Best Coffee Shop Franchise in India – Profitable and Low Investment

best coffee shop franchise in india


Though India has always been associated with tea we Indians love tea at any time of the day. But with tea coffee has also been a favorite among college-goers, teenagers, and office goers alike. But do you know India is the sixth most coffee-producing country in the world? 

That’s why coffee shops are gaining their popularity here, as most citizens consume coffee as their pastime tea. So if you are thinking of starting a new coffee shop in India. Tough competitions are going around here as there are a lot of coffee franchises that offer the best deals. 

So here are the best coffee shop franchises in India, in this article for you. If you are interested to learn more about these opportunities to start your own business. A coffee shop is not just a place, it’s a place to engage with friends and spend time while sipping coffee. 

As coffee is the best beverage among youngsters and older generations. So this is the best time to invest in this franchise for a profitable income. Fortunately, there are top coffee companies that are welcoming franchisees with a perfect business opportunity. So here are the top options for you below. 

Here are the Best Coffee Shop Franchises in India

Cafe Coffee DAY

Cafe coffee day is one of the popular coffee joints in India and a favorite among Indians. It is the largest retail cafe chain which covers 209 cities and more than 1423 locations as well. It is the best place to hang out for both the young and the old to mix and mingle. 

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Coffee Day Xpress:

Coffee Day Xpress is owned by Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Ltd. It is a different concept of having coffee at your convenient place. This franchise offers fast food, hygiene, coffee, and other beverages and food at affordable rates. The initial investment fee for the setup of this franchise is about INR 2- 4 lakhs. Plus you need an area of about 250 sq. ft 

Kumbakonam degree coffee

One of the oldest coffee joints in India that offers piping hot filter coffee made from ground coffee powder sourced from local plantations. Kumbakonam degree coffee prepares theirs as usual filter coffee which takes you to another level. The brand focuses on the purity of milk with a perfect concoction of coffee more than coffee powder. Another degree of Coffee used by them is chicory beans to make coffee from them. There are nearly 50-100 units all over India. The initial investment fee to set up this franchise is 1,5 Lakhs – 5,5 Lakhs with a 5% royalty fee. 


Starbucks is a US-based company operating at 33,000 locations worldwide. Starbucks offers a good line of options with different varieties of coffee along with other beverages and snacks. The initial investment fee might cost around 420 lakhs with a license fee of about 234 lakhs.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Originally from Australia, Gloria Jean’s Coffees is another coffee franchise that serves the best coffee in the country. They work with utter dedication to achieve their goal of serving the best coffee. There are coffee houses in 39  markets in the world. The brand is offering master franchise opportunities in numerous countries including India.

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Brewberrys Cafe

BREWBERRYS Cafe started with one store in a quiet neighborhood. Now there are 109 Coffee Shops and snack bars. They serve standard cafe and business cafe formats, operating through franchise-owned models and company-owned models. Under the pretense of serving you the best coffee in the town. 

Frespresso Franchise

If you are looking for a solid franchise that offers coffee along with other beverages. Then Cafe Frespresso is the one for you. It is one of the cafes which delivers what every walk-in wants, a fun and happening place.  It has unique and differentiated products which are affordable as well as pleasant. They offer different varieties of coffee along with other beverages suited for every customer’s needs. The franchise fee is about INR 2 – 3 lakhs with an investment of about 10 lakhs and a 6% royalty fee. 


Barista is one of the Indian chains of espresso bars that serve in South Asia. They offer authentic flavors of coffee with cafes spread over many cities in India. It is the 2nd largest coffee chain in India, where you can catch up and relax over a cup of coffee in their comfortable and friendly surroundings. This place also comes with a menu offering a variety of snacks to go along with the coffee. The coffee shop offers 9 years of the franchise with a franchise fee of about 7 lakhs. Franchise owners need to share 8% of revenue with the franchisor. These coffee business franchises endeavor to give you good high results. 

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Nescafe Coffee Shop

Nescafe coffee shop is the world’s famous coffee chain that produces quality coffee and confectionery. The coffee shop is a world of delicacy-rich coffee that could create an instant. The coffee brand is available in over 180 countries consuming 5500 cups per second. The initial investment for this franchise is about 25 – 50 lakhs with an 11% royalty fee. 

The Coffee Club

The coffee club is a styled coffee house chain that was founded in 1989. It provides a venue to get exceptional coffee with extended menus and full table service. The coffee house offers good food, great service, and exceptional coffee. There are four models in the coffee house franchise which are different from each other. They are Café Bar Restaurant (CBR), The Coffee Club ‘Cafe’, The Coffee Club ‘Cafe Kiosk’, and The Coffee Club ‘Drive Thru’.


Hopefully, these are the best coffee shops franchises in India. That you can invest your time and money that offer good returns along with credibility. So if you have any doubts regarding these franchises in this article. Let us know in the comment section below we will be glad to hear from you and solve your queries. Each franchise has different requirements and budget-friendly features that will help you select your ideal business franchise.