Top Franchise Business You Can Start Under $10k ($10,000)

franchises under $10k


Are you keen on starting your entrepreneurial journey? If yes is your answer then don’t worry we have got you covered. 

One must understand that opening a franchise doesn’t require much money. As there are some of the franchises under $10k that offer you a chance of success in your business. 

We all know how Covid-19 has affected our business but we do all stand a chance of starting a business from a readymade setup. 

Buying the franchise of an established brand will give you support to leverage your business. 

As it is one of the easiest ways to break into business ownership, thus it gives the aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to prove their way of handling business with a good spirit. 

Here we have compiled a list of top franchise businesses under $10k that offer ownership. This will make your business dream come true. 

Top Franchise under $10k:

Though there are many expensive franchise businesses, here we have listed affordable top franchises within the given limited capital.

1. MobileStamp:

If you want to become an overnight entrepreneur. Then MobileStamp is the one for you. As this business mostly deals with loyalties, that is it provides the entrepreneurs with the opportunity to run their own turn-key revolutionary loyalty business with their brand name. You don’t have to worry about its setup. MobileStamp will provide you with the training and support system and they will set up your business in 48 hours. Moreover, the minimum cash requirement for a mobile stamp franchise is about $149.

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2. BabyBoot Camp:

If you are looking for a flexible business that is into fitness, then here no more. Because BabyBoot Camp which is also known as MOMLETA offers you nutrient, fitness, and community support programs. BabyBoot Camp offers key operations, customized business centers, monthly webinars, coaching news, and updates for the franchisor. Their three-tier programs offer community support that has been garnering attention from all the investors from the United States of America. 

3. Building Stars:

Building Stars is among the top franchise businesses which focus on office buildings. In this business model, they offer you three franchise options for you to start your small business. Moreover, they provide an excellent opportunity with their comprehensive program. To create a sustainable and successful cleaning business. Overall they provide an initial customer base that comes with their support system, marketing, training, and billing support. The average ROI for this franchise is about $1000 – 5000 only. 

4. Ameriprise Financial:

If you are interested in finance, then you can start your financial franchise business. One of the reputed and yet inexpensive franchises in the field is Ameriprise Financial. In this franchise business, you will be providing investment advice, financial planning, brokerage services, securities, products to your clients. So you must have some sort of experience in the financial field. Nor you can also get trained by the well-known staff from the Ameriprise Financial institution. The total investment for this franchise is about $10,432 to $111,480.

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5. Cruiseplanners:

Cruise planners are one of the executive American Express travel representatives. It is one of the widely recognized companies that offer its franchisee to operate from the comfort of their home. The initial investment fee starts from $10,995 and currently they are offering $4000 off to set up their business in America. This franchise has its network all over the United States. As a travel advisor, you don’t just book your client’s vacation. But you also book their interest too. 

6. Openworks:

Openworks offers you to start your own commercial cleaning business. That thrives on the support of entrepreneurship and thus it brings wonderful franchise programs. Their main model is to help you harness your skills by motivating you and helping you meet the challenges of the business. The minimum requirement to start this franchise starts from $7000. Openworks is not just about cleaning doors and windows after the employees return home at the end of the day. Their main philosophy is to become a dedicated organization. Who provides an excellent service to their clients. 

7. Eazy-apps:

By joining this franchise you can earn a good profit by helping local businesses with your basic computer skills. All you do is design the apps for the businesses with an Eazy-apps drag and drop feature. To increase the sales and reduce the costs for them.

Eazy apps provide you with an established network, where you don’t need to have technical knowledge. With a mere investment of about $9995, you can get benefitted from their business in a box solution. Eazy apps provide you with one-to-one coaching, video classes, and live training sessions. 

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8. Fit4Mom:

Fit4Mom has become the most ranked in the growing franchises of 2019. With the stellar strides of fitness programs for mothers of young children. It offers prenatal, post-natal, and fitness programs for every stage of motherhood. Fit4Mom offers multiple program options with office scheduling support. Also, you can conduct your class at your convenient time. The minimum investment requirement starts from $6495 to $12,395. The contract length is for three consecutive years. 

9. CoffeeNews:

If you love to hear the latest news and keep yourself at bay with the ongoing trends. Then we have got something interesting. It is a CoffeeNews franchise for entrepreneurs who are looking for low-cost franchise opportunities. If you can learn the tricks and tips, then be well-equipped with the tools. To publish your edition of News on weekly restaurant publications. You can then start your own training with an investment of about $10,000 to support the local community with your publishing news. 


We have mentioned the top franchise business under $10k for you in this article. Still, there are a few others like Chem-Dry, Rugby Tots, Social owl to name a few. 

If you are willing to start your entrepreneurial journey then these franchises will work wonders under your leadership and team support. 

Feel free to ask queries and comment down your feedback regarding this article. We hope we will solve your queries soon.