Frozen Bottle Franchise – Quick way to Setup Ice Cream Shop

Frozen Bottle Franchise

Have you ever thought the milkshake can be the brand? If not, you need to read the blog below. Here I will cover India’s milkshake brand frozen bottle franchise .

The idea is a simple milkshake, and bottle shake usually comes under the dessert category, but frozen bottles have found the opportunity to evaluate bottle shake segments into the brand and look now the brand is booming and offering franchise to the investors well.

The frozen bottle is an Indian brand and is mostly known for the shakes and varieties of other flavors as well.

Frozen Bottle History and Founder: 

The frozen bottle is India’s trending Milkshake brand that offers varieties in the milkshake and currently operates worldwide.

Pranshul Yadav and Arun Suvarna, The two intelligent behind the frozen bottle discovery, was founded in early 2017. The city where frozen bottles have got his name “Bangalore”.

Pranshul Yadav, a 34-year-old corporate guy, already has the best job in hand, but still, he wanted to make something on his own, and with the only 1Lakh, he decided to start his own business.

Industry Expansion:

Frozen bottles have opened its first door in Koramangala with a team of five members in 2017; initially, each member has contributed to the first outlet, around 50000, and Now It’s a 40 crore turnover business.

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With continuous innovation and product variation in the menu, the shakes were preferred by people, and within three years, there were more than 118 outlets fully functioning and have a strong presence around the nation.

A big announcement was recently made by Haldiram, a big player in India in a snack segment, and they were ready to invest in The Frozen bottle brand. 

Frozen Bottle Menu:

The frozen bottle has reached up to the top level in its journey within four years because they took up standard milkshake into the various tastes and flavors.

A frozen bottle offers different varieties that you will never taste anywhere in a milkshake, as below.

  • Retro Classics
  • Kiddy Special
  • Fruit Medley
  • Modern Twist
  • Premium Thickshakes
  • Choco Indulgence
  • Premium Cake Jars
  • Premium Sundaes
  • Cake Jars
  • Scoops
  • Waffle Sticks
  • Waffle Sandwich
  • Stone Jars

Apply for Frozen Bottle Franchise:

The frozen bottle offers a franchise business opportunity for investors and young entrepreneurs, but let’s get straight into the requirement before we move ahead.

To start your frozen bottle franchise outlet in your locality, you need the store area, which is around 250 to 300 square feet, And it will be good if the market location is near or heavy foot traffic to the site. One good thing about the area requirement is the company does not force you to register with the specific condition. If you have a higher or lower area, the company is still allowed to open a franchise outlet.

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To establish your own frozen bottle franchise outlet the minimum cost is 30 to 40 lacs, and if you have a large commercial space, then the price will increase.

You cannot directly enroll for the franchise agreement; in that scenario, an experienced one will be preferable first for the franchise outlet.

For the small store, the minimum staff required around 2 to 3, but if you plan to open a store with a large space, you need a 7 to 8 experienced people’s team to handle all the activity inside.

Benefits to Enroll for Franchise:

  • The brand is currently in the early stage and looking to expand its business operation over Nation, so if you are planning to start your own franchise business, then the frozen bottle is the right one for you.
  • The company will handle every activity from the initial agreement to the final set up of the store.
  • The company officials provide the training and franchise manual for you to understand and set up a day to day routine in-store. 

Contact Details: 

For more accurate details, you can drop your feedback on the franchise web page as below.

+9180 4866 9920 +91 9108125260 

Mail Now:

Bottom Line: 

Frozen bottles the rising brand in the dessert categories, which offer everything under one roof, including adult to children’s favorite milkshakes. One noticeable thing is they have a mention pricing range for the franchise on a web page, so if you have a low budget but still wish to be with the frozen bottle, you can select your investment criteria. Let me know what you think about the post. If you found the post full of helpful information, kindly share it with your colleagues.

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