How to Get Himalaya Franchise In Your City – Complete Details

Himalaya Franchise

Arrived here means that you want all the information about the Himalaya Company franchise and its procedure, so your searching stops here and go through this blog.

Before I begin, I would like to give you a brief overview of the Himalayan Company, which is considered to be one of the best in India and is known as a healthy, ayurvedic brand.

Himalaya Company has made an impression in the minds of Indians as an Ayurvedic brand but I would like to say that Himalaya Company sells not only Ayurvedic but also herbal, personal care products from children to pets and more.

Himalaya Founders and History:

Himalaya company was founded in 1930 and Muhammad Manal is the real man behind the brand.

1930 is the time when people were not sure about herbal and natural remedies, but M. Manal is clear about his passion, that passion is now his biggest success.

The company has more than 290+ researchers that continuously working on improving the ayurvedic herbs and mineral productivity for human beings.

Industry Expansion and Stocks:

Himalaya company has listed its name as a private ltd company in the stocks market in 1972.

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The company announced its recent retail sector in mom and baby care products and in FY18 they were about launch new 50 stores in India.

At the moment, the company has five separate divisions under roofs, such as nutrition, personal care, pharmaceutical, baby care, animal care, etc.

Why Himalaya Store Franchise:

  1. Himalaya brand has survive more than 50 years in the indian market with consistent growth which is not easy.
  2. The brands made promises and delivers as well, that is why they have word to mouth promotion is huge.
  3. Indian market now willing to use more of herbal and ayurvedic product instead chemical based products.
  4. At the moment there are very less competitor brands in the market, to beat them.
  5. The company offers store type of franchise, at minimum investment.

Eligibility for Applying Himalaya Franchise (Distributorship):

If you are interested in Himalaya store distributorship, then kindly check the requirements first. 

  1. The easiest way to apply for himalaya distributorship is contact them online via contact form, just fill out necessary details and then company executive will contact you soon.
  2. You need to carry the document while applying for himalaya franchise such as, Id proof, address/residential proof, bank account and other financial liscence and supporting gst document.
  3. Now the most important point is how much land you need for distributorship? First, you need to understand, the front face is a shop, so for that, you need 200 to 400 sq ft of land to start a retail store.
  4. Another things is, you need godown as well, to store all of your upcoming items for that you also need around 1500 sq ft of ground.
  5. The final point is to identify how much it will cost to start the store?
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Franchises Fees:-  Rs.10 Lakhs (it can vary as per location)

Storage/Godown Cost:-  Rs. 5 Lakhs (it can vary as per location)

Shop Cost:- Rs. 3 Lakhs

Other Expenses:- Rs. 1 Lakhs To Rs. 1.5 Lakhs

Contact Details:

The Himalaya Drug Company, Makali,

Bengaluru – 562162

Call Us: 1–800–208–1930

Mon-Fri: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Email Us:

Bottom Line:

If you have reached this point, that means you have read the entire post. And one more thing I would like to say that if you open a store franchise then you are likely to get at least 30 to 35% profit margin on different products.

The company staff will explain you briefly. What is your opinion about Himalaya Company? Would you suggest to anyone? Tell us your thoughts about the store franchise. Let us know if you found any good information after reading this blog post and you can share this blog with your social media or with friends.