12 Lucrative and Easy to Start Business Ideas in Goa

business ideas in Goa

Goa is best known as a tourist’s hub and party capital as it has emerged as one of the providential destinations for Start-up investment. Goa is also known as environment-friendly with adequate infrastructure and excellent connectivity through rail, road, air, and sea network. 

The tiny emerald land reflects an amalgamation of two cultures, namely Indian and Portuguese, embedded into the architectural style of living. Goa offers many diverse options to start a business with a low investment, which yields a high-income source.

In recent years Goa has emerged as an ideal place for innovation as it has a significant part of economic activities contributed by agricultural activity. Goa has achieved a 100% telephone connectivity system with rural electrification, contributing to the growing business opportunities. 

Goa gets its revenue from the sources of agriculture, fisheries, exports of iron, manufacturing industries, and tourism.

One must consider many business ideas to start a small-scale business in Goa So without further ado. Let’s get started with these 12 Lucrative and Easy to create Goa’s business ideas with a low investment, which yields a high-income source.

12 Business Ideas in Goa

Fish Farming Business:

The fish Farming business has contributed to the state’s economy and is one of the most sustainable natural sources of income, which yields excellent revenue. 

Fish farming has garnered attention in recent years and is one of Goa’s business ideas to start your small-scale business. This business demands a lot of special knowledge and skills of hatching, breeding, with active day-to-day monitoring. Goa is situated alongside the Arabian sea coastlines, offering massive growth in this natural commercial business.

Fish Farming is a Labor-intensive industry where one needs to consider all aspects of the fishing season and trawlers. Even the government of Goa has introduced many schemes encouraging people to take up this business as this industry has employed thousands of people in Goa. So if you take up this business, the growth potential will be enormous.

Brewpub Business

A Brewpub is a pub that brews its beer for sale where they offer the customized beers with different flavors and tastes on demand of the customers, given the popularity of foreigners and tourists from all over the country for the aura of beaches and architectural sights in Goa.

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The Brewpub is the best business idea in Goa, which is highly profitable if you choose the right location and sell authentic beer. But good knowledge and years of experience are required to craft this product.

The Brewpub is a restaurant with a microbrewery as a combination. To yield a high-income source with this business idea, one has to invest their time and money on proper planning on their location and equipment, and getting insured with following regulations and rules of the government are the significant stages that should be carefully looked over. 

In recent years the growth of Brewpub is growing at a fast pace given the tremendous buyer rate as Goa is the dream destination for many travelers as it is known as tourists sipping on a pint and also for rejuvenating their soul and relaxing on shacks on the beach.

Agriculture Business

Though Goa is known for its tourism, agriculture yields good revenues worldwide with its food crops production. The principal food crops are rice, paddy, Bajra, and ragi. The main cash crops are coconuts, cashew nuts, areca nuts, sugarcane, and fruits like mango, pineapple, and banana.

This business is one of the best business ideas in Goa, where one can start an organic farm by investing a reasonable amount with this significant and main cash crop as the demand for organic food products has increased in recent years due to many health risks in foods grown in chemicals and fertilizers.

Many people are opting for organic food. So this Agricultural business can be profitable to start. But one has to invest their time and purpose in actively selecting their product and resources.

Ecotourism Business

Ecotourism may also be called sustainable tourism. The main focus is on traveling to unexplored places in Goa without harming the cultural and natural heritage of local communities and nearby networks that stay there.

Ecotourism can be one of Goa’s best business ideas to Venture as the business adds excellent revenue from the safari camps, wildlife photography, and other Ecotourism exercises. Ecotourism Business has contributed significant revenue to the economy of the state.

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All of this contributes to securing the natural habitat, controlling pollution, and forestall deforestation.

Travel Agency

Travel Agency is growing business in Goa as the agency takes care of Voyager’s all amenities, including travel tickets, travel transportation, and resort/stay services. The client’s inclination and budget refer to reasonable goals on the right destination, accommodation, and transport mode. Travel Agency is one of the legit business ideas in Goa with their assistance.


People love photography, and while traveling, it adds extra pleasure in capturing this scenic beauty and marvelous creations. The photography business has immense potential in Goa as the place offers many attractions and highlights, which is likely for a smooth sail in this business.

The photography business is one of Goa’s business ideas with a low investment if you are a professional photographer or a photographer with good lens skills is all needed.

Transportation Service

It is one of Goa’s best business ideas as it is one of the renowned destinations for foreigners as well from all over the country in India. Transportation services are emerging at a global level. You can offer your diverse client options of services like renting a bike, car rentals as they prefer inexpensive modes of transport for their destination.

Due to the demand of changing lifestyles and different innovations have been introduced in the transportation services. This business is one of Goa’s best business ideas with low investment.

Spas Business

Goa is the hub for tourists, ha,s many resorts that offer space services that are highly in demand nowadays. You can start your own spa business in a resort or a hotel nearby. It would help if you considered the important factors before starting this business, such as a solid base plan and business branding.

These are critical factors for successful Spa services you provide to people. You need to hire trained professionals who have a plethora of knowledge in this field. 

This business is one of the ideals to do in Goa as it receives a huge footfall.

Delivery Services

You don’t have to own a grocery store for this business as you can partner with existing shops with groceries and other basic amenities and provide your services. It is one of Goa’s excellent business ideas to yield a significant profit. You can offer the types of delivery services: school and office delivery, grocery delivery, Newspapers delivery business, Milk delivery service, and Package water delivery services.

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With this business idea, you can build a delivery app and start an online delivery business.

Landscaping Business

Landscaping is growing popular nowadays in the agro-based services industry. The landscaping business is regarded as a new opportunity in Goa for a living. One needs to have a good sense of skills and knowledge with good communication.

Landscapers are hired to maintain commercial buildings like resorts, golf courses, offices, residences, etc. To increase the concern’s property by decorating gardens—all you need to invest in small startup capital and specific knowledge and skills to operate from home.

Start A Food Truck Business

To start this business requires minimal investment, and less risk is involved. This business is not the same as a restaurant as it moves, and you are setting off to the client. The food truck can sell solidified and bundled things like frozen yogurt, ice cream, and individuals having a minimum experience in the food write industry can venture into this business and initiate in the city area.

One can also go for snack items or breakfast; tiffin cooked things in their service. You can attract tourists with your fusion platter, and branding is essential in starting this business as it garners attention.

Vending Machine

Location is essential in this business as with the advanced technology, people’s acceptance towards Vending Machine requires no labor or retail shop or promotional cost. It is a machine that dispenses food items such as snacks, drinks, beverages, etc.

All you need to do is initially invest in this business. This Vending Machine business is one of the growing business opportunities and one of Goa’s business ideas with low investment.


These are the 12 Lucrative and Easy to start business ideas in Goa with low investment, yielding a high-income source.

I hope you enjoy this article and find it helpful for you. If you still have any further doubts, don’t forget to drop a comment in this blog post’s comment section.