How to Get Exide Battery Dealership in India – Cost & Profit

How to Get Exide Battery Dealership in India

Do you want to get an Exide battery dealership but don’t know how to get that? Then Welcome to this complete guide.

Exide is one of the leading brands when it’s come to batteries. 

Also, Exide holds the first position in the acid battery industry. In the past several years, Exide has been one of the most reliable brands in India. 

For more than six decades, the company has been dominating the Indian market. The company has stabilized nine factories across all over India. 

These factories are strategically located worldwide through which they can both import raw materials quickly and export their products to the markets. 

Out of these 7 factories are primarily dedicated to batteries, and the other two factories manufacture home inverters. 

but these are the only achievements of Exide in India when it’s come to global. Being an Indian company Exide has subsidiaries in the UK, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and it exports to more than 45 countries located on six different continents. 

And the new list of customers is still increasing day by day. 

So if you are also interested in starting an Exide battery dealership in your city, this article is for you. 

This article will cover every aspect regarding Exide battery dealerships, such as investment, cost, profit, dealer margin, and much more. 

Product Range

In batteries, Exide offers a wide range of products. They provide almost every sector where batteries are needed. 

On top of that, they also provide installation, operation, and maintenance. Here is the list of their product range. 

1. Automotive Batteries

Excites offers batteries for almost all automatic you see in your daily life running on the roads from two-wheelers, three-wheelers, two cars, and even heavy trucks and buses. 

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2. Industrial Batteries 

The term industrial covers many industries such as Railways, Telecommunications, Power & Infrastructure projects, Tractor & Motive Power, Online/Offline UPS systems, etc. The companies provide batteries for all these different types of industries according to their different needs.

3.  Inverter Batteries

These kinds of batteries are mainly used in homes and offices. The rate includes tubular batteries, flat plate batteries, etc.

4. Solar Batteries

The company provides supreme quality solar batteries with superior performance and maximum reliability, and a service life guarantee.

5. Genset Batteries

Exide provides a vast range of Genset batteries. They also manufacture batteries according to different needs and customization of their customers. 

6. Home UPS system

In-home UPS system segment Exide manufactures and provides both lower KVA and higher KVA batteries to their customers. 

7. Submarine Batteries

Yes, Exide also manufactures high and submarine batteries. The company not only satisfies the Indian Navy’s needs but is also permitted by the Indian government to export to other countries. 

Exide Sub-Brands :

Currently, Exide is India’s most extensive battery-producing company. They make so much that they can export to other countries. They ship to different countries under the names of their various sub-brands. Some of their names are EXIDE, CHLORIDE, SF SONIC, CEIL, INDEX & DYNEX. 

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. In these Asian countries, the company sells its products under the name of the Exide brand. 

How Much Exide Dealership is Profitable?

Now let’s talk about the most crucial aspect of every business, that is the profit. Throughout the years, the company name has been widespread among the people, and that’s what the company wants to be so popular that everybody knows their name. Well, that much amount of popularity doesn’t come without excellent service. 

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Over the years, Exide has grown into a continuously progressive brand. The company took care of not only customers but also shareholders, employees, and society. 

So, now you can easily guess that people trust companies so much. The company has its unique image in the market. So, getting an Exide dealership is a prestigious opportunity for you. 

When you come to the actual money, you will get a percentage of selling every product.

That percentage will vary from product to product. However, the earning possibilities are infinite.

How to Start an Exide Battery dealership in your City?

There are two options to start with. The first option is If you already have an automobile shop, then you can sell Exide batteries along with the other automobile parts. And the other one is to open an exclusive Exide battery shop. 

If you want to go with the first option, you have to contact the local company manager near your area to start providing you the products you can sell in your shop. 

However, for the second option, you have to contact the company directly and tell them that you are interested in opening an exclusive Exide battery shop. You can contact them through phone or email, and then you have to wait for their response. 

Exide Dealership Investment?

There is no specific data about this. Also, it is not mentioned anywhere on the company’s official site. 

But as I think the company will send their employees first to verify the place since the place plays an essential role for sealing any product this will only apply if you want to open an exclusive shop. After verification then you can proceed with the following steps. 

Then you have to hire a few staff to give service to the customers. On top of that, the company may also provide some training programs for your hired staff and you. 

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The company may or may not charge for this training program. 

Other essential things matter according to the company’s terms and conditions. You may have to agree with them all. So you can be legally bound to the company.

When it comes to direct money investment, the investment will be around 15 to 20 lacs if you open a shop. However, this may vary on many factors, but this is an average estimate. On top of that few percent of this amount, it will be taken by the company as a security deposit which may or may not be refundable depending upon company policy. 

Exide Battery Dealership Contact Details:


Exide Industries Ltd.

Exide House

59E Chowringhee, Kolkata – 700020

Phone: +91 33 2302 3400, 2283 2118/ 50/ 71

Public Relations

Sudipto Roy +91 33 2283 2184


Apart from the Kolkata head office, Exide battery has regional offices in major cities, including Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore.


Exide offers a very, very super range of products under its battery segment, which will increase day by day their services and relationships with their customers and employees and even with their stakeholders are excellent. 

Joining such a company is a great opportunity. Plus its wide range of products gives you versatility for example, and you can sell solar plates if you are in an area where there are electricity outages too much. 

You can join any segment according to the need of your space. And there is a straightforward rule in business, and the rule is the rule of demand and supply. 

So if you are planning, Exide is the best option for you. Thank you! I hope you like my article.