Big Mart Franchise and Associated Cost – The Complete Guide

Big Mart Franchise

Big Mart, one of the biggest and rising retail chains in India? wish to know more about the Big Mart franchise and its requirements, then stay with the post.

The brand was started back in 2007 as a home delivery startup; within a recent year, the company has observed a quick jump in customers due to excellent services. Finally, the company decided to open its retail store in 2009.

At the moment, the retail store has more than 1500+ brands with 22000+ products at a significant discount with a home delivery option.

Before moving into the physical store location for shopping, always check the online website for more discounts and a deal on great products.

Big Mart Franchise History:

The brand Big Mart has been well-known since 2009; along with the major retail store competitor, the company has decided to enter the retail store market with a unique approach.

Big Mart is one of India’s well-established retail stores and offers a franchise opportunity for the investor in multiple ways.

You will find the various categories of a product in the store, including grocery, dairy, bakery, stationery, organic, beverages, branded, frozen food, fruit, and vegetables.

Big Market Franchise Cost: 

One of the primary reasons for a big Mart franchise is they have a unique concept and provide a superior experience for the users. Read below:

  • 100% genuine products.
  • Free home delivery.
  • Cash on delivery.
  • E-billing approach
  • 24/7 customer care services.

Why Big Mart Franchise: 

Big Mart helps you to select the best location for the store.

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The company helps you set up everything for the new store, including fixtures, signage, freezer, small adjustments, machines and equipment, staff dress code, etc.

Companies assist you to advertise and promote stores to boost up sales.

Big Mart has its criteria for the franchise application; you will find the complete form to fill up every necessary detail. Some of the steps you will find in the franchise process: 

  • How did you come to know about us?
  • Company’s policy, terms, and conditions.
  • Another round for the final discussion.
  • Application form filling process.
  • Necessary documents and valid ID proof with the demand draft cheque of franchise and software fee.
  • Necessary inspection of a store location
  • The final call from the head office and other regional offices.
  • Email communication for online activation.
  • Interior setup and products stocking¬†
  • Final training and account information.

In recent years in 2009, the company started the COCO retail store model With; the range of required area is 100 to 300 square feet.

The above mentioned is the basic version of the franchise model. Then the company had realized the investors are indeed looking for our business for expansion. The company has decided the criteria and set up the franchise models as below.

For the franchise store, the company has decided to launch three various stores under the retail model as below:

  • Smart Market
  • Standard Shop
  • SuperMarket

You have the above three mention store outlets under the retail model system. If you do not wish to operate your own, you can entirely rely on the company, and the company will handle every operation inside.

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Retail Outlet Franchise: 

  • FOFO Model Franchise
  • FOCO Model Franchise

FOFO Model Franchise

The above requirement is not easily understandable even with the short names, so I have to explain everything, and the post might be lengthy.

The first retail model where the company is responsible for every inside operation is franchise-owned and franchise-operated.

Under the FOFO model scenario, you are the store owner. It would help if you handled everything inside. As the company declared and to managed every inside operation smoothly, you have to pay only a small percentage to the company as royalty fees. 

You are free to establish your store as I mentioned above smart market, standard shop, and supermarket. Still, the price, expenses, franchise fees, interior, equipment, everything will change as per your requirement.

The minimum area required under the model started from 100 square feet to 5000 square feet; if you have your own commercial space, then it’s good you don’t have to pay anything for rent.

FOCO Model Franchise

In the second retail model scenario, you are the franchise store owner, but you cannot operate inside activity.

Foco model franchise is suitable for those investors who cannot be present there to see every activity inside the stores, and there you can allow a company to operate on behalf of you.

In the scenario, this is the low-risk model where you give rights solely to handle your store on behalf of you, and in return, the company will pay you a fixed amount of profit every time.

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Before we move on to ahead, let me remind you first that every contract you agree with the company is up to 5 years or more, and after that period, you have to renew your contract.

Under the foco model scenario, You can easily enroll for the Supermarket and smart market Franchise Store. 

The minimum area required under the FOCO model is started from 300 square feet to 4000 square feet as per your selected store franchise. 

The above-stated information might be mismatched in the future, so you can directly contact the company through the website for better accuracy.

Visit the official website and navigate to the application for the franchise option; click on it, and the application form will appear on the screen.

Office Address: 

WellDone Tech Park

Sohna Road, Sec -48

Gurgaon, Haryana Delhi-NCR

Contact details:

Phone:1800 200 2026

Bottom Line:

The big mart offers one of the best available franchise options for the investors as per the capital. The big mart is a retail store so before you can prepare you are mind for the investment, make sure to have your own commercial space where you can easily set up your physical store without much investment. Let me know what you think about the post big mart franchise and its complete criteria. Show me your support by sharing this post with your friends and family if you found something interesting on this blog.