How to Earn Money by Watching Ads

How to Earn Money By Watching Ads Per Day

Do you really want to earn some cash without doing any hard work, then here is your chance. In this post, we will guide you on how to earn money by watching ads.

Money making opportunities are enormous, and why we can’t take advantage of them, it’s not always necessary to start your own business.

As we all know, blogging and youtube are money-making schemes, but that does not work the same with everybody.

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If you really want to build your money-making business model, you should have to be consistent in your work for up to two, three years, or sometimes more without getting paid off a single cent.

Digital advertising is where everyone can earn, and there are some applications available which allow users to earn incentive or reward bonus.

Some websites allow you to create your account without paying anything to them and provide a method to work and earn decent money.

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The online world revolves around advertising and affiliate. Still, don’t worry, you don’t have to sell your anything to make your commission. You have to click on the ads and stay up to seconds, and then your incentive credited to your dashboard.

How to Earn Money by Watching Ads:

Below are the four websites which allow you to earn money in $, so stay tuned with the post for more detailed information.


The first recommendation to earn money only by clicking ads is quartr, and the sad news is this app is private and not available for Indian users.

Once you join, you will have numerous options to earn your bonus, including Watching ads, reviews on products, feedbacks like a survey, etc.

After successfully joining up to the quartr app, You will have your complete control over which type of content you prefer to interact with.
To earn Max Commission per activity, you will have to attend a survey task, and after that, you will have video ads that give a max 25cents.

And the last thing is when you will be able to cash out your payment. Right. You need at least $20 in your account to get paid via PayPal.


Dabbl Is a USA based PTC app, and it’s available on the Play Store name as “getdabbl”, stay tuned to learn on how to earn money by watching ads.

Getdabbl, Is a mobile-based application that helps users to earn money by completing small tasks, including Games, quiz and by watching video ads.

Once you reach the Payment Threshold $5, you can convert your rewards into a gift card. (Don’t worry about the gift card. It doesn’t have any expiration to use, and you can redeem a gift card whenever you want) or redeem straight away to the bank account via the payment method. Is a unique and trustworthy PTC site where you can earn cash only by watching advertisements daily.

Once you successfully create your account, you will have two ways to earn by watching ads and second by referring sign-ups. If you want to make more with the per click, then you have to upgrade your membership first.

To use this platform, you need to be loyal with them because their advanced tracking system easily tracks you if you use an automated tool to click and view ads if they find they will terminate your membership.

You will find other third-party apps integrated inside, like Ysense, Superpay, CPX survey, and bitcoin, to maximize your earning through the same place.

On the dashboard, you will see your daily earning in terms of PTS, that means 1pts = $0.01 And minimum threshold to redeem your payment is $10 if you are a standard member then your payment credit to your account within a few weeks. For premium members, you will receive a payment within a few days.


Gener8ads is an innovative way to control your ads via small extensions; like others, you don’t have to wait for a per-day ad slot. You can earn just by browsing on the internet.

The very first thing I would like to inform you is you can’t access it on mobile, and you need to have a desktop or a laptop to use the browser extension of gener8ads.

The strategy of gener8ads is straightforward. The company is an ad agency. They will control your ad viewing experience, so whenever you start surfing, they will limit other third-party ads and show profitable ads that are suitable for you to earn more.

You can check your earnings through the extension, and there you will see your rewards In the form of tokens. And the price of the token in the Marketplace is 10 tokens = £1, and once you reach £5 In your account, you can then redeem via Amazon gift card.


Q) Are all the above sites legal?
Ans: Yes, absolutely, I have investigated everything on Reddit and other review platforms, and I have found almost 9 out of 10 people suggest to use it.

Q) Are the above sites available for Indian users?
Ans: No, most of them are US and UK based websites.

Q) What are the redeem option?
Ans: Most of them support amazon gift cards and direct cash out options, so choose wisely before redeem.

Bottom Line:

There are so many similar sites that offer the same activities or even better options to earn, but after the review and analysis, I have found these websites are legit, and your payment will be safe with them. So let me know your opinion on “How to Earn Money by Watching Ads” Blog. If you love reading, kindly share this post with your friends and family.

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