How Much Does a Whataburger Franchise Cost – Complete Details

how much does a whataburger franchise cost


If you are looking for Whataburger-franchise and opportunities to get this franchise. In this article, we will talk about this regional restaurant chain in America. 

This Whataburger started as a small fast-food chain in Corpus Christi in 1950 by Harmon Dobson and Burton. It has now expanded more than 650 restaurants across 10 states over 55 years. 

Earlier the company franchise used to work only in American states. Such as New Mexico, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, etc. But now the Whataburger-franchises can be started from any part of the world including India. 

Whataburger specializes in making a simple burger delicious. If you had the fortune of eating Whataburger. 

Then you would have known its authentic taste and each bite of the burger has made you think of the smitten and luscious taste it has. The founder of this Whataburger had one vision. 

To serve the target audience with their simple burger which consists of mostly fresh ingredients such as fresh meat, lettuce, and vegetables. 

One of the menu specials in Whataburger includes a French fry with onion rings and ketchup that are match-made in heaven.  

The franchise gained the customer’s support and their popularity increased to the next level with their loyal trust.

Originally Whataburger was headquartered in Texas and was owned by the family until 2019. After the year 2019, the Whataburger-franchises held the majority ownership by Chicago-based BDT Capital Partners. 

If you are thinking of starting your Whataburger franchise. Here is the simple guide on how much a Whataburger franchise costs with its details which you should consider. There are also some qualifications to be qualified as a Whataburger franchise. 

It can be tasking and highly demanding to open a restaurant chain franchise that needs a great deal of expertise. 

How to Open a Whataburger Franchise? 

Whataburger not only serves burgers. But their menu also includes a variety of items such as Jalapeño cheddar biscuits, taquitos, honey butter chicken biscuits, pancakes, etc. It is a complete one-diner restaurant for all your needs. Here are the requirements you need to open a Whataburger franchise. 

  • Make sure you have an adequate amount of capitalization to open a franchise. 
  • You need to pay for the cost of equipment, the cost of licenses and permits, the Whataburger franchise cost of Uniforms, insurance, etc. 
  • Before applying as a Whataburger-franchise manager. you need to have some qualified experience in the field of hotel management or a business. 
  • Check the market availability of a restaurant chain in your location before proceeding with the Whataburger-franchise application. 
  • Firstly talk with your franchise specialist which the Whataburger company takes this activity by themselves. 
  • Get all the informative details related to the structure and data for the endorsement of the franchise proposition. 
  • Submit your application to the company. They will review your application. They will mail you a confirmation receipt upon receiving the online application. 
  • Once the financial and background checks are done by the company team. An approval mail will be sent to you by the company to open a Whataburger franchise. 
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How much does a Whataburger-Franchise Cost? 

The Whataburger-franchise company doesn’t charge its candidates with the royalty fee, initial franchise fees, and advertising fee.

Unlike other franchise companies which charge all these fees to their qualified candidates. The Whataburger company gives relief to its candidates with no charging fee.

But the total estimated cost to open a Whataburger franchise is a whopping amount of $1,200,000. You should have the availability of required assets to start your franchise. 

How much does a Whataburger Franchise Cost in other Countries? 

Here is the estimated cost for the Whataburger franchise in other countries excluding the United States. 

  • In India, the total investment comes around INR 8,71CR.
  • Canadian currency, the initial investment cost around CAN$1.5 million. 
  • In the United ArabEmiratese,s it costs around AED4. 4million.
  • The Initial investment for the franchise in the United Kingdom costs around £875,586. 
  • In Saudi Arabia, it costs around SR 4,5 million for the franchise cost. 
  • Europe, it costs around EUR 1 million for the initial investment. 
  • In the Singapore currency, it costs around SGD 1.6million.

Whataburger Training for Franchisees:

Without prior training, Whataburger doesn’t allow the franchisees to start their business if they don’t know about running and operating this business. 

Whataburger will offer essential procedures about the training and learning for its candidates to get ready for the task ahead to be successful in the business. 

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Even if the candidates encounter any kind of problems in their Initial days of learning. The Whataburger will provide ongoing support and assistance which the candidates will need at any time without any fees. 

Whataburger Contact Information:

The Whataburger company has its outlets mainly in the southern parts of the United States. The stores open from 11 am to 11 pm. They offer the best delivery services from across all their outlets.

One of the mottos of the Whataburger company. They pride themselves in selling their franchise to the business-oriented person who is looking to progress and make profits.

The candidates can only establish their franchise outlets in the southern part of the states. They are not allowed to take up to the north. 

You can reach out to the official website of Whataburger for franchise-related information.

And then select the Contact Us option. 

300 Concord Plaza Drive,

San Antonio,

TX 78216

How much does a Whataburger-franchise Make a Year? 

According to sources Whataburger earns a whopping amount of $2 Million per year for each store. It is one of the most profitable businesses in the hotel chain industry. 

Whataburger is owned by Hugh Dobson and Tom Lynne.

How much does a Whataburger-franchise Cost in India? 

In India according to the requirements such as Space, Machinery, Equipment, Electric Scooter, interior and Franchise fee. It may cost around 20 to 30 Lakhs in India. 

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Tips to consider before proceeding with buying a Whataburger-franchise:

  • Firstly make sure of why you want to open this franchise. 
  • Conduct a little research about its functioning in your desired location, and earning profit. Since the company will not provide you the exact figure amount on how much you will earn if you are a franchisee. 
  • Get recommendations and suggestions from a previous franchisee of Whataburger. And also also the necessary information about the opening of the franchise. 
  • Research the history and background of the company. The type of people you will be dealing with. Make sure to make necessary adjustments with the person you are dealing with in the early days of the franchise business. 

Frequently Asked Question To How much does a Whataburger-franchise Cost?

How many outlets are there in the United States? 

Ans: Currently there are more than 650 outlets in the United States. 

Does Whataburger cost you restaurant franchise fees? 

Ans: No, Whataburger doesn’t demand any kind of investment Franchise fees or royalty fees to its franchisees. 

What is the initial investment of Franchise fees in Whataburger? 

Ans: The initial amount for the Whataburger franchise is $1,200,000. 

What are the annual Sales of profit by Whataburger? 

Ans:  The annual Sales of profit the company owns is $1 billion. 

Which year was Whataburger founded? 

Ans: The Whataburger was founded by Harmon Dobson and Burton in 1950 in Corpus Christi in the city of Texas. 


In this article, we have listed the information regarding the Whataburger franchise and its opportunities and Profit.  

We have also provided necessary details on How a Whataburger-franchise Costs in a specific manner. The standard model set by the Whataburger company can never fail your expectations. 

But you have to research before investing in this franchise. Though it is considered a profitable investment. But the investment is a risky process. 

So make sure If you are hundred percent satisfied with the franchise details and its future outcomes.