Best 7 Fast Food Franchise to Consider for your Next Business

Fast Food Franchise

Fast food is an ideal way to celebrate the moment. The demand for fast food is continuously rising over the years. If you have something unique and exceptional quality foods, then the fast-food business is a really lucrative business for you. Let’s look into seven fast food franchise business ideas in India.

India is the largest market hub in the Asian continent, and the rise of online food delivery has seen tremendous growth in the last decade.

The need for various category foods has really lifted in the historical lockdown situation, instead of preparing home-cooked food, the people are likely to spend more amount for the readymade food to eat. 

Do you know the USA’s giant fast-food chains have seen an enormous increase in the Indian food market due to the variation in the existing products and somewhere the lockdown situation, MacDonald, Coca Cola, Burger King, Their staff have reported the tremendous 50% growth in the year!

Fast food franchises work almost every time, and in every situation, fast food chains are the most extensive network where the company’s always ready to support their franchise stores. 

The primary need for a fast food franchise business is the fund; before you make your step, always inspect every possible option to start your business, including multiple franchise opportunities.

In the franchise market, the fast food category is trendy and demanding, it’s like a cream in the business segment. Without wasting more time on the franchise business, let’s look into India’s top 7 fast food franchises.

Top 7 Fast Food Franchise: 

Pizza Hut Franchise

Pizza Hut franchise is one of the most well-known fast-food chains originated from Kansas City With the first door opening appeared at Bangalore around 1996.

How to get a pizza hut franchise in India?

Pizza Hut offers a wide range of product menu with a blend of local, regional ingredients. With the extensive reach of online platforms, including online order and mobile presence, Pizza Hut has seen tremendous growth in India.

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There are lots of benefits once you become the franchise partner with Pizza Hut. The first thing you are about to engage with the well-reputed international fast-food chain brand. The globally accepted fast-food chain has well managed 17,000 outlets in over 100 countries. 

With the staff’s effective training program, Pizza Hut provides complete start to end support to the franchise businesses.

Pizza Hut Franchise Cost:

Brand Name: Pizza Hut 

Area Requirement: 1000 to 1500 sq. ft

Franchise Cost: Estimated 14 Lakhs (Excluding royalty fees)

Domino’s Franchise

Dominos, one of India’s best places to hang out with friends and a convenient place to satiate the hunger with delicious fast food.

Since 1960 the Domino has achieved an Excellent position in the international market and public restaurant sector as a pizza serving and delivery brand. As per the stats, there are more than 12,100 stores present in over 80 global markets.

How to get Domino’s franchise in India

Domino offers a franchise at every location with the variation of exclusive stores; currently, Dominos provides three variations of franchise outlet traditional, non-traditional and transitional stores.

If you would like to get in touch with the official Domino’s staff, you need to talk to the Jubilant FoodWorks. They have the exclusive right to operate their franchise stores in Asian markets, including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Domino’s franchise cost in India:

Brand Name: Domino’s Pizza

Area Requirement: Varies as per Franchise Outlet

Franchise Cost: Estimated 30-50 Lakhs

Mcdonalds Franchise India

McDonald’s, one of the most promising and renovated fast-food brands in India, has hundreds of variations in a burger and meal pack.

Mcdonalds is a well-versed brand and has nearly occupied every international market; the exclusive stores have been almost present in a hundred countries with more than 34000 franchise outlets.

How to take McDonald’s franchise in India?

To establish your own McDonald’s franchise in India, you need to first talk to the Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. staff. The company holds the exclusive rights of the franchise in the south and north India.

Brand Name: Mcdonalds Franchise India

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Area Requirement: Hardcastle Restaurants Manage Site Location

Franchise Cost: Estimated 8-12 Crore

KFC Franchise India

KFC, Kentucky based a famous brand known for the fried chicken and fries, wraps, and some healthy salads.

The fastest-growing fast-food brand KFC has almost covered the international market due to its craziest foods; there are more than 23000 exclusive outlets present in 136 countries.

For the franchise inquiries, You can directly contact them via their official email id or phone number. Before deciding, make sure you have enough space and capital to invest. The KFC staff will provide everything from start to end support, including training, safety, food standard guidelines, and cleanliness.

How to get a KFC franchise in India

The best way to get a KFC franchise in India is to have your own commercial space, and they are ready to accept your place for the franchise that’s how you can save the most money regarding commercial property. Visit the official website for more accurate information.

Brand Name: KFC Franchise India

Area Requirement: 1000 sq. Ft to 1500 sq. ft

Franchise Cost: Estimated Cost (1 Crore) Varies with the location as per tier 1, 2, and 3 city

Jumbo King Franchise:

Let’s move to the Swadeshi brand that is a Jumbo king, did you know this is Mumbai based brand and head office situated at the Goregaon.

Jumbo King promotes Indian burgers in the form of vada pav. They were started back in 2001 with the simple concept of serving Vada Pav to the busy Indians with the good Ambience and clean environment.

To get the Jumbo King franchise in India, you need to fulfill the requirement regarding the initial investment and the location of the area. If you are near to Mumbai, you can directly contact them or visit their head office near the Virwani industrial estate Goregaon.

Brand Name: Jumbo King Franchise

Area Requirement: 200-250 sq. Ft

Franchise Cost: Estimated Cost of 25 Lakhs, if the property located outside of Maharashtra, then 30 Lakhs.

Burger King Franchise:

Another king in the Fast Food World is Burger King, which is primarily known for the quality of the product with the quantity and affordable rates.

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People visited Burger King for the burger combos, meals, fries, desserts, Salad, etc. Due to the excellent quality of the food, Burger King has succeeded to reach 13000 restaurants all over in 100 countries.

How to get a burger king franchise in India?

To get a Burger King franchise in India, the First thing you need to know the Burger King does not offer any third party for a proprietorship to anyone, so contact directly to the officials, Regarding the area requirement the Burger King has divided three categories for the franchise outlets, as below: 

Brand Name: Burger King Franchise

Area Requirement: Not stated area for franchise store

Depend as location




Franchise Cost: Estimated Cost 3 Crore

Barbeque Nation Franchise

The premium and luxuries like a restaurant with the unlimited food and meals at once place with the sweet dessert, the whole a concept brought by the sajid dhanani back in 2006, from establishing to the now the Barbeque Nation has never seen any break-even point for the entire journey. 

The Barbeque Nation has been so popular in the last 14 years, and The restaurant chain has over 140 plus outlets. The staff will provide the necessary materials, guidelines, and the most important training for the franchisee staff. 

To start your own Barbeque Nation franchise in India, you need to have the commercial space and minimum capital to invest as below: 

Brand Name: Barbeque Nation Franchise

Area Requirement: 4000-5000 sq. Ft

Franchise Cost: Estimated Cost of 1 to 2 crore.

Bottom Line:

In the post, I have listed the top 7 highly demanded fast food franchise opportunities that you can consider to start. I know they are too costly to begin, but you will get a higher Return of Investment on any of the franchise models once you manage to start. Do you have something different than the above-listed options, then kindly drop your query below. If you love the post and found something helpful, kindly share it with your friends and colleagues.