How To Get Bharathi Cement Dealership in Your City

bharathi cement dealership


Do you have any plans to start your own business franchise based on cement dealerships? Then this Bharathi cement dealership is for you. Because in India the market for cement is high since India is the second largest producer of cement in the world.

Do you know that 70% of cement production is contributed by the top 20 cement companies in India? So if you plan to start your own cement trading business, then this one’s for you. In this article, we have curated a list of varied topics related to the Bharathi cement dealership business.

It includes cement dealership cost, profit margin, licenses and documents required, space required, and how to apply for the dealership. 

Bharathi Cements History:

Do you know Bharati Cements is a flagship brand of Vicat which has its headquarters in Hyderabad, Telangana. It is an international cement manufacturing company that has two cement manufacturing plants in the country.

They have a production capacity of about 7.7 MTPA. These manufacturing units are located in the Kadapa district in Andhra Pradesh and the Kalaburagi district in Karnataka. Bharathi cement has a strong presence in the southern states of India. 

The company has nearly 3000+ dealers nationwide. The products produced by the company include OPC 43, OPC 53, PPC, PSC, Aggregates, and PP laminated bags. Bharathi cement operates in seven states of India and they have 860 professionals working for them. Bharathi cement has a history of about 198 years in the market field. 

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Bharathi Cement Franchise Cost:

People search for reliable websites for the franchise cost of Bharathi cement dealerships on the Web and Quora. So in this post, we are here to doubt here are the details. Do you know you need an investment of about 50,000 to 5 lakhs as a deposit to the company? In some companies, the amount is refundable while in some it’s not refundable.

The investment cost for this franchise may vary from one company to another company. Here is the official website of Bharathi cement and the company helpline number is 1800-200-9669. You need to register your TIN number. A registration fee is required and you need to have a shop or a godown within a minimum space of about 500sqft.

It may vary accordingly to your company, moreover, you need to choose which type of cement you want to sell. Because there are two types of cement grey and white. Your Bharathi cement dealership will vary according to your cement requirements. 

If you own your own space then initially you will have minimal investment. Here is the breakdown of your investment down below.

  • Initial inventory/stock purchase -> 2 lakh to 3.5 lakh rupees
  • Shop Interior and Warehouse -> 1 lakh
  • Dealership Security Deposit -> 2 lakhs
  • Labour for loading and unloading (1st month salary) -> 30,000 (2 nos)
  • Shop Advance + First-month Rent -> (if you do not own a shop)
  • Vehicle for Delivery – extra if Required

The monthly expense includes labor salary, stock purchase, utility bills, Shop rent, etc. setting up your warehouse is equally important as it will help you in storing your product. If you want to open a store a minimum of about 800 – 1000 sq. ft space is required. Whereas you may need more if you plan to sell cement along with other building materials. 

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Bharathi Cement Dealership Online Apply:

There are no online websites right now to apply for the Bharathi cement dealership online. But you can contact the marketing executive of your city to know more about the application details. You can either call on to the toll-free number or visit to their official website and find out their contact details. You can ask your queries on the official email ID of the company that is:-

Profit Margin in Bharathi Cement Dealership:

You can expect a margin of about 6% – 10% as a profit in Bharathi Cement Dealership. These profit margins are decided by the bonuses and schemes offered by the company. There are high chances of good profit if you make more monthly sales. Moreover, the chances of getting good discounts from the company are high. 

Bharathi Cement Contact number:

Corporate office contact number:- +91-40-3000-6999

Fax Number- +91-40-3000-6977

Kadapa plant contact number-  08563-200400, 08563-200411

Chatrasala Plat contact number – +91-8472-305999

Company contact address:- Bharathi Cement Corporation Private Limited, Kalburgi cement Private Limited, reliance Majestic building, 8-2-626, number 10, Banjara Hills Hyderabad, pin code 500 034.

How to get Bharathi Cement Dealership?

First, you need to contact your area sales officer to get your Bharathi cement dealership, here is the free customer care number, 800 200 9669. 

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Once you get in touch with your sales officer, he/she will guide you through the next process. The most important thing to know is there shouldn’t be any other Bharathi cement in the nearby radius of about 2 – 3 Kms from your shop. 

Documents Required:

  • GST number
  • Land/rental detail
  • Marketing office location
  • Information about Co-partners
  • Application form from the official website of Bharathi cement. 
  • TIN number. 

This business is likely to give you solid turnover, as in terms of marketing and inventory it will reduce your operational work. Then you are likely going to enjoy being associated with the brand’s name.

Most likely this business won’t put you out of this industry, as it is a thriving business it is most sufficient for consumers. The growing need for construction and development of infrastructure in India is likely to boost the demand and production of this product by 2025.


Only those who fulfill the requirements of the Bharathi cement dealership are able to achieve this space in this company. The company has a total business of polypropylene bag units,  two CPPs of 60 MW, and one WHRS of 8.4 MW. Bharathi cement offers multipurpose green cement, offering a complete package of benefits.

It is a growing brand franchise all over the outlets in India and more to come. II hope this article will provide you with the necessary information which you are looking for in a Bharathi cement dealership. If any doubts let us clear them in the comment section below.