Archies Franchise Business Model Help you Start own Gift Shop

Archies Franchise

Do you know gift shops can be profitable business ideas? Let me give you an overview of the Archies franchise, known as a premium collectible shop in India.

Archies is a premium gift shop with thousands of gift items where you can use for the best moment, for loved ones, or special occasions; it’s a complete collectible shop.

The Indian-based brand Archies has covered almost a Tier 1 city in the nation, and premium quality gift and collectible items make the brand the most promising one.

Archies Brand History:

The Indian base businessman Anil Moolchandani was already into the family business, Popularly known as a saree shop in Delhi.

Around 1981 the Archies received the first order from a distributor in Delhi; in 1984, the company soon started to recognize in the local places and became the best shop in Delhi.

Within the next few years, a great success Archies achieved because the company completed the 100 mark account for the gallery Store and gained popularity as a premium gift shop. 

Archies Franchise Market Cover: 

Archies brand is definitely an Indian base, but their reach is not limited to India. Within a short period, the Archies acquired a license from foreign companies like Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney, and Donald Duck to work on Indian greeting cards.

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The brand has identified the market value and evolving shopping experience of users, and soon they started their online website to sell their gift shop. That’s a great way to expand business all over.

Archies almost covered the nation with the gallery stores. If we talked about numbers, then more than 2000+ branches are fully functioning, and franchises are spread across 50 cities.

Archies Products:

Archies currently has more than hundreds of varieties of gift items to celebrate your moment with loved ones.

  • Occasional Items
  • Flowers Gifts
  • Personalized Gifts
  • Combo Items
  • Birthday Moment Gifts
  • Anniversary Gifts
  • Special Relationship Items

Why Archies Franchise?

There are so many benefits you will get as an investor with the Archies some of them are below.

  • Highly recognized and trusted brand, exist in more than 40 years in the market
  • Minimum investment with the High ROI
  • Huge Customer Base

Archies Franchise Overview: 

If you are truly interested in investing in India’s premium cultural gift shop, then the Archies franchise is one of them that you can trust.

Before you can proceed, make sure to have at least 500 square feet of the commercial area to establish your shop.

The second thing initial investment, Archies franchise cost you around 20 lacs, And total fees of a franchise up to 5 lakh.

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The location must be the center of the market, or it must be surrounded by high foot traffic, and preferably the ground floor is a well.

Contact Details: 

For more accurate information, you can directly contact them using the below details.

C-113, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi-110028.

Contact No:

011-41412222 / 41410000 

Archies Email Id :


Bottom Line:

Archies, the world’s most socially engaging brand, provides a complete gift product to celebrate your moment with loved ones. If you are really looking for a profitable business, then Archies store you can consider first. If your requirement has been fulfilled as per the company standard, you can directly talk to the office staff for more pricing and interior costs. The company will provide every training and franchise resource at the same time. Let me know your thoughts about the Archies franchise; kindly share this post with your friends and family.