Best Laundry Franchise You Can Start in Your City 2022

laundry franchise

If you are starting your own business from scratch, then consider buying a franchise. It has numerous opportunities and serves your business support with good profits. 

Starting a franchise business will help you generate your investment money and save you some income. 

One of the franchise ideas to start your own business is a laundry franchise that has been popular in cities near colleges and residents. 

Where busy people don’t get enough time to look after the household chores, they spend their money on laundry services. 

Additionally, laundromat services have been demanded ever since due to their benefits. So starting a laundry franchise backed by a popularly recognized brand will be a winner for you. 

As a franchisee, you have the leverage of working with a reputed brand but at the same time. Y

You will have a solid customer base, and you also don’t need to have much experience in this field. In this article, we will share the best laundry franchise you can start in your city in 2022 with its details. 

Top 10  Franchise Laundromat and Laundry Opportunities:

Here are the best laundromat franchise businesses for aspiring entrepreneurs. It would be best to consider several factors that offer these benefits, such as business support, reasonable liquid cash requirements, low fees, etc. 

Maytag Commercial Laundry:

One of the most recognizable names in the laundry franchise world is Maytag Commercial Laundry. Where the company provides machinery and other resources which are of the highest quality in standards. The company, which was founded in 1983, doesn’t charge you an official franchise fee. But helps you to drive a solid customer base with instant credibility. Starting this franchise helps to secure the capital required for startup costs. The company will help you with interior designs, colour schemes, and even some lighting strips. Some of the other benefits from this company to cover you are membership, VIP, exterior signage discount, and marketing support. 

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SuperWash Laundry & Dry Clean:

SuperWash Laundry and dry clean service help their franchisees gain loyal clientele. It is one of the most extensive laundry services that has a concept of low-cost. This laundry service is one of the top brands in the country, with over 140 franchises in its kitty. Also, you don’t have to pay any royalty fees, and the initial investment cost starts from Rp 60,000,000. Their services include helmet wash, kilogram wash, dry cleaning, and more. 

WaveMAX Laundry:

It is one of the laundry services which has challenged the other laundry companies in recent times. WaveMAX Laundry also operates home care assistance. They have empowered all kinds of entrepreneurs who have emphasized their facilities. Also, they offer comprehensive features and amenities to their franchisees. Also, they offer Wi-Fi amenities to their customers who are waiting for their laundry to finish. The company uses a proven model with upfront cash requirements depending upon the size and location of the store. Also, they charge a royalty fee with some percent of taxes for the financial 

Speed Queen:

Speed Queen is one such company that has retained its position for over a century in the laundry business. It was founded in 1908 by John Seeling and Joe Barlow. The laundromat is known for providing modernized services with management controls. They have made a name for themselves in the laundry business for their services and technologies. This business model is committed to ensuring the customers with good hospitality and services. To help small entrepreneurs Speed Queen provides full assistance throughout the entire process with a complete customer experience. To execute short and long-term goals for developing a business. Moreover, they have Speed Queen experts on standby and an inquiry form on the website. 

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Zoom Express:

Suppose you are looking for an exclusive laundromat franchise in your area. Then you need to be picking on zoom express laundry, which positions itself as a bright, clean laundry service. Some of its facilities include sophisticated laundromats with self-servicing and dry cleaning services. The equipment is more efficient in extracting the water from the wet clothes, but starting this franchise requires diverse revenue with a staff support system. This laundry service also has a mobile app that gives loan credits for the customers to use and operate them in machines. 


Self-employed Robert Schwartz founded SuperSuds in 1996. They have solid solutions for all kinds of laundry services, and their motto is the faster you finish, the better it is for everyone. To make laundromats more enjoyable, they offered free WiFi, and a flat-screen radio. SuperSuds are loaded with good quality equipment with large-load and high-speed washers and dryers. They follow a five-step business plan where they help you in designing your laundromat and more. Also, they don’t charge you any royalty fees. Each location consists of different costs and models. But for further discussion, you can check on their websites. 

The Eco Laundry Company:

As the name goes, it helps prioritise the environment and helps you inefficient and clean washing at the centre of its business. Also, eco laundry companies have the purpose of merging the business with environmental consciousness. One of the great facts about this franchise is that they rely on wind energy to use washing machines. As they consider the welfare of the planet and the satisfaction of their customers are their company’s core philosophy. Though they don’t provide any financial assistance, they offer you professional guidance from their reliable team support. The franchise has an agreement of over seven years with a renewal period of five years. 

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Zips Dry Cleaners:

Zip dry cleaners is a laundry that has grown and developed its franchising operation back in 2006. Zips provides extensive training to them and also helps them gain insights for customer reviews. One of the benefits of starting this franchise is they operate on a recycling program in all its locations. Also, the company provides ongoing support with quarterly meetings with the home office team and great innovative technologies. 


Laundrylux is also another laundromat supplier of equipment where it works with multiple top brands. Also, the company provides equipment support and upgrades to the existing business owners. However, it’s not a traditional franchise, so there is no set fee. But this startup cost ranges from $100,000 to $1 Million anywhere close to it. 


Huebsch offers a lot of laundry services for entrepreneurs as the company specializes in selling commercial laundry equipment. They also help small businesses with other services, such as laundry design, real estate assistance, financial training, and assistance. Also, the company offers to provide financial assistance, but you need to pay at least 30%of the total costs. The company franchise total estimate costs you around $90,000, with about $250,000 finance and an upfront amount. 


These are the top 10 laundry franchise businesses that provide laundromat services. Some of the benefits of this franchise are that you will constantly have customer support, lifestyle business with a massive team of workers. 

It requires low labour costs with recurring revenue. The great advantage of starting a laundry franchise is the low failure rate and versatility which helps the entrepreneurs get huge profits.