to earn a good amount of profits as a franchisee of the Dosa Plaza Franchise. The expected rate of return is approximately 20 – 30 percent. The franchisee can earn back the initial investment amount within 1-3 years.

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Contact Details:

All the franchise inquiries are to be made at their official email address at or by a land-line number +912227830606. You can also pay your visit or sent a letter to

Prem Sagar Dosa Plaza Pvt. Ltd.

519, Commodity Exchange Building, Plot no – 2,3 and 4.

Bead APMC market – 11

Vashi,Navi Mumbai – 4000705

Maharashtra, india.

You can also visit their official website:

The investment covers all the infrastructure and equipment for you. Both the types of business models give access to serve all the 107 types of Dosa.


There are several benefits of starting this franchise model as your business plan. The work style of this franchise is clear and growth-oriented. The owner and the staff members have to go through a training session organized by the company. The company also supports the franchisee in setting up the franchise including the pre-opening operations.