Advantages and Disadvantages of e-business – Does it Really Considerable

Advantages and disadvantages of e-business

Wish to move your business setup entirely to the online framework. It’s a fantastic decision but before you can choose, read out the complete advantages and disadvantages of e-business.

The covid-19 and lockdown have completely changed offline businesses’ scenarios, and now it needs to survive financially in the market as a business.

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Business categories vary from production to manufacturing units like; if you are into an online business, then there is no physical entity to show your audience.

Some industries require heavy machinery and equipment to produce output/materials; in that case, online business is entirely irrelevant for the system.

Does your staff or management have handled online things before, then it’s easy to Adapt your data to the online environment.

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Whether you are running an online/offline business, every category has its own advantages and disadvantages; make sure to get the right decisions with the proper guidance. 

So without wasting our time, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of e-business:

Top Advantages and Disadvantages of e-business to Consider:

Pros and cons, is just a matter of fact and how you can efficiently use every platform to improve your business growth? That’s important.

Four Major Advantages of e-business

Reduce Staff Expense:

Staff is an essential and necessary workforce that executes every day’s work and keeps business units functioning.

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Does your business data and all records already stored on the online platform, then it’s secure for you to handle easily every data at your fingertip.

If you manufacture/produce some physical products, then the e-business option is not ideal for your industry.

Reduce Office Expense:

Covid-19 and Lockdown, Have made humans realize that we are here only for a limited period, so don’t rely on humans; nature has its role on earth.

Here is the best time you can reduce office expenses by allowing employees to do work from home as they like.

Office expenses include electricity, water supply, office infrastructure, paperwork, foods, snack items, etc.

Flexible Working:

9 to 5 job scheme is completely revolutionizing the work from home, and now we are free and not under stress to show eagerness towards the work.

Flexible working has made most of the workers utilize their free time with their families and kids to enjoy every moment they haven’t noticed with the regular shift time.

As per survey, people tend to be more productive when they are in the home instead of the office, and there is always some kind of gossip and other distractions happening around the office.

24/7 Available

Online work has saved a lot of time, which we can utilize to complete our other essential works, which was never easy on 9 TO 5 regular shift time.

People now work as they like, so the remaining time they want to spend with their friends and family while keeping their online system on work mode.

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Because of fewer distractions, employees can now complete their work in less time, and 24/7 available status makes your boss glad to see that you are still online.

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Four Major Disadvantages of e-business:

Every coin has two sides; as we all know, online things have their own disadvantages to the human and its life cycle. Let’s find out:

Mental Stress on Employee:

The first thing we notice to most employees is mental stress; due to the lockdown and pandemic situation, it’s really a do or die situation for the employee.

The lack of funds and increasing expenses, this burden is really unstable for the owners, and that owner’s frustration gets released to the employees in the form of work.

Due to the loss of clients, shortage of funds, no new sales in a lockdown period, this is the kind of reason we usually heard from the management, and that makes employees sick and mentally unstable.

Overloaded Work:

The online system has created a super-platform where we can easily access any file, folders, and resources, but that’s why you get more work pressure. 

The management has decided to cut off the employee’s wages and remove juniors from the company, and their work has transferred to the old employees because you are old and you are experienced so you can handle every task smoothly.

From the employee perspective, online things are easy to hang out, but it’s vast to manage when it comes to office responsibility. this scenario is wholly related to digital companies.

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Less Interaction:

With the online framework now, we have so many options to make our work better from any location, that’s true, but at some point, we lost the personal touch.

As you know, the person face to face meeting could impact much better as compared to an online discussion. As a matter of fact, in a face-to-face meeting, we can straightforwardly present our approach.

Online interaction could really happen if any emergency occurs at work, and for any other conference call, you again have to sit longer until the call gets over.

Security and Integrity:

From the business point of view, if you are placing everything on the internet, that does not mean you are safe, and all of your resources are secure.

Due to the pandemic period, we are now massive jewel to begin our work from home, but before that, we are entirely new to the setup and systems, that’s a trouble-making to learn everything.

Many high-end security plugins and software need to maintain all of the confidential data and the same, making available to the all-employee without location barrier.

Bottom Line:

Every business environment has its own advantages and disadvantages, but first, you need to understand which environment is really fruitful for your business and expand your business segment. I have mentioned Four Points on “Advantages and disadvantages of e-business”. Let me know what you think about the post. If you find this post is really informative, then share the Block with your friends and family.