Havmor Ice Cream Franchise – Market Summary, Cost and Risk

Havmor ice cream franchise

Frozen desserts and ice cream are some of the popular ways to lift your mood, then why can we not consider Ice cream parlor as a business? Today we will explore one of the most extensive retail chain opportunities that are a havmor ice cream franchise.

Havmor ice cream is a highly focused and innovative product-making factory that serves various ice cream ranges to India’s multiple cities.

The Ahmedabad-based business started in 1944, and After lots of ups and downs in the life of Mr chona, they finally have set up everything in Gujarat.

Most of the ice cream brands have diversified their product in the Indian market because of the warm temperature, and that’s the critical success for the frozen and desserts ice cream expansion.

The owner Mr. Chona gives importance to the three key factors, truthfulness, goddess, and cleanliness, which was later to become the successful Mantra for the havmor Ice Cream brand. People started noticing it; that’s why the brand is getting bigger and more powerful.

The current range of havmor products are available in more than 14 markets in India with the primary networks, including eateries, havefunn parlors, and restaurants chain.

As per the data, havmor ice cream is still one of the innovative brands, and the range of products has been most popular in the children’s segment; it’s just because of the quality of the ice cream till the date the brand still uses pure milk and cream In the process.

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Havmor Ice Cream Varieties:

Havmor ice cream has more than 160+ comprehensive range products in the shop, including Ice Cream flavors, novelties, ready to eat products, and real kulfis. All ice creams are produced with unadulterated milk and the finest ingredients.

  • Candy
  • Family Packs
  • Carnival Ice Creams
  • Chocobar
  • Sugar-Free Range Ice Cream
  • Combo Packs
  • Cones
  • Kulfi
  • Signatures
  • Sundae
  • Cakes

Havmor Ice Cream Brand Expansion:

If you talk about the expansion of havmor ice cream, there are 232+ outlets currently functioning in India and 1 in Dubai.

Havmor Ice Cream brand is known for their unique taste that’s why local people love even foreign peoples also love the taste of ice cream, And now the brand has expanded their market from ice cream parlor to restaurant and boutique.

The brand has been honored with the Times Food Award for nine continuous years as the best ice cream brand. Also, win the best ice cream in the “The great Indian ice cream Contest season 5” organized by Dupont.

Currently, the havmor ice cream has been operated through the three manufacturing plants including Gujarat, Faridabad and the latest one is Solapur, after the massive success of the Solapur plant the company has now wish to cover the southern market, i.e., Hyderabad.

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The recent havmor ice cream franchise Store has been open to the Mira Road, Mumbai. The current market share of havmor ice cream has been over 35% in the top four states: Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.

The current version of novel ice cream, which has mixed flavored whisky (non-alcoholic), for the premium client, also experimenting on some diet ice cream (sugar-free) with the help of Zydus Wellness (primarily dealt with nutritional products and the part of Cadila Healthcare.)

The company, which has come up with novel ice creams, including the non-alcoholic whisky-flavored ice cream for premium clientele for parties or weddings, is also experimenting on diet ice creams.

The brand is currently working with the giant player in the entertainment categories like Gana and Amazon to offer a one-year subscription plan on some products when you purchase from the havmor shop. 

Havmor Ice Cream Franchise :

Havmor is an Indian based brand, and it offers a franchise opportunity for the investors within budget. Let’s look into the details.

One of the most renowned brands in the ice cream category now offers a franchise for the interested one, but before you can enroll for the business partnership, make sure to analyze the location you have chosen for the shop (the company hasn’t stated anything related to the shop location, but the commercial shop is a must) and the required area.

For the franchise, the area required up to 600 to 800 square feet and must be commercially owned or rented.

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If you are curious about the franchise outlet numbers, then overall 200+ franchise outlets you will find only in India so that you can trust the brand for the investment.

The minimum cost of investment is 10 to 20 lakhs. (The price might be different/change so far the accurate detail you need to contact the company’s office staff)

The company keeps 2% of royalty fees from the overall budget. (The price might be different/change so far the accurate detail you need to contact the company’s office staff)

Contact Details: 

Here are the official website contact details. If you have any queries related to the franchise, you can drop your message.

https://www.havmor. com/index.php/franchise/


2nd floor, Commerce House 4, besides shell petrol pump, Prahladnagar Anandnagar road, Ahmedabad-380015, Corporate office: 079 4020 9000

Bottom Line:

If you are looking to invest in the Ice Cream brand, then havmor ice cream is one of them, which is so far reliable and cost-effective. Investing in the franchise business is not easy; you have to be ready with enormous capital. I have mentioned every necessary detail that helps you to start your own havmor ice cream franchise. Let me know what you think about the brand. Show me your support by sharing the blog post with friends and family if you found helpful information here.