Profitable and Best Clothing Franchise to Open in India 2022

best clothing franchise to open


Clothing and fashion go hand in hand, as fashion is constantly changing to manage huge customer bases. The clothing industry is among the top flourishing businesses in India. As it is highly accepted by customers which shows that it has reliability for future investments. The clothing franchise is the best clothing business to open that provides the best opportunities within the industry. This franchise is an excellent opportunity but also a business model that allows you to earn more in a short period. 

Here are some of the crucial details about almost all the fashion apparel brands. Before investing in any of these franchises here are a few of the things you need to consider like the fashion brand and their reputation in the market. The owner must offer comprehensive support and guidance to their franchise partners. Here are the top 10 Best fashion franchises in India that offer profitable business in the year 2022.

The Top Clothing Franchise To Open In India 2022:

  1.  FabIndia:

One of the oldest clothing franchises in India is Fabindia. That has retained its attention by selling amazing handloom stuff. It was founded in 1960 by John Bissell. The brand has more than 211 outlets in India alone. The franchisor doesn’t collect any revenue percentage from the franchisee. But to start this franchise you need to invest about 15 – 20 lakhs. Under which the franchisor will get 5 lakhs as a one-time franchise fee. An area of about 1500 – 2000 sq. ft is required where the space is used for billing counters, maintenance trial rooms, and product display areas. The store should have at least 3 – 5 staff members well equipped with AC, CCTV, and an Internet connection. 

  1. H & M:
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H & M is one of the best clothing franchises to invest in. It is a Sweden-based company that has over 63 outlets in India. H & M Offers one-time franchises with over 2 – 5 lakhs. The popularity of H & M has a good base among the masses. The franchisor will take only 4% of the revenue. The initial investment fee for this franchise is around 50 lakhs to 1 crore. The franchisee should appoint about 6 – 15 staff. Also, the store should have well-equipped maintenance rooms, billing counters, product display areas, CCTV, AC equipment and Internet. 

  1. Gravity Creation:

Gravity Creation is a famous Men’s wear brand in the readymade garment area. You can own this garment creation anywhere in India. The franchise aims for creating one’s perception about dressing in new trends, innovation, and consistency. Moreover, the required land area is only about 300 ft minimum. The royalty fee is about 40% with a franchise fee of about INR 1 lakhs. The brand will provide the interior set store, site selection, digital marketing support, administrative assistance, and staff recruitment. 

  1. Westside:

Westside is among the top clothing brands in India which have mass popularity due to brand. The franchisees must retain 85% of revenue and share 15% with the franchisor. The business owners will require about 800 – 3000 per sq. ft. The franchise initial investment cost around 40 lakhs to 1 crore to set up their store. Also, you need to employ 3 to 10 staff members to look after the outlet operations. Westside is one of the popular brands for Indo – Western wear. 

  1. Siyaram:
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Siyaram is among the best clothing franchises to invest in India. The brand has more than 500 outlets in India which proves that it’s fine among the masses. To invest in this franchise you need to invest about 20 – 30 lakhs. The initial period for this franchise is about 5 years. The apparel allows the franchisee to earn about 90% revenue with 10% rest reserved for the franchisor. The company ensures full cooperation in setting up the business. Siyaram is considered the best among the vertically unified clothing businesses. 

  1. Vero Moda:

Vero Moda is a famous European clothing brand founded by entrepreneur Troels Holch in 1987. The brand currently has more than 200 outlets in India. The franchise owner has to make an initial investment of about 35 – 55 lakhs to set up a Vero Moda outlet. The store should have a capacity of about 500 – 1200 sq. ft. They should employ about 2 – 4 staff members. The primary requirements of this store should have to be the space requirements, well equipment, and Internet connection. 

  1. Numero Uno:

The king of denim is a Numero Uno brand that is famous among younger generations. The brand launched its first franchise in 2001. The minimum land area requirement for this brand is about 1200 – 1500 sq. ft. While the brand offers unique clothing based on cool t-shirts, denim casual, and fashionable wear. Numero Uno is one of the best clothing franchises in India that offers profitable business. 

  1. Zara:
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Zara the brand has attracted a lot of teenage girls and women for their unique clothing. This Spain-based fashion brand has grabbed attention for its brand and the benefits it offers to the customers. Zara is an excellent opportunity to start your business as the best clothing franchise to open in India. The investment required to set up a  Zara 

The store is about INR 50 lakhs to 1 crore. The other requirements to set up this store are 750 – 2000 sq. ft to build billing counters, trial rooms, and product display. The franchisor of the brand claims about 20% of the revenue earned by a franchisee. Zara offers the best formal and casual wear with unique brand marketing skills to attract a huge base of customers. 


These are the top best clothing franchises to invest in India. The other franchise ideas to start a clothing business are W Kurtis, Louis Philippe, Canary London to name a few. These are the fastest-growing chain brands among the masses. Thus it helps investors to earn good profit at a reasonable price. As mentioned in the article these are the basic details to become a part of these clothing franchises. So have a better look and refer to your options and check out which one is best for you.