101 Real Business Names for Furniture Makers – Attractive and Unique

name for furniture maker

Looking for some classy and unique furniture maker names? Then your search stops here; here, our team has added 101 furniture shop names that are entirely business oriented, and surely you will love it.

Furniture are now in demand because of its strength and long life (if not infected with insects). Also, the carpenter market is volatile because very few people do skillful art.

Your brand name is just identity, but your real value can be measured by your work, your creativity, and how you present it,

Checklist to decide the right name for your furniture shop

1) Furniture shop names can be tricky sometimes, you name it from the wood store, as it depends on where and how you get into the furniture business.

2) Wooden products are not something that you can remember from big brands; yes now in the market, various brands deal directly with readymade pieces of furniture. But local market shops are still breathing in the online branding era, so consistently delivering the best is the only way the people can remember you.

3) Do not copy or take inspiration from others while picking the furniture store name, as it will ultimately reduce your brand value. Also, it might be problematic when you enter the online market. so be sure to create your original craft and name as well.

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101 Furniture Maker Names

Wooden House Inc 

Furniture Stuff 

Only Furniture 

Love 4 Furniture 

Wooden Interio Inc 

Wood Work Inc 

Interior Stuff 

Wood Work Studio 

Fibrous Work Inc 

Wood Mall Inc. 

The Original Wood 

Trusty Furniture 

Next Furniture 

Furniture Court 

Wooden Life 

Wooden Art 

Furniture Dealer 

G Furniture 

City of Furniture 

Wood and Furniture 

Art on Wood 

House Furnishing 

Furniture Club 

The Ideal Furniture 

Royal Furniture 

Wooden Star 

Ratna Home Furnishing 

Mk Steel & Furniture 

Wooden Stop 

Super Interiors 

Only Discount 

Only 4 Timber 

City of Carpentry 

Carpenter House 

The Wood Making 

Art Creator 

Wood Experts 

Brother for Woodland 


Wood Joints 

The Maker 

Handful Wood 

Wood Artisan 

Furniture Work 

Wood Finishers 

Wood Specialist 

Lake Side Wood Store 

Wood Nature 

Furniture Style 

Family Furniture Inc. 

County Furniture 

Furniture Delight 

Awe Furniture 

Newlyf Furniture

Xtra Wooden Furnishing

Pure Furnisher

Wood Xpert

We Love Art

World Wide Wood

Premium Wood Store

City Ply & Furnishing

Wooden Touch

#Furnitures Inc

Wooden Creatives 

Wooden Fix

Dr Carpenter

Gia’s Ply Inc

5 Star Furniture

Ariha Ply Trader

Wooden Rock Inc

King Size Ply

Atoz Ply

First Ply and Furnishing

SS Wood Trader

WoodShift Inc

Active Ply Co.

Wooden Hub

Furniture Gala

Only Discount Furniture

Hi-Fi Furniture

Thousand Ply

Dela Ply and Furniture Store

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Well Ply and Furniture 

Wooden Art Store

Crafting By David

Furniture Mart

Super Finishing Mart

Viraj Furnitures Inc.

OnTrusted Wood Mart

Gen Furniture Store

A1 Furniture

Classic Furniture

Urban Furniture Studio

Vvyas Wood Studio

CuttingEdge Furnitures

Furniture Era Inc

Fourways Furnitures

Dynamic Furniture Store

Stylish Furniture Shop

Exclusive wood house

Wooden Fry Furniture 


You have reached here, which means you have gone through all the names, let me know which one you look pretty good for the furniture maker shop. You can share your thoughts below the post via comment. If you enjoyed this post, then kindly share this post on social media or in your friend circle.