Barista Franchise Cost in India – Cost and Profit, Complete Details

Barista Franchise Cost in India

People who are looking for business opportunities in starting a franchise with a moderate investment can start a Barista franchise. This coffee shop business is one of the fastest earning businesses. 

This chain of espresso bars delivers a truly Italian flavor-rich coffee experience. India being the sixth producer, is still inclined with tea. But some people are changing their preferences to coffee.

This thriving coffee community is a chance for people. To be a part of this Culture and provide authentic coffee cafes to establish a warm-friendly atmosphere and offer quality service. 

In this article, we will learn more details of starting a Barista franchise in India and its cost and Profit related details.

The main headquarters of Barista in India is in New Delhi. It has many outlets across India. Due to the high demand for quality coffee and its offered services. 

The Barista coffee company is increasing day by day. It has a limited number of Barista coffee espresso cafes, and Barista Coffee kiosks across India are franchise partners.

To Start a Barista Franchise Shop in India:

Here are some of the requirements to start a Barista cafe franchise shop in any part of India. 

This Barista Cafe Store franchise allows you to specialize your skills as a coffee maker and provides a comfortable space for people to interact with one another along with a cup of java. 

Barista coffee also has its Cafe outlets in Oman, Sri Lanka, and the UAE. Owning a Barista cafe franchise is a Lucrative business with a reputed international brand.

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The main requirements for starting a Barista franchise include its area and amount of investment. The minimum floor area required is 100 sq ft to open a franchise. 

The initial investment depends upon the city, town, etc., which includes renovation, brand fee, furniture marketing, and promotional costs, which costs around 10-12 Lakhs.

To be a part of the Barista franchise, the company offers training programs with hardware and software support included in the franchise fees. 

The food cost takes up approximately 35% with nine years of agreement terms and a profit margin of 40%. 

The brand provides the raw materials with online delivery partners tied up with sales increasing Strategy support. You can also renew this franchise agreement according to your terms.

Franchise Model:

To start a Barista franchise, it is available in two types of models, which are the  FOFO and FOCO models.

To start a franchise kiosk, the space required is 100-400 sq. ft with a setup cost of 8 Lakhs, and the franchise fees include 6 Lakhs. 

Thus the royalty fees charge at 8%  with an ROI of 12-16 months. The interior cost varies accordingly.

Like a  Barista kiosk to start a franchise Cafe, the total space required is 800-1100 sq. ft with a setup cost of 22-32 Lakhs, and the franchise fees include 8.5lakhs with a royalty of 8% with an ROI of 14-20 months.

For the Barista franchise diner in India, the total space required is 1500-2000 sq. ft with a setup cost of 65-70 Lakhs with a franchise cost of 20 lakhs. 

The ROI for this diner is 12-24 months with an 8% royalty.

Skills Required to handle Barista Cafe Franchise:

To be successful in this business. One has to have successful leadership goals at their fingertips and the knowledge of handling this business. 

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It would help if you had a dedicated team who are hard-working and self-determined to work in this business. The franchise should hire experts who know about handling all types of beverages and blending coffee.

One should keep in mind that having successful planning with the product, NPD, and quality support with supply chain support will give remarkable profit to the business. 

The outer work of handling the PR marketing with business operations and loyalty support will help take this business forward to new heights.

The Barista is the second largest company in India in terms of the coffee chain. It is a pioneer of coffee culture in India, with only coffee shops as its franchise. It was founded in 2000 and had up to 80-100 unhand in India itself with an initial investment of $ 43,000 – $73,000.

For every success having a good relationship between the customer and the employees is one of the first steps.

Things To Bear in Mind before Buying a Franchise:

  • Besides starting a franchise, one has to look for certain things worth the price to start this business. 
  • Always you have to research and plan accordingly to know whether this business will bloom or fail.
  •  You need to know about this franchise, and the price for franchising and its value are some of the things to know before entering this business.
  • Plan accordingly whether to start this franchise in city or rural areas. But the city would be the best choice. 
  • There might be one or more competitors around you in this franchise.

How To Get a Barista Franchise in India?

For any franchise-related queries. you can fill in the form details at

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Once the company head shortlists you, they will get in touch with you. you can also contact the company for any queries related to the franchise. 

The corporate office is located in New Delhi.

Here are the address and the other details.

The Barista Coffee Company details

Barista Coffee Company Limited F1/9,

First floor Okhla Industrial region, New Delhi


, Telephone: 011-49360900 Email –

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Barista Store Franchise cost in India- Cost and Profit, Complete Details:

Does the company provide a training program for this franchise?

Ans: The company provides a training program to start this franchise with hardware and software support included in the franchise fees.

How many years of agreement is needed to be in this franchise?

Ans: The company provides nine years of the agreement with the master franchise is available.

Where are the main headquarters located in India?

Ans: The main headquarters is located in New Delhi, India.

What is the minimum floor area required for the barista shop?

Ans:  The minimum floor area required for the barista franchise shop is about 1000 sq. ft.

When the barista coffee started its operation in India?

Ans: The company started its operation successfully in 2002.


This curated details about the barista franchise and the cost and profit margin to succeed in this business. 

If you need any details, you can visit the official website.

Hope you find the information helpful for you. However if you still getting some doubts regarding this topic.

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