How to Apply for Chhaswala Franchise in Your City – Complete Guide

chhaswala franchise


In this article, we will have a detailed look over the Chhaswala Franchise business opportunities here.  

Do you know the franchise of Chhaswala is a leading juice and smoothies franchise? Do you know this franchise will help you manage your enterprise with good assistance and guidance? 

Moreover, Chhaswala Franchise is committed to the welfare of the people, food, and communities on earth. Where they also care about the cows who provide us with milk. So that we can provide it to the people. 

What Is Chhaaswala Franchise?

This franchise was started by Savitaben as a dairy shop Patel in 1994. But with utmost dedication and the purpose of providing milk to the communities. 

The quality of their dairy goods is popular among the other brands. But Chhaswala is their popular product and one of the most demanding one on others. When Jatin Patel son of savitaben took over the company decided to launch a dedicated buttermilk franchise. 

They have more than 75 franchise outlets and its head office is in Ahmedabad. They have a franchise tenure of more than 10+ years. Usually, the business set-up time is for 30 days. 

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The Chhaswala Franchise has designed a unique model to make you self-employed and help to run your business successfully. 

Also, there is no need to invest in this franchise. It is the biggest advantage for any business to operate an outlet. 

The franchisor will always provide you with training and standard operating manuals with ease in managing outlets. 

Additionally, Chhaswala Franchise is committed to ensuring you with a good business prospect plan for operations and maintenance. To avoid any risks and increase the business value and success among other things. 

Chhaswala Franchise Model:

Investment Rs. 16 lakhs
Area Requirement250-300 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 3 lakhs
ModelCasual dine
ROI Timeframe12-18 Month
Commission% / Revenue Sharing90% – 100
Infrastructure InvestmentRs.10 Lakh – Rs.15 Lakh

Chhaswala Milk Shake Franchise Infrastructure Requirement:

1.Shop / Unit Area
200 – 300 Sq. Ft.
2.Employee Headcount
1 to 2
3.Kitchen Area
4.Sitting Area
5.Air Conditioner
6.CCTV Set-up
7.Computer / Internet Connectivity
8.Delivery Service

Terms & Support Details:

Agreement Term10 years
Profit Margin27%
Master Franchise statusGujarat location | Investment 80 Lakh
Raw material provided bybrand
Marketing responsibilityyes
Recruitment responsibilityFranchisee
Delivery Partner listingyes by the brand
Agreement Renewal FeeIt depends on the Franchisee
Trainingby the brand for 10 days

What Are Some Features Of Chhaaswala Franchise?

  • Chhaswala Franchise also provides you with site selection guidelines and operational training for the franchisees. With job training and advertising from time to time, your business will flourish. 
  • Also, this franchise was started with a vision to eat healthy food with an aspect of alternative soft drinks.
  • Also with the express retail stores, the company has been progressing each year. 
  • Also by the end of 2023, the franchise has an objective of opening 200 shops. 
  • When you join as a franchisee with this company you will have a business field to run a successful firm. 
  • This is a proven model with a lucrative business option for you. 
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Here are a few of the other features of the Chhaswala Franchise listed below. 

  • Also, the company will help you in selecting the location outlet with proper planning. Also, their entertainment franchising decreases the risk of risk and helps in boosting the revenue. 
  • The franchisor also helps in offering you the proper financial assistance for the franchise.
  • From time to time, your business will be advertised with the support of the marketing team. 
  • They also have the latest ERP system which enables you to control the systematic analysis of the business. 
  • All those activities of BTL will be supplied by companies. Thus all those promotions are required by the companies. 
  • With the proven infrastructure details and information plan we hope you will start your own business with us. 


CHHASWALA allows you to run your own business with proper guidelines and unconditional support from the team resources. 

With a proven model, you will be able to run this business for a long time. Chhaswala has become a popular brand for its unique model and unmatched quality of taste. 

Chhaswala has strong profitability to cater to your needs as well as communities. One of the common advantages of the Chhaswala Franchise is 

  • Site Selection
  • Site Selection Criteria and Guidelines
  • Site Evaluation & Approval
  • Operational Training
  • Management Training
  • On Job Training
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Investment Of The Chhaaswala Franchise?

Ans: It takes around 17 lakhs to invest in the Chhaswala Franchise. 

What Is The Model Of The Chhaaswala Franchise?

Ans: Casual Dine is the model of the Chhaswala Franchise. 

What are the three things that Chhaswala assesses from its partner?

Ans: The three things Chhaswala looks out for its partner are Involvement, Investment, and infrastructure. 

What is the royalty fee for this franchise?

Ans: There is no royalty fee for this franchise. 

What is the model of the Chhaswala Franchise? 

Ans:  The Model Of The Chhaaswala Franchise is FOFO. 


These are the complete business guide for the Chhaswala Franchise that you are looking for in your startup. The brand will provide you with 100% stability along with profitable business and satisfaction. 

Currently, the brand has nearly 48 franchise outlets in Gujarat state and nearby cities like Mumbai. Chhaswala has embraced this journey to support and motivate young businesses. 

Don’t forget to drop your queries in the comment section of this post.