6 Genuine Ways to Teach Online and Earn Money in India

Teach Online and Earn Money in India

Online things are crazy, and everyone has accepted that, and now people are looking for more ways to teach online and earn money in India.

In the Global pandemic situation, we know the importance of the online things and its system, it’s a very convenient method, and people get to know that work from home is still worthwhile in India.

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As we all know, health is our top priority, and that’s why many of us have shifted our focus to online work to generate side income.

The online world is open for everyone; whether you are in the learning or mentoring phase, there is always an opportunity for you to earn good money. In some cases, it’s more delicious than offline work.

Except for manufacturing, production, and Healthcare, this must be working in offline mode, and other rest business categories went to an online environment; that’s why we need to explore more about the online world because it’s our need and our future.

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Even from the beginning, people used to believe in offline teaching. Sometimes I agree with that because the offline concepts and theory explanation will be more impactful than online.

Suppose we talk about the online market growth all over India. In that case, you will be surprised to know, the industry leaders have predicted that the market gaining ratio could increase up to 10 times within the decades.

Online teaching is worthwhile and convenient for both sides, the teachers/mentors can utilize more time in training, and online setup saves traveling time for students.

I have analyzed and brought some ideas about teaching anyone online and earning money in India.

6 Proven Ways to Teach Online and Earn Money in India:

Below mentioned ideas do not need any capital to invest; it’s utterly online work; the thing we need is your skills.

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Language Support:

Language Support

Do You have enough knowledge of languages? I am not talking about regional language. It’s a coding language.

From a simple HTML to Python, various programming languages exist in the online world, and you can share your knowledge with others.

In the teaching division, many of the mentors have fears to show their face to the world, but you need to keep reminding yourself that it’s all about money, so in the beginning, you will be shy, but one day, you will be much confident in the online environment.

When it comes to teaching, you will have to choose a great and convincing platform available for all in, and that must be cost-efficient.

The first recommendation that came to my mind is that YouTube is the best way to monetize your skills and help to be your boss within a short time.

If you don’t think YouTube works for this, then I’ll suggest you crack the exam of top education platforms like byju, unacademy, these are excellent platforms, and it’s good for everyone to learn the visual way. (The recommended options are not purely coding focused.)



Blogging is one of the genuine ways to earn passive income online, and there is no restriction for the topic, but make sure your niche will be helpful and informational.

In the pandemic crisis, the marketers and industry researchers have seen a significant rise in the blogging and e-commerce sector.

Many of them have started their blog and eagerly started working on it to make the first payout.

The English language is not the recommended way to earn from blogging, and there are so many entrepreneurs out there who are continuously working and amazingly make from Hindi content.

For the blogging, you need a minimum amount to invest for domain and hosting, but still, the decision is yours; you can go with the Blogspot hosting with a custom domain that helps cut down your expenses.

Advertisement on the blog was the ideal way to monetize your content, but the situation is no longer the same; people believe more in affiliate income.

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Online Tutor Website:

Online Tutor Website

If you are from a tutoring background and don’t wish to work on other ideas, then good news for you. We now have a more sophisticated tutoring platform to expand your skills.

Many people have good convincing power and possess analytical ability, so the tutor is the ideal way to generate passive income online.

The online tutor platform gives you the freedom to teach any study-related subjects to the students, and along with it, you can generate some money as per hours.

I remember one online platform which looks legit; if you want to give a try, then check out: tutorme.com 

Tutor platforms have their benefits. It can keep your mentor alive inside if any lockdown situation happens again. You are freely interacting with the other teachers, which is excellent for expanding your knowledge and experience.

Musical Instrument Training:

Musical Instrument Training

Musical instrument training is a complete entertainment and pure hobby base skill, where you can generate a fair amount of money from it.

From traditional to modern instruments, there is always demand for mentors to the market, not because to produce business, But for the learning purpose.

Guitar, Piano, Drum Set, these are famous instrument names in the music industry, and we haven’t introduced ourselves to the western-based instruments like woodwind, Brass, Percussion, etc. (The instruments mentioned in this line are the categories and not particular device names.)

Training and making expert someone into musical instruments are the best because it’s fun-loving work and people usually get a good response from online teaching.

Everyone out there who has a smartphone has definitely learned something from YouTube once in life, so promoting your instrument related work on YouTube is an effective solution to teach online and generate some money.



Consultant, the name is popular in a professional industry and has a good reputation in the organization, it’s not a full-time job.

The job function depends on the work, and you will act as a representative and help build a stronger bond between the company and the client.

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You cannot consider a consultant a full-time employee, because you will work as you like no sales and target work for you.

The industry’s highest paying job and primary work is to consult someone regarding the marketing and sales-generating strategy. 

The consultant must have problem-solving skills and the strategy in mind to improve companies’ ROI and if you think you have the potential and significant expertise in any field, then give a try for this work.

We have a seen consultant to the various positions, and this top position has big chances to earn like IT Consultant, Human Resource Consultant, Operations Consultant, Financial Advisory Consultant, Strategy Consultant, Management Consultant, etc.

Stock Market Trading:

Stock Market Trading

The stock market, the place where you can purchase some part of a company, we can call it as a share effortlessly via online.

Do you know when the share market came into the world? No, The concept has brought by the Dutch businessman in early 1600.

Stock Market Trading are always the top priority of investors and businessmen, and in India, people still want to learn more and more about it.

The opportunity to earn in the share market is massive, promote yourself as an industry expert stock trader, and take advantage of mentoring.

“Money only makes Money” If you train people to earn money, then it’s a great deal for both parties, and you will find many people out there who are interested in learning the concept of share market and its every element.

Giving training to the people in stock trading is always demanding, and you can teach in both ways online and offline.

Bottom Line:

An online world filled with the full of opportunity, the chances to become successful as an online interpreter are more. The above options are the popular ones, and might be you have already found great ideas to teach online and earn money in India. Let me know what you think. If you enjoy reading, then kindly share this blog with your friend and family.