How to Get DPD Franchise – Cost and Profit, Complete Overview

DPD Franchise

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Dynamic Parcel Distribution(DPD) is a parcel delivery company at the global level which strives to provide delivery services to customers daily. 

The DPD company was founded in 1999 owned by France’s La Poste, the second largest postal group in Europe. 

But initially, it was established in 1970 with the name of courier express. Later on, Mayne Nickless, an Australian company, bought this delivery company in 1984. They changed the company name to Priceline. 

Nearly a decade and Six years later, it was bought by La Poste, and the layer came to be known as DPD. The main headquarters of the company is situated in France.

The company offers its services to various countries such as Brazil, India, Europe across the world. The company delivers on behalf of the biggest influential brands from the United Kingdom. They are Nike, Boots, M & M&S, Lush, Apple Next, John Lewis, etc. 

The DPD company always comes up with the latest developments in the field of Technology and innovations. 

They use these latest methods to support their drivers in delivering real-time tracking and one-fourth delivery time slots to their customers. 

This global brand offers to predict services with various options and uses the state of the art technology to provide its customers the best experience. 

They are one of the top leading companies in the United Kingdom. Each year they offer a wide range of categories to choose from and change their contract. 

This article will learn about an overview of how to get a DPD Franchise with cost and profit. We will also guide you through becoming an owner-driver franchisee or ODF, with the flexibility of balancing your personal life.

Moreover, the perks of becoming an ODF with the increasing opportunities and earnings each year. 

So let’s get started. 

What are the Services Provided by DPD ?

The DPD company has more than 11,000 employees. They operate from 68 locations with 8000 vehicles. Each year the estimated delivery parcels they deliver their customers are more than 250 million to around 6500 customers. 

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The company offers its potential services to its customers. Those who want to be a part of the DPD  franchise can join with a minimum investment of EUR 1300. They also provide training services to the drivers or owners. 

The company does not charge any franchise fees and funding support. They allow you to choose the day of work with flexible hours. The company operates on all days of a week, which helps to earn more each day. 

The DPD company is reliable and customer-centered in this rapidly increasing industry. They deliver to almost 230 countries from mainland Europe with their Air Classic service. 

According to Statista, the DPD company is the third E-commerce market in the world. They have a valuation of about £586 billion in 2017. It is expected to rise in 2021 as they will expect to grow in the online world. 

They offer services to the customers with their cutting-edge technology to keep the customers informed about their product services with either SMS or email with a one-hour delivery window. 

DPD Franchise Cost

To become an owner-driver in the  DPD Franchise. One has to invest an initial amount. They offer a range of deposit plans with a flexible amount of money you want to pay on a specific period. 

The estimated cost will start from £1300 to £2300. The franchise allows you to be your boss and be a part of a reputed parcel service business. 

Generally, it is a low-cost startup with an increased amount of earning potential over long-term work. The five-year plan offered in the DPD Franchise agreement also has additional benefits of stability and security with a reliable source of income. 

The DPD Franchise offers training sources and support to start your Career as ODF in DPD at no cost. From the very beginning to the end. The dedicated team guides their franchises with staff training, Technology, marketing, and franchise location. 

They will assist you in planning the route efficiently. At each step of the comprehensive training, the team guides you with its predicted services to deliver the products successfully without any hassle. 

Once your business gets settled and starts to progress. The company itself offers you a financial bonus and helps you earn loyalty.

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Most of the DPD Franchises have agreed that the company has flourished their business smoothly and staying active in many instances. Thus by balancing both the work life and personal development. 

The DPD Franchise has an essential list of excellent services to cater to the needs of online retailers, specifically. 

How to get DPD Franchise? 

To apply for DPD Franchise, you need to visit its official website and register yourself. On the website you need to complete the application process and submit your passport, driving license, and national insurance number. 

Information on DPD Franchise Profit:

After becoming a DPD Franchise, you can have a turnover of approximately £140k to £500k profit. We depend upon our delivery services to the customers. 

Reasons to become a DPD ODF:

One of the most significant advantages a DPD Franchise provides to the entrepreneurs. You are your boss in delivering parcels in the local territory; you can be a driver and owner within your franchise. Here are some of the reasons to become a DPD ODF. 

  • You can be able to earn two revenue streams as an owner and driver. The monthly payment will be made on the exact date. 
  • The company also has a complete training program with the latest technology to help you maximize your earnings. 
  • A vehicle support package is also offered to the ODF by the DPD. It includes Van servicing, a fuel card, and a full uniform from shorts to fleeces. 
  • With the latest handheld technology, you can plan and run your route with award-winning predict services. Thus on each delivery, you can accurately deliver to the customers with ease. 
  • While training, the DPD offers its financial assistance so that you can get started with your business. 
  • The DPD Franchise usually lasts for a five years contract. SP that you can retain most of the talented ODFs. Thus they celebrate your key milestones and reward you with cash prizes.  

Challenges of becoming a DPD Franchise:

As a delivery partner and driver, there are challenges one faces in each type of Job. And becoming a DPD Franchise is a demanding one. However, you can overcome these challenges with simple solutions. 

  • Always maintain your calm and ensure to stay hydrated. Take suitable breaks in between the shifts to get free air. Driving all day can be taxing to your mental and physical health. So make sure to take care of your health. 
  • Timing is one of the biggest challenges one faces as a driver. So you need to efficiently plan and stick to your route to reach your targets. 
  • Make sure to get the DPD vehicle support package. It will help in maintaining your vehicle in good condition. 
  • Suppose you are in a challenging situation like heavy traffic wrong, bad weather, accidents, or a badly affected area. Always reschedule your delivery to another day or work out to have another route. 
  • Never lose your posture or panic in terms of late delivery. You can give prior notice to the customers about the ongoing situation and let them know about it. 
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Does a DPD Franchise use electric delivery vehicles? 

Ans: The company promotes sustainability and eco-friendly in becoming a responsible central delivery business partner in the UK. Thus they use electric delivery vehicles. 

Is DPD a certified Company? 

Ans: Yes, DPD is a Certified company that follows quality management, energy, and environmental management standards. Thus they follow corporate policy along with maintaining the standards. 

How Can I Apply for a Job in DPD? 

Ans: You have to check the DPD job finder and apply for the Job directly by simply following the instructions provided by the website. As the company receives hundreds of application forms daily. Suppose you are not able to find it. Then you can mail the application with all the Related documents to 

What are the documents to be sent along as a part of the application form? 

Ans: you need to submit your passport, driving license, and national insurance number with all the relevant documents as a part of the application program in opening a DPD Franchise. 

Conclusion: The DPD company provides first-class assistance and delivery services consistently. The company was awarded the Queen’s Award for best expertise in the innovation category in April 2015. 

It has also been voted at the top position as a Money saver expert with customer satisfaction for delivering the parcels for over sevens. Thus you can analyze deep research before investment and becoming a DPD Franchise.