Get Top Bank’s ATM Franchise with Simple Contract – Complete Info

Bank's ATM Franchise

Did you know that an ATM franchise is also a good business? If you don’t know, read the blog below carefully. I have explained to you in detail how you can get a top bank’s ATM franchise at your place.

An interesting thing is that the first ATM in India was started in the 1980s and since then the use of ATMs has been increasing more than the number of people going to the bank.

Now, don’t have to explain the importance of ATMs separately. Instead of going to the bank for emergency money, you can withdraw the cash from the ATM whenever you want.

Below are some ATM franchise options that guarantee you a good commission on every transaction. Let’s see.

Hitachi Atm Franchise

If you want to get a Hitachi ATM franchise, you have to understand a few things. This is a non-banking sector of interest. This means that they do not have their own bank but are connected to an ATM via the white-label network.

As Hitachi is connected to a network, its clients are a lot of banks in India, so if you have such a commercial property, you can definitely do it there.

  • To invest in an ATM franchise business, you need 50 to 80 sq ft of property.
  • The second ATM is at a distance of must be atleast 50 to 100 meters.
  • If you have your own property, the company can rent you up to Rs 25,000.
  • The most important thing for this ATM business that it can cost from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 12 lakh and it all depends on which ATM you choose to operate i.e. your commission on 300 transactions or per day 100 transactions.
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Muthoot Atm Franchise:

You often hear Muthoot Group’s advertisements shown on this TV. Accordingly, it is true that it is displayed as a gold loan or finance company. This is a finance company.

They are currently expanding their connection with the white label network, In this, they have now started to advance in the banking ATM sector as well.

Muthoot has been in the ATM sector for a long time. The company has recorded 35 ATM spots in 2014. So let’s see what is required for the Muthoot ATM franchise

  • For a Muthoot ATM franchise, you need at least 50 to 80 square feet of commercial space.
  • The second bank ATM should be at least one hundred meters outside.
  • The rent of your place will be from that city or place and it is doubtful that you will get fifteen 20 to 30 thousand rent.
  • If you are thinking of an ATM franchise with Muthoot, it can cost you at least Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh, depending on what type of bank ATM transaction slab you want to go into.

Sbi Atm Franchise:

We all know that SBI is a government bank and how it is known as the oldest and most trusted bank.

According to a survey, Every family has at least one account in every household with State Bank, then you can definitely think about the number of customers of this bank and how many transactions are done through ATMs each year.

Although State Bank of India is a government bank, its ATM franchise contract is with a third party company, which has the hand of a large private company, so let’s see what has to be done for SBI ATMs.

  • For State Bank of India’s ATM franchise, commercial space in the range of 50 to 80 square feet is required where you have a little more space in front.
  • 2 ATMs should never be within 100 meters.
  • The property on which you want to start an ATM franchise wants to tell you that SBI can pay you at least Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000.
  • An ATM branch investment can cost you at least Rs 5 lakh or more, but it can be a security deposit of Rs 200,000 and a working capital of Rs 3 lakh.
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Vakrangee ATM Franchise:

Vakrangee is counted among the top software and applications companies and is well known in all banking-related transactions.

Let me tell you one thing, this company is currently in Mumbai and its name is also on the list of the world-famous list of Forbes, a stand-alone company that handles all the projects without third-party interruption.

Currently, the company is a private limited company, but since all their projects are related to a government project, they handle all the work through a specific common BC and the national subject of their government. So let’s see how you can start an ATM franchise with this company.

  • First of all, there are three types of packages for ATMs business, of which the first one for 65 square feet, and then second place is 150 sq ft and the last one is 300 sq feet of space are assumed for ATMs.
  • If you are opening an ATM, it needs a certain distance, like the rest, it requires a distance of two kilometers between the two centers in rural areas, but the distance between them is one kilometer in an urban area.
  • The most important thing is that you have zero franchise charge here so you don’t have to pay anything to the company for Franchise fee.
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Tata Indicash ATM Franchise:

Indicash is run by Tata and has a good relationship with RBI for ATM franchises

As we all know, Tata Indicash is not an independent bank but since it is connected to a whole network, all types of ATMs are accepted here and you get a good commission on every transaction. So let’s see what is required for Tata India ATM.

  • First of all, if you want to get a place, then you should choose a place that is more crowded or you can choose a good place next to the school or next to a corporate office.
  • Your ATM space should be in the range of at least 60 to 80 square feet.
  • In short, if you want to make a guess, you can get eight rupees per transaction and earn a profit of 30 to 40 % by the end of the year.

Bottom Line: I hope I have given you all the information on how to get any bank’s ATM franchise at your place through this post.

Just keep in mind that no bank maintains the status of their ATM so you have to contact a white label network. The tie-up of all the private ATM companies is right in all the banks so you don’t have to worry.

If you found any good information in this post, be sure to let us know and share this post in your circle of friends as much as possible.