Asian Paints Dealership Business Opportunity – Cost and Profit Guide

Asian Paints Dealership

Are you looking for the best opportunity for Asian Paints Dealership? Then this article can be pretty helpful for you.

Asian Paints is the third-largest paint company in Asia, operating in more than 15 countries as of 2020. It is the largest Mumbai-based multinational paint company in India. 

Asian Paints company has created a highly driven technology with an efficient supply chain. They have launched their products successfully over the past 75 years in India. 

Asian Paints is fundamentally operating over four regions like Africa, South Pacific, Asia, and the Middle East through their eight corporate brands. 

Suppose you are planning to start an Asian Paints Dealership Business in India. It will be an excellent idea for your business. 

This article will discuss the essential requirements in this guide on how to get an Asian Paints Dealership in India. 

It also features the dealership, terms and conditions, gains, and Contract Particulars. 

The brand Asian Paints company mainly deals with manufacturing and Selling of Paints, products, Coatings, bathroom Fittings, home decor are some of the services they Provide consultation. 

Asian Paints solely focus their operating on direct Dealership models. They don’t offer distributorship and sub-dealership like other brands. 

The Asian Paints offer a vast range of products for both exterior and interior walls, consisting of product listings such as plain finishes, Stencils, Wallcoverings, Kids planet, Textures, and undercoats for the interior walls. 

At the same time, they offer products such as Wall art, plain finishes, Textures, tile shield, etc. 

Asian Paints Dealership Opportunity:

Suppose you are an authorized seller in the business. Then you can sell the products to local painters, shops, and other paint dealers to know more about the specific product recognition. 

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You can also provide your customers with certain services such as budget calculation, paint selection, and product popularity. 

Product Portfolio & Visibility:

Here is one of the first steps for Asian Paints Dealership Business Opportunity is making a product Portfolio. 

The portfolio consists of varied options with different purposes. So with these, you can earn a Lucrative amount of revenue compared to other brand manufacturers. 

To enhance its customer base, the Asian Paints company offers its traders better marketing with its advertising campaign of building its brand by distributing its products to every nook and corner of the country. 

Asian Paint Dealership

How to get Asian Paints Dealership? 

To get Asian Paints Dealership. You need to contact the sales executive manager on your territory. They will help in dealing with arranging a meeting with you. 

SP that they can get to know about your industrial background and financial aid. 

The dealership’s Eligibility depends upon the factors such as your experience in this field, the location of your Shop and financial background, and the density of other Asian Paints Dealers in your area. 

The Asian brand equity has a high value among the other top brands, helping the dealers operate business smoothly. The brand has ranked at 8th position in the Forbes magazine list. 

Asian Paints Dealership Cost:

The Company Asian Paints offer its dealers an opportunity to start their business with its low-cost plan. You can open your Asian Paints Dealership Business not only in the cities. But also in the rural areas. 

It costs around 6-8 Lakhs for the Asian Paints dealership in India. But with an investment of an initial capacity of 5 Lakhs and commercial retail space, you are eligible to apply for this  Asian Paints Dealership. 

Suppose depends upon the several facets for having this Dealership Opportunity for you. But mainly one of the essential things to note is that. 

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You need to have a spectacular location with an initial investment for your startup. 

Here is the breakdown of the investment:

  • Firstly, you need to buy a colour mixing machine from the company, costing you an approx of 1.5Lacs.
  • You need to have an initial stock purchase and a fee of 3.5 to 4 Lakhs approx, including the GST.
  • For the shop interiors, it costs around 1.5lakhs.
  • For daily operation,you need to have printers and computer systems which cost INR 50,000. 
  • Other expenses may cost around 20,000 INR. 

Procedure for the dealership:

Firstly you need to contact the company in two ways possible. Firstly you can mail with specific details to the company directly. 

Secondly, you can get the regional sales manager of the company. 

To directly contact the company, you need to follow these steps:

  • Share your contact information to the following email subject of the email should be Asian Paints Dealership Request”.
  • Next, you need to mention the necessary details. 
  • When the company receives your mail, then they will respond to you as soon as possible. 
  • Suppose you contact in a second way through the regional sales manager of the company. The company staff will contact you personally after you get selected. Then you will get the Dealership agreement from the Corporation.

Asian Paints Dealership Profit Margin:

For the Profit margin in these businesses. You will get approximately a 3% – 8% rim on your sales. Compared to other products, Asian Paints offers less margin to its dealers. 

But you will get more deals than other brands as the company has a 40% market share in the Indian paint industry. 

The company Asian Paints also offers Cash discounts and RPBT discounts to their dealers. For any Dealership in Paint, the company decides about the company’s schemes and bonuses. 

The company offers Cash discounts of up to 5% if the payments are made under three days. When the payment is made within nine days, you will get RPBT discounts of up to 3.5%.

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Details Required for Registration and Licenses:

To start an Asian Paints Dealership Business in India. It would help if you had these specific Certificates. 

  • An Authorized Certification from Asian Paints. 
  • A registration form for shops and establishments from the local government. 
  • A Trade license from your Municipality. 
  • GST Registration. 
  • Business Registration sole proprietorship/LLP/Pvt lmt)
  • A bank statement of six months. 
  • Agreements or documents about your land & Shop. 

Contact Details on Asian Paints Dealership:

For Dealership inquiries, you can mail to 

Here are the contact details for the dealership in your business. 

 Head Office

Asian Paints Limited,

Asian Paints House

6A, Shantinagar, Santacruz (E),

Mumbai — 400 055, India.

You can call the customer care no:

18002095678. To discuss the details. They will arrange a meeting with you to know about your financial and industry background. 

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Asian Paints Dealership

Q. Who to contact for the dealership in Asian Paints? 

Ans: You need to email the and share your details.

Q. Is it necessary to have a retail commercial Space? 

Ans: Yes, It is necessary to have retail, commercial space in a prominent location. 

Q. What is the Profit margin in the Asian Paints dealership? 

Ans: you can expect a profit margin of 3% – 8% depending upon the margin. 

Q. When were Asian Paints started? 

Ans:  It was started before independence in 1945 by Suryakant Dani, Champaklal Choksey, and Chimanlal Choksi. 


These are required information based on the Asian Paints dealership business in India. Here are the specific requirements and eligibility criteria for becoming a dealer in this Asian Paints Dealership. 

Hope you found this article helpful for you. 

However, if you still have any doubts regarding How to be a dealer with Asian Paints? Then drop your query in the comment section.