102 Marriage Company and Wedding Planner Names Ideas

Wedding Planner Names

In this blog, after doing a lot of research, we have kept a list of 102 Wedding Planner Names for you which you will like very much.

Beginning a startup does not mean everything related to finances or employees, you can also start a business related to events or family functions.

You must be thinking that marriages happen only once in a lifetime, but do not live on the basis that this wedding business will run only according to the season.

Let me tell you, if you talk about the total number of weddings in India, about 10 million marriages take place every year, and about 80% of them are done by Hindu tradition.

Checklist to Pick Wedding Planner Names:

  1. A wedding is a moment in a person’s life that should make him feel better at every time, so if you are on the way to a wedding planner company, choose a name that people will like and that will be easily remembered.
  1. If you don’t know anything about weddings, you can try for a franchise because there are some wedding and event planners available who offer a franchise, in that case, you can get everything from the franchise business company and you can easily get their brand name as well.
  1. I would like to tell you that a wedding is a practice that does not have only one thing or certain things, it varies a little bit according to the region and religion, so you have to give as much as possible to the wedding planner company according to the geographical area. Give it a try and this is what can motivate you for a good name suggestion for your wedding planner.
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102 Wedding Planner Names

  1. 3P Perfect Partner Planner
  2. Ideal Wedding Planner
  3. My Wedding Planner
  4. Life Match Wedding Planner
  5. BluSky Wedding Planner
  6. 143 Wedding Planner
  7. Dream Decorators and Planners
  8. Perfect Wedding Planner
  9. FirstDate Wedding Planner
  10. LifeLong Wedding Planner
  11. 4ever Wedding Planner
  12. All in one Decorators and Wedding Planner
  13. One Wedding Planner
  14. Couples Memory
  15. Life’sBeauty
  16. #Wedding Planner
  17. Local Wedding Planner
  18. Elissa Wedding Planner
  19. ILY Wedding Planner
  20. Wedding Spot
  21. Final Stop Wedding Planner
  22. #Marryme Wedding Guys
  23. Corp Wedding Team
  24. A1 Wedding and Event Planner
  25. Event School
  26. Velvet Wedding Planner
  27. RR Wedding Guys
  28. Atoz Wedding and Event Company
  29. Trio Wedding and Event Company
  30. Desi Wedding Org
  31. 101 Wedding Planner
  32. 1Moment Wedding Planner
  33. RS Event Company
  34. TS Global Company
  35. Wedding Villa
  36. Impressing Wedding Planner
  37. QS Wedding Planner
  38. Wedding Dream 
  39. The Future Wedding
  40. The Special Event Company
  41. OneLife Wedding Planner
  42. HappyLife Wedding Guys
  43. Gold Wedding Planner
  44. Des Wedding Planner
  45. Wedding Xpress
  46. OneLove Wedding Planner
  47. 3S Wedding Planner
  48. Unforgettable Wedding Planner
  49. The Wedding Suit
  50. LifeEvent Org
  51. Trendy Wedding Planner

Unique Names For Wedding Planner :

  1. The Wedding Address
  2. One Occasion
  3. Wonderful Wedding Planner
  4. Fabulous Life
  5. FirstMeet Wedding Planner
  6. RisingLife Wedding Planner
  7. Only 4 Her 
  8. Evans Wedding Company
  9. ES The Event Guys
  10. Lifeon Wedding Org
  11. Hashtag Wedding Guys
  12. Destiny Wedding Team
  13. FirstWish Wedding Planner
  14. T3 Wedding Org
  15. The Wedding Organizers
  16. Blossom Wedding Guys
  17. Bandhan Wedding Planners
  18. Relation Wedding Team
  19. OddEven Wedding Planner
  20. Red Carpet Wedding Team
  21. #Engaged Wedding Guys
  22. The Life Story Wedding
  23. AS Wedding Decoration
  24. Var Vadhu Mandal
  25. BlueLife Wedding Guys
  26. Extraordinary Guys
  27. Couplelife Event Org
  28. CoupleGoal Wedding Planner
  29. Love4Life Wedding Planner
  30. The Wedding Team
  31. PS Caterers and Wedding Team
  32. Deepak Wedding Planner
  33. Mangal Wedding Planner
  34. MangalaShtak Wedding Org
  35. Gracefull Event Planner
  36. OM Wedding Guys
  37. Traditional Wedding Guys
  38. TS Wedding Planner
  39. The Wedding House
  40. Wedding Joy
  41. Finally Engaged Planner
  42. Golden Moon Wedding Planner
  43. Modern Wedding Planner
  44. FS Wedding Team
  45. FirstLuv Wedding Planner
  46. Lifetwist Wedding Team
  47. BeTogether Wedding Org
  48. Epic Wedding Moment
  49. Precious Wedding Planner
  50. The Sweet Wedding Org
  51. Baraat Wedding Team
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Bottom Line: I think in this blog post I have given you a list of 102 attractive wedding planner names. Which name would you prefer according to the list given if you are trying for a wedding company? If you also like the list of names given, be sure to let me know your thoughts via the comment box and you can share this post with your friends or on social media.