How to Get Bikanervala Franchise in Your City – Complete Details

Bikanervala Franchise

If you are looking to invest in an Indian made brand, then the Bikanervala franchise could be one of the best options.

Did you know that this brand has been holding its place in the Indian market for 115 years and it is mainly known for its sweet and salty foods.

As it is an Indian made brand, you will not have much difficulty in getting a franchise, so read the points given below for complete information.

Founders and History:

The Bikanervala brand got its true identity from Delhi in 1950 and it is now almost 71 years since Bikanervala became the brand.

The brand started as a traditional business in Rajasthan and the Lalji family had two members in that house business and after some time they tried to take their business to a larger scale in Delhi.

Shortly after arriving in Delhi, they started expanding the family shop in a short time and at the same time, they added a variety of sweet and salty items to the shop.

Market Expansion and Growth:

The brand has opened its stores all over India. If you look at the current situation, there are more than 100 shops all over India and more than 25 shops are in abroad.

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Over the next few years, during 1988, he began selling his products in beautiful and attractive packets under the name Bikano to spread his brand around the world.

Overall, following his journey from the beginning, they signed an agreement with the international brand PepsiCo in 1995, setting up a manufacturing plant for his salty brand Lehar in Faridabad, Haryana.

Why Bikanervala Franchise:

There are so many brands in India that can offer you a franchise, but let’s find out why the Bikanervala franchise is different from them.

  1. Since Bikanervala has spent a lot of time in businesses as a brand, they have also given their share in other areas like restaurants, hospitals, etc.
  1. The brand was declared the Best Sweet Shop in Delhi between 2012 and 2014 due to its good production from the beginning.
  1. Being an Indian brand, their products are not as expensive as the Indian market.
  1. Most importantly, Bikanervala does not charge any royalty fees from its franchisee.

Products and Services:

Bikanervala is now a very big brands that initially believed only in selling sweets. Today they have food available in every category. Let’s see as follows.

  1. Sweets Category
  2. Restaurant Style Foods
  3. Bakery Items
  4. Packed Snacks

Bikanervala Franchise Overview:

If you have read all the information so far, that means you are definitely looking forward to buying the Bikanervala franchise in your cities, then be sure to read the points below before that.

  1. First of all, let’s talk about space. For the Bikanervala franchise, you will need at least 1300 to 1800 square feet of space that you can own or rent.
  1. If you consider the franchise option, you will have to pay at least Rs 15 lakh as a franchise fee and if you consider the full cost, the cost is likely to be around Rs 2 to 3 crore.
  1. For the Bikanervala franchise, you do not need to have any previous hotel line experience and there is no restriction on how many hotel staff you want.
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Contact Details:

If you are really looking forward to the current procedure for taking a franchise in India, then contact them on below phone number and office address.

011- 47006714

+91 9650075931

Bikanervala Corporate Office Address

A-28 Lawrence Road Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110035, INDIA

Bottom Line:  Through this blog, I have provided you all the information on how you can get the Bikanervala franchise in your city. One thing I would like to tell you here is that if we talk about profit, it can be 50 to 60% monthly and according to the given details, if the investment is similar, then your full amount will be in your hands in four to five years. If you have got helpful information after reading this post, be sure to let us know your thoughts and you can share it with your friend circle on social media.