12 Easy to Start Business Ideas in Hyderabad with High Return

Business Ideas in Hyderabad


Do you want to start a business in Hyderabad that have High value Returns? Good News!! Here are the 12 small business ideas in Hyderabad with High Returns.

This article has plenty of useful information that will surely help you to explore some of the best business ideas especially for Hyderabad inhabitants.

Hyderabad is known as the city of Pearls. According to a survey, it ranks in the first place among 34 best cities to live and work in India. Hyderabad city serves as an ancient capital of the Southern Indian state Telangana. 

It is all about the old charm of architecture, a whirl of noises and activities, a barrage of markets. The city has relatively expanded into an improvement and development. It includes hi-tech companies, IT hubs, and clubs, malls everywhere.

This newer part of the city offers a lot of business opportunities. Hyderabad ranks fourth as the credit center and is Telangana’s most significant GDP contributor. The city is the hub of startup firms and large business enterprises. 

There is more to cope up with the competition. Also, Hyderabad is an ideal tourist destination across the globe. You can start your career with new business ideas in Hyderabad.

It is not easy to start a business here as the city is always on its heels. With creative business ideas, you can begin your small-scale business for good revenue. This article will see about the twelve business ideas in Hyderabad with low investment.

Top Business Ideas in Hyderabad

Cafe Business

Since Hyderabad is a gigantic startup city, there are many Cafeteria shops in the town. It may be competitive to start a Cafe business. 

But there is still a broad scope of opportunity in this business, with some creativity on the themes and menu ideas. You can give customers the best experience to feel relaxed. They can enjoy the atmosphere in your innovative facilities.

This is one of the business ideas in Hyderabad to start your business opportunity.

Wedding Planners & Photography Business

A wedding takes place for over 4-5 days with various ceremonies in India. 

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So planning a wedding can be a good business idea in Hyderabad if you have the skills to plan events and manage all the things from decor, colors to food. Almost everything to meet your client’s expectations.

Then this one is the ideal resource for your career. If you also have photography skills then it’s a plus point for your business. It will yield high returns for your job.

All you need to have some experience in event management and creative skills. It would be best to have a good rapport with your client with a mini-session on how they want their fairytale wedding to be. Balancing their choices are the key aspects of a wedding planning business.

Tourism Business

From sightseeing historic architecture and monuments to a wildlife safari. Hyderabad offers a lot of tourist attractions. It is one of the populous cities which has gained popularity for its tourism. 

The tourism industry started as a small-scale business, has gained recognition over the years.

You can also start this business as a professional tour guide if you live in Hyderabad and know all about the tourist attractions and religious places. You need to manage all aspects of the tour.

From booking hotels based on the tourist’s preference to provide information on each site. This business has the potential revenue as an income for your career.

Custom-Made HandiCrafts

Hyderabad is famous for its handicrafts. You can start your own handicrafts business with custom-made gifts. As people feel happy and special when their loved ones give them custom-made gifts. You can start this business from the comfort of your home.

You can do creative strategy and planning in this business which includes quality services and marketing. you can also export your custom-made handicrafts to other places. 

As there are a lot of demands for these custom-made gifts. You can thrive in this business with low investment.

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing has completely changed technology. As it is one of the best tools for IT companies to attract customers and generate revenue. 

If you have any experience in the digital marketing field. Consider digital marketing agencies as one of the business ideas in Hyderabad.

A digital marketing agency helps to boost a brand’s image, search rankings, and position or social media presence for a business. There is a massive demand for these services in Hyderabad. As there are many IT tech companies, who need these services.

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Catering Business

The catering business can be ideal for you to start in Hyderabad. people who lookout for the best catering services. 

But this is not an easy way to gain high returns as there are a lot of competition and high-risk runs in this business.

If you are good at providing quality catering services with good planning. It could be another business idea in Hyderabad for you. 

Through digital marketing, you can target people who are looking for catering services. A digital marketing agency works well for your business to attract customers.

Pharmaceutical Business

To start this business, you need to be a graduate in B.pharmacy or need a specific license to set up a pharmacy. It is among the best business ideas in Hyderabad.

A lot of investment made is right. There is tough competition out there in the market. This Pharmaceutical business is the best idea to start as a business.

Website Designer

Website designing is one of the legit business ideas to start from home. Today’s business cannot be profitable without a website. As they are used all over the world. The Web development industry has gained popularity over the years. It is thriving in the technology world.

So there is a huge demand for Website developers in Hyderabad. As a website designer, there is stiff competition in these services. with good communication and creative skills, you can outstand others in this field.

Grocery Delivery Business

It is important to have a grocery delivery service in urban areas where people are busy with their work. So starting a grocery delivery service. With doorstep facilities in urban areas can be a Lucrative career. One can also build their grocery delivery app to service their grocery products.

You can be a sponsor and collaborate with companies. To deliver grocery items at doorstep facilities. By this, you can earn some extra money for your business.


Blogging gas gained a tremendous amount of potential over the years. Running a blog can be a serious business that many people don’t know about. The most crucial factor to note in blogging. You need to spend time and creativity to target visitors to your blog.

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Additionally running a blog takes minimal cost. But the outcome has high returns. Once you have achieved the approximate value of attracting visitors with domain authority, you can earn thousands of dollars in a month if all things are pointed out.

You can make money by monetizing your blogs in ways. Such as sponsored posts or services, affiliate marketing, or selling your Products. It is one of the business ideas in Hyderabad to start your career.

Vehicle Rental Business

You can open a Small vehicle rental service of your own with little investment. You can rent vehicles such as Cars, Bicycles, Bikes and other r customers or locals for some time.

This service is one of the best business ideas in Hyderabad.

You can also partner with rental companies like Ola, Uber, or Dunzo. By sponsoring your transportation services for rent. There are a lot of IT companies in Hyderabad. Where office-goers are looking for cars on rent for their daily needs.

Recruitment Agencies

As unemployment is increasing. Many applicants are moving to new cities for bigger opportunities in their careers. Hyderabad is the IT hub that has always been in demand for recruiting agencies. It is one of the low investment business opportunities. 

To start a recruitment agency, it is necessary to have good communication skills. And Research skills with human resource management experience may be a plus point for this service.

This can be a tiresome job description but offers Lucrative business ideas. Many small businesses cannot afford to pay for the human resources team. But they are willing to pay you or your firm to narrow down a list of eligible candidates for them.

There is a huge scope for this small business idea in Hyderabad.


In this article, we have seen these 12 business ideas in Hyderabad, yielding a high-income source. To be successful in any business, you need proper planning and dedication.

These business ideas are helpful to start your venture and fulfill your dreams. There might be other ideas available to start a business from scratch, but only with hard work and determination can you achieve your goal.

Hope you find this article helpful for you. If you still have any doubt then don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section.