FedEx Franchise Opportunity – How to apply and why it’s Best

fedex franchise

Do you have your own space or wish to involve in logistic partnership to double your ROI, then the FedEx franchise is a suitable option for you.

The logistics and transportation industry is on a boom right now, and every ecommerce platforms need its logistic department.

Logistics and transportation do involve in many activities, which basically start from the supplier’s first to stage ordering component, then move request to production planning and last department, which coordinates with customers for final delivery.

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Today we will explore more about what FedEx is and what are their unique selling points and then will elaborate on franchise opportunities.

History of FedEx

FedEx is previously known as Federal Express Corporation, around 1971 in the USA. Now this organization is one of the trusted delivery partners and has five major divisions: express, ground, freight, custom critical, and trade network.

FedEx now spread in 211 countries in the world and its world’s largest shipping company.

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On a normal FedEx process, it makes 5 million physical product shipments around the world and nearly 100 million transactions in a single day.

Unique Selling Point:

FedEx is the world’s largest shipping organization, which gives the customer guarantees to delivers its package safely and on time.

The company offers two options for shipment first one is for personal use, and the second is a business account.

A business account will get many benefits, including personalized rates, you can schedule and manage pickup requests online, and you will get free shipping and packaging from FedEx.

If our product is damaged during shipment, we can also file a claim, from tracking to tax and invoice everything you will get in one place.


FedEx has made their online tracking and support that much superior to track its package easily with the online dashboard.

You will have your delivery manager to change the delivery date of your package easily if any future incident happens.

Most of the shipment company does not offer weekend delivery, but FedEx does.

If you have a business account, you can expect a lot of saving on shipment charges, and sometimes you can expect low rates compared to a personal account.

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Requirement and Apply:

As you are aware, FedEx is a large logistics company that delivers products to domestic and international customers in small shipment charges.

If you are on this page, that means you have your own commercial space to store all shipping items right and wish to earn profits by utilizing that space.

Why do you need to apply for the FedEx franchise?

Primarily the business or shop owners who have physical products to deliver so for that they required a logistics company to manage its shipment process.

The process is evident and straightforward, I have listed out everything you need to know regarding this process.

Do you wish to apply for the FedEx franchise, then read out below terms and conditions.

  1. FedEx is an international company and does not quickly approve your franchise request.
  2. They have franchise programs (FASC) FedEx authorizes ship center program, which usually does a simple, and once you clear, you will ready to send your application to the FedEx.
  3. The exam does not contain any logical and mathematical question, don’t worry.
  4. Once you enroll for this, you have to manage packing and shipping with retailers.
  5. If you are business not domestic, then you must have an internet connection in the center.
  6. Monday to Friday are workdays, and Saturday is optional for work.
  7. Our one of FedEx express’s packing is free to all.
  8. A final and essential step is to clear out their test, and if done, they will contact you back if it finds relevant to their business.
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FedEx Test Link:

Official FedEx program link:

Bottom Line:

I hope you clear on the process of the FedEx franchise. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section.