How to Apply for Essar Petrol Pump Dealership In India

how to apply for essar petrol pump


Are you looking to start a petrol pump business? Do you know Essar oil limited is popularly known as the largest public oil and gas company. 

We all know that India is going to become an economic and business hub in the coming years. The country is widely promoting various businesses to businesspersons and reputed entrepreneurs. 

Thus the petrol pump business is one such business which is highly productive in terms of the country’s economic growth. Most of the cities and towns in India involve a large population. Thus petrol pump business in these cities has shown a great increase of petrol usage along with better returns. 

Moreover, the country has progressed towards changing into the gas from charcoal as a source of household energy. Did you know the Essar oil limited was renamed to Nayara energy. Nayara energy is the widespread private sector in India. 

It is the fastest-growing retail chain network in India. In this article, we will review a detailed guide on how to apply for an Essar Petrol Pump with investment, profit, a dealership in detail. 

Why Essar Oil (Nayara)?

The company owns more than 4500 operational outlets spread across all over India. It has over 2600 outlets in India which are at different completion stages. 

Nayara oil has performed across rural and national as well as state highways. Nayara Energy owns and proudly operates its second-largest single refinery at Vadinar in Gujarat. Because it is a famously growing and promising company to invest in. 

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As it makes the highest profits in economic growth. So starting an Essar oil business will flourish your revenue. But also pave the way for becoming a better future for entrepreneurs. 

Benefits of Opening Essar Petrol Pump Dealer Outlet:

If you are thinking why to open an Essar petrol pump outlet. Then here are some of its benefits for you to understand and go through it. They are 

  • They focus on quality and quantity products. The company ensures to operate with the fuel station through frequent checkups. They follow sudden and surprise inspections to the fuel stations. 
  • The company has one toll-free customer care number. So that anyone can teach and share their query. 
  • Customers can pay with multiple bill options. Such as through debit cards, credit cards, and cash cards with hassle-free convenient methods. 
  • The company allows various types of lubricants with different grades. It will help you in reaching overseas volume with a good revenue. 
  • They offer basic amenities such as drinking water, free air for tyres and maintenance. Also, they offer adequate parking spaces for their customers. 

Essar Oil Petrol Pump Dealership- Application through Divisional Office:

Here is the list of things on how to apply for an Essar Petrol Pump. The application form for Essar and other retail outlets can be submitted in the prescribed format as given on the official website. 

The applicant has to pay the application fee along with the applicant form. Then the application form has to be submitted to the Essar oil divisional office. 

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After the verification process, the divisional manager and territory sales manager will discuss the applicant for further processing. For the site visit a site representative from Nayara from the date of application. 

A detailed investigation will be carried out with an agreement and lease rental income. 

Mutual Agreement:

A letter of mutual agreement for becoming a Nayara Energy Ltd franchise with confirming the rental and volume targets for the applicant. 

Essar Petrol Pump Dealership Criteria & Requirements:

The Nayara energy provides a seamless experience with a commissioning process. Essar doesn’t have a tender-led selection process. 

After the authority goes through the letter and the site recommendations. The criteria for the land need to be the size of 800 square meters in the required town. 

The land needs to be leveled and developed for setting up a pump. The Essar oil retail outlet needs to be learned for a particular company. 

One must also note that the land size varies from one location to another location. So the kind of outlet you want to establish must be calculated and carried out. 

Expected Profit Margin in Petrol Pump Business:

The Essar Petrol Pump model is a simple but lucrative business option. As it ensures increased profits and returns based on your investments. 

Some of the lease rental includes the lease will be paid mutually based on the agreement. Also sales commission on actual sales is competitive. So the current margin in the industry will be equal to the returns. 

Also the performance-based return on investment at 5% per annum. The capital expenditure will be made on its infrastructure and on-site. So based on the standard calculations it will be processed. 

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How to apply for Essar Petrol Pump Dealership In India:

You can directly apply for the dealership in India for Essar Petrol Pump in India. As Nayara Energy doesn’t appoint any business associates or agents. Therefore you need to apply directly. 

You can directly apply on the website for the dealership.

Click this link to download the application form from the website. 

For existing Franchisee queries, write to

Or call franchisee helpdesk on 022 71321122

Essar Petrol Pump Contact Details:

Corporate Office:

Nayara Energy Limited

5th Floor, Jet Airways Godrej BKC, Plot No. C-68, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East,

Mumbai – 400 051 Maharashtra,


Registered Office:

Nayara Energy Ltd.

Khambhalia Post, P O Box 24, District Devbhumi Dwarka, Gujarat – 361 305


Telephone: +91 (2833) 661 444

For marketing queries, write to

For any complaints/concerns, write to


These are the basic details regarding how to apply for Essar Petrol Pump Dealership In India in this article. From the eligibility criteria to the requirements we have mentioned everything in this article. We hope you will do your own research and decide on your future enterprise and plans. 

So if you have any doubts regarding this dealership feel free to comment below we will be happy to assist you. 

Hope you get a well-brief idea about How To Apply For Essar Petrol Pump Dealership In India. If you still have any questions regarding this topic then kindly drop your queries in the comment section of this blog post.