Crax Chips Distributorship Cost and Profit – Complete Setup

crax chips distributorship


Do you know as children we used to love eating the namkeen chips while watching TV or playing games with our friends or relatives? 

One of the chips that have eternal taste and flavor is from the Crax Chips. So in this article, we will walk you through the details of Crax Chip’s distributorship with a detailed guide. 

This Indian brand of DFM foods was introduced into the market in 1984. I can surely say that you can apply for this distributorship to get the highest value and yield. 

The Crax company was the first company in India to make the consumers feel the crunch at the same time feel the tasty cheesy smell while eating it. It is a pioneer in the Indian market that is still in trend in this generation. 

Today DFM food has become a public company that is listed on the National stock exchange of India Limited and pvt Limited. Both corn rings and wheat puffs are marketed under the brand names Natkhat and crax. 

These names have gotten popular with kids nowadays as their snacks. Few of the namkeen segments that come under the Crax are 12 distinct varieties which include Mixtures, Daals, Bhujiyas, and Nut-mixes. 

They are sold in multiple pack zones to meet the needs of consumption as well as consumption at home. The DFM company has its prime locations one in Ghaziabad and the other in the Greater Noida region.

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What is Crax Chips Distributorship:

The DFM foods company has to look for distributors to reach into different districts and networks. 

So the company is allowed to increase its network by giving its name and authorization to sell its products or services to reach out to its customers. 

Market scope of Crax Chips distributorship:

The platform has become bigger with its new inventory plant and that goes for its distribution too in Greater Noida. 

Nearly 90,000 stores almost receive fresh packets of chips daily. For an effective crepes crunch and flavor punch in there. Most of the extensive distribution is set up across the states of Haryana, Delhi, Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat. Where the team receives the detailed list of packages to be sent to the retailers and stores. Ensuring the customers get to the real fresh flavor at every bite of the chip.

Over the last decade, the company has flourished into a full potential with a compound annual growth rate of 20.9% with sales turnover growing from around 72. Crore to 483 crores in recent times. So it’d be extremely optimistic about sustaining real growth shortly. 

DFM is a privately held type company that comes under the food and beverages industry. It is the largest beverage company that was founded by Mr. Hemant Madhusudan Nerurkar. 

Menu list of Crax Chips:

  • Crax Curls 
  • Crax Corn rings 
  • Natkhat 
  • Crax cheese balls
  • Pasta crunch 
  • Crax fritters
  • Pudina cracker
  • Ringer flier
  • Mast cheese
  • Corn rings 
  • Crax cheese balls
  • Crax namkeen 
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Eligibility Criteria For Franchise:

The person who is applying for the eligibility criteria. Then you completed your 10th board exams and must be 21 years old. 

Person should have a proper investment plan and proper space. They should know about FMCG distributorship. A reputed commercial area is suitable for the franchise as it attracts consumers. 

If you have land for the distributorship that is your own then it’s okay and if you don’t have then you can always rent a place for your godown or shop. 

The upfront store should have plenty of areas and it should be about 800-1000 sq. ft. Also, you need to have a separate space for Godwin to function. 

Investment Plan and Cost for Crax Chips Distributorship’

If you are planning to invest in this Crax Chips brand then you will need a lot of thought about depositing money. Also, you need to pay a security fee. 

For the security deposit, it will cost up to 1 lakhs. While for the land it will cost upon INR 5, -10 lakhs. The stock cost would be INR 1 lakhs and while vehicle cost would be 3 lakhs and the total investment it needs is upto 10 lakh, but that depend on location and particular territory.

Documents Required:

Few of the documentation required was fielded and reused to initiate a story. They are an Aadhaar card, Pan card, Voter card with address proof, bank details, electricity bill, phone number, email ID, a bank account password, photograph, phone number, and email ID. 

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A few of the other documents include business per card, GST number, qualified certificate, FSSAI license, Current A/C and cancel Cheque, rental agreement, etc. 

Margin From Crax Chips Distributorship:

One can earn a lot of money by serving this branch and uplifting your game. Regardless of the margin, the company is one of the successful joints that manufacturers many types of products at different prices. 

The company gives 5% – 8% gross profit with a 17% retailer. Profit margin depends upon the taste and impacts the brand has created among the students. 

How to apply for Crax Chips Distributorship:

  • First, visit to connect the company via their official website 
  • After this click on the homepage and click the hotspot and you will be redirected to the other option. 
  • After clicking it you will get an inquiry option so check it. So after clicking this form you have to apply and fill in all the other details like your name phone number sex. After submitting the form the company will contact you after going through all of the details. 
  • So in this way you can gain Crax Chips distributorship. 

Crax Chips:

For Queries/Feedback


Customer Service:

Toll-Free: 1800 11 0020


These are a few of the details mentioned in this article about Crax Chip’s distributorship to start your entrepreneurial journey or a new business. Hope you enjoyed going through everything in blog.