How to Get (CCD) Cafe Coffee Day Franchise in India – Complete Details

cafe coffee day franchise


Cafe Coffee Day also called CCD is one of the famous coffee brands in India and the best hangout place for youngsters and coffee lovers. In today’s times consuming caffeine is one and other is a bustling business. Working in a coffee cafe and enjoying another cup of cappuccino is truly mind-relieving.

Cafe Coffee Day is a popular franchise in India that has its first outlet in 1996 on brigade road in Bangalore, India. Now the community has spread over 209 cities/towns and has over 1423+ outlets across India. If you are looking to start a cafe coffee franchise in India then here are the business opportunities for it. The brand doesn’t offer franchises. So one must recall that the brand offers you to partner with them for cafes for business. So in this article, we see how to start a cafe coffee franchise in India. 

About Cafe Coffee Day:

The cafe coffee day CCD was awarded the ISO 22000:2005 certification in 2013 by DNV’s Business Assurance Food safety system, an internationally acclaimed food safety management system in India. This certification covers the following factors of handling, preparing, and serving food and beverages in the cafe coffee day, cafes, fresh assembly centers, lounge cafes. Cafe Coffee Day comes under its parent company Coffee Day Global. The company grows its own beans and owns cafes and serves coffee. They also manufacture coffee-making machines, and cafeterias while its operation is growing. They serve a wide range of refreshments which also include cakes, shakes, burgers, tea, juice, and more. 

The model of this coffee business owns 20,000 acres of coffee Estate which grows its own arabica coffee beans. It is also being sold and exported to other countries. If you have a commercial space fit to open a cafe. Then you can start this venture. The coffee business is a giant business that they own and operate themselves, unlike other businesses. With the trend of going out and hanging in cafes. CCD has flourished its potential and has grown over the years. Many are starting to invest and an earring in this cafe coffee day business and making their future bright. 

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How to Start a Cafe Coffee Day Franchise in India?

Here are the details about the cafe coffee franchise in India. This company is one of the successful business companies in the world. This is why many people are looking forward to getting a franchise from this company. The cafe has maintained their taste and quality and it is why the company still has a strong customer base towards them. Cafe Coffee Day has its outlets in countries like Malaysia, Nepal, Austria, Czech Republic, and Egypt. It has been the biggest exporter of arabica coffee beans in the country since the last decade. 

Cafe Coffee Day Franchise Investment:

At Least an investment of nearly 10 lakhs is needed to start a cafe coffee franchise in India. The franchise brand fee is INR 50,000. The equipment and the interior expanse depend upon the space of the store. But the total cost is around 4 lakhs. They sign a bond for 4-5 decades. Also, it is possible to renew the deal once the current phase comes to a conclusion. 

Cafe Coffee Day Franchise Requirements:

The requirements to start this business are its market value of rental/revenue share basis. If you have a property then you can start the business as a partnership with the company. The company names it as a partnership and offers to open the store at your place of business. 

The space required to open a CCD Cafe is to be a commercial convertible or commercially convertible retail space of 1000-1500 sq. ft on the ground floor. The space should have a running frontage of a  minimum of 25 sq. ft along with a parking facility. 

There are no other requirements as CCD takes care of the staff, interiors, inventories, equipment, and more. The cafe coffee day management team also. Offers support and benefits with brand support, lucrative RI tried and tested business model. 

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To start this CCD franchise there are no skills needed. But the main thing to note is you need to be flexible with the constant change in the market trends and maintain the business successfully. To work seamlessly you need to have a leadership goal to complete the operations of day-to-day life. You have to indulge yourself in communicating with the customers. So that you can offer a great experience to the customers. 

The head office offers training support to the franchises. The franchise is updated with hardware and software support. So that you can run the store without any glitches. Plus they also offer training at the outlet site only. You also need around 5-6 employees. They would include a waiter, cashier, staff to prepare food and clean. 

How to start business/partnership with Cafe Coffee Day:

If you wish to lease your commercial space to CCD to open a cafe. Then you can start a business by partnering with them.  There are certain guidelines to approach them. You must own a retail space according to the prerequisites laid by the company. If you meet their guidelines then you can write to the following with the details and expect a reply from them soon. 

Some of the following details are

  • Name of the owner/owners of the space. 
  • Postal residential address, contact numbers, and email ID of the owner/owners. 
  • Postal address of the spaced. 
  • Measurement of space area. 
  • Photographs of the location.
  • Measurement of the space area. 
  • Demographics of the catchment area. 

Strengths and USP of CCD:

Cafe Coffee Day has its strength and USPs which makes them stand apart. It includes Taste, Brand name, different themes, services. Over the years CCD has changed its service. By offering great ambiance and service to their customers. Their menu is affordable and their staff offers great hospitality to their customers. There are various types of CCD. Some of them are open in gardens, highway cafes, high street cafes, and much more. Some love to sit outside the cafe, while most of the people go to malls where they love sitting there. These are the values which bring an addition to the store. 

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Advantages in partnering with CCD:

Being a partner with CCD has its perks. It has a great many compared to other cafes. They partner with marketing and leading advertising agencies so that they can attract more customers. Thus you don’t have to send on marketing. Also, their brand awareness is already over the country. This increases the chances of earning profit and less risk as compared to people. As the cost of coffee production is less as they produce their coffee. This helps in the flow of customers and helps you earn more money. 

Cafe Coffee Day Franchise Contact Number:

Here is a list of contact numbers for cafe coffee franchises in India. To start a CCD in different states of India. 

Nikhil Khanolkar: Nikhil.K@Cafecoffeeday.Com

Ambush Kashmiri: Ambish.K@Cafecoffeeday.Com

Dilip Singh: Dilip.S@Cafecoffeeday.Com

Vishal Suvas Kelkar: Vishal.T@Cafecoffeeday.Com

Cafe Coffee Day Official Website:

Effective Tips on How to Apply:

Cafe Coffee Day Franchise allows purchasing of the right of use of an established business for an investor. This business provides you with the ability to buy a turn-key business and offer to support a new franchise. To get this franchise you need to talk to the owner of the company. And you have to go over to check their offered products and services. Make sure to go over the legal and business agreements before starting as a franchisee in this CCD business. 

CCD for Your Business Success:

Success doesn’t depend only on the name of the business. It needs more high sales and positive affirmation from the customers and your leadership skills in managing the franchise well. These are some of the qualities which will take you and your business forward with high potential. To have a strong potential customers base you need to have good interaction and staff supportive management to handle things in case of any mishap and offer good service to the customers. 


Cafe Coffee Day Franchise is a good start for an enthralling entrepreneurial journey. However, you need to be positive and handle both sides of the coin in any kind of business. I hope these details regarding the Cafe Coffee Franchise in India have helped you in finding your journey.