Expect Huge Profit from These Business Ideas In Mumbai

Business ideas in Mumbai

Mumbai is the heart of millions of people, and everybody loves to enjoy and spent time with a loved one in Mumbai. Most of the news report claims that Mumbai is one of the costliest city to live. Increasing population and excess use of resources make Mumbai very overcrowded, so to live the peaceful life as you see in a dream, you have to earn much more money not from single sources but from multiple sources, in this post, I assist you in clearing your thoughts in 10 Business ideas in Mumbai which mentions below.

Mumbai is one of India’s largest cities with a huge crowd as well as the commercial and financial capital of India, According to Wikipedia, Mumbai makes more than $151 billion in the year of 2016 and its the second-ranking city in India.

Mumbai is the place where thousands of people come here to try your luck, whether, for Business or any audition, everyone wants to feed their family and give a peaceful future to the loved ones.

Not everyone gets success in their work, and Not every startup fails, right? Due to the fastest-growing population, every resource got shrunk, so you have to keep a lot of patience in the startup if your idea is innovative and loved by peoples, then you will unquestionably get success.

In the future, nobody predicts, what will happen in Mumbai-based Business, but I damn sure the population of the metro city will never decrease.

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The increasing crowd in Mumbai makes native peoples problematic and harsh life for the future generations, and youngsters must tend to work in any field because there is always one person is behind you waiting to acquire your corporate position.

In this situation, we can not always rely on a 9 to 5 job to feed and survive our family in the metro city. We need to make sure to have a side income or other Business, which can assist to at least pay the monthly bills.

There are so many Business ideas in Mumbai that can work, but for that, you need to have immense patience and sometimes accept the loss, as one of my Gujarati buddies always says to me, don’t expect profits until a first year after startup.

Yeah, I believe that, because Business doesn’t grow in one night. So without wasting your time, take a look at

Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas in Mumbai:

Festival Gifts:

This one idea personally worked on with one of my buddies, for example, Diwali is the most precious festival and Celebration time for the Indians. There are so many things you can sell in these traditional days, and mostly the Diwali celebration lasts up to 5 days, so make your gifts ready before one week.

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In Diwali, season Sky lantern is one of the best and most creative things we love to leave in the sky, create and sell Sky lantern is an easy way to start your home-based Business, OR you can sell small lamps called diyas. If you have the budget to invest, then I would suggest you invest in Firecrackers or sweets, this are most selling items in Diwali.

As in the Holi festival, be the reseller to distribute colors, Holi is the one day, where all place filled with colors and paint.

Food Court: Food court is popularly known as Khau Galli, the hilarious name most of Youngster enjoy street foods. There are many variations of street food you ‘ll find, which primarily includes pani puri, vada pav (pride of Mumbai), Chinese Bhel, and ice cream van. There are hundreds of business ideas that focus entirely on the food industry.

Don’t you believe, even chai wala (Tea shop) can easily earn up to 30K profit per month, and tea shop owner now comes up with its brands and franchises. Most chai wala can earn up to lakhs per month, that’s why we heard IT raid news on these shops.

Insurance Agent:

An insurance agent is a path where you can be boss from the starting age, and it’s like from the 18th age. This insurance industry is vast and offers complete stability, so invest some time in yourself to build your selling quality, and try to precise in points, so that you can easily convince your customers.

Becoming an insurance agent is free of cost, all you need is your time and efforts, first things I would like to tell that you are not an employee. You will be getting paid on a commission basis. Its like affiliate marketing. You help the company to sell products, and then the company allows 10% commission.

There is also a recurring commission involves in some policy so this fixed income to you, once a customer enrolls in policy, there are 90% chances people tend to complete the maturity level.

Train And Help People:

There are so many out people there, who want to be a multi-tasker, if you have the right talent which is demanding in your local area then definitely you ll earn the right amount of money. For example, Vehicle garage, every day, hundreds of people would be stuck in the garage shop for the whole day to repair parts.

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If you are knowledgeable enough and can easily find the fault in cars or bikes, then people unquestionably come to you. Now, it’s up to you, how you establish a good relationship with customers and charge them for service. This is the average cost business to invest but high demand in Mumbai’s market.

Yoga Instructor:

Yoga is a necessary thing to do in metro cities like Mumbai. As we know, Mumbai never sleeps, in this rush life, money is essential, but health is the matter in the same way.

Most of the corporates or business people, who cross the age of 35, start realizing joint pains and aging effects. So to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we need to keep ourselves active and energetic. Gym, Yoga are the best ways to boost your immunity and filled your life with new hope.

You can teach yoga lessons to the people who are busy at work, its best way to earn huge money, because nobody loves to compromise with health.

On average well-trained yoga teacher could charge you 10 -20$ per hour in India. It cost you around 1k to 1.5k Per hour.

Health Advisor:

In this digital era, nobody is safe and healthy. The increasing population and adulterated food surely harm you inside, but that effects and pain will rise when you start getting older. This leads to unimagined disease and virus attacks.

To save ourselves from this deadly disease, we need to hire or need to take advice from health experts, which is too costly. This is the right time to relieve and heal their pain, which could give you an excellent opportunity to earn some money.

Give advice to people and free them from troubled health situations that could give some profit, and they will definitely come back to you in the future if genuinely help to solve health issues.

Self Made Plumber:

Manage home and keep every instrument working inside the house. It’s not so easy. TV, Refrigerator, and Ac are the expensive devices and help us to complete our daily work, directly or indirectly,

We can’t live without TV and Ac right, if some faults occur in these machines, sorry, but we are not engineered to repair this, so for that, we have to call experts or local technicians, who can deliver quick solutions.

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If you have the right talent to identify its system and core structure framework, then you are definitely a busy person. In the local market, this situation happens in almost every home. So use your talent and make some part-time profit from it.

One more thing is to establish good relations with local plumbers, Stores, and Machine repairing stores. They will give you work when somebody asks them for the help of a local technician.

Plant Nursery Business (small plant nursery ideas)

These business ideas are something that could depend on your interest. If you have some time, background yard, or space to experiment, then I would recommend starting your own plant nursery business.

Plant nursery business needs small investment, behind the scene, there is also some required working mechanism to maintain the plants, like keep trees safe from insects and disease. Also, you will have to set up lights and many other things. This depends on how you manage everything.

Car Driver:

The driving sector is on boom in large metro cities. When you in Mumbai, you need a private cab or personal vehicle (not everyone could afford a particular car) to travel around. Taxi can sometimes be a better option for travel, but they still have their own conditions like charging extra money, etc.

Now we have ola and uber, which could more satisfying and gives safe rider experience also, Mumbaikar accepted, so if you have the license, then you can be a cab driver, pass the simple documentation test, and you will be ready to join in the cab company.

On average private cab driver earns up to $1k per month, which could be much more than average senior level associates.

Security Agent:

The security agent is one of the most straightforward works or part-time jobs that you can count on. We need security guards on every place like in our building entrance, for company entry, even near ATM.

Becoming a security agent does not need any unique talent and sometimes does not requires any higher educations too.

You will expect a lot of benefits with this work like upper management provides you a room to stay, foods, and excellent salary.


Earn money is not always show greedy nature, but money could solve many of our problems, this are top 10 business ideas in Mumbai that can definitely work if you take it seriously. Let me know what’s your reaction to this post.