101 Biryani Shop Names Ideas – Catchy, Attractive, and Easy to Remember

Biryani Shop Names

Finally, you are in the food business like Biryani Shop, but not sure how to pick the best one to suit the Biryani Shop. check out 101 Biryani Shop names for quick inspiration.

Biryani is a most popular and delicious mixed rice variation which is  found in most of Asian countries some of UAE’s

There are many brands and outlets that provide delicious biryani with a unique ingredient, but how can you build your repo in the market against the already established one.

Checklist to Pick Right Biryani Shop Names:

Be Different: 

Biryani and its taste are already present on people’s tongues, so can you make some changes to it, if yes then people will definitely notice it.

Everywhere there is a different category of food lovers and they choose the right thing first, then if you are trying to bring something new to the market then it will get you on the path of success quickly.

Start Small Budget Promotion

If we talk about the early days, people did not like to spend much on promotions and advertisements, but in today’s digital age it is most important.

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Promoting through digital means may cost you a bit, but you can promote your biryani shop in the initial days by choosing many different options. Due to this, there is a possibility of a crowd gathering at your shop in a few days.

Do Not Copy

If you are not doing any biryani-related franchise or partnership with anyone, then I would recommend that you make your own identity.

By opening your own biryani shop, you have the advantage that you can change your taste and ingredients according to your own.

Those who are already present in the business of Biryani in the market, never copy their test or their style of offering.

101 Biryani Shop Names

  1. Tasty Biryani
  2. Khas Biryani
  3. Laziz Biryani Shop
  4. Persian Khushboo
  5. Pure Rice and Biryani
  6. Mehek Biryani
  7. Kadai Biryani 
  8. A1 Biryani and Restaurant
  9. Matka Biryani
  10. Cafe Biryani
  11. Biryani Cafe and Hotel
  12. Yaari Biryani
  13. Dosti ka Jashn
  14. Dum Biryani
  15. Swadisht Biryani
  16. Hygienic Biryani
  17. Nawaz Biryani Shop
  18. AK Kebab and Biryani Shop
  19. MH Biryani Corner
  20. Biryani House
  21. PS Biryani 
  22. Biryani Destination
  23. One Biryani Shop
  24. Peace Biryani Shop
  25. Hotel Biryani 
  26. B1 Biryani Shop
  27. Delicious Biryani Shop
  28. Biryani in House Shop
  29. Biryani Love Shop
  30. 101 Tasty Biryani Shop
  31. Mixed Biryani Restaurant
  32. Biryani Dish
  33. Spicy Rice
  34. Regional taste
  35. Royal Kitchens
  36. First Dish
  37. Native Biryani Shop
  38. One Bowl
  39. B Container
  40. Perfectly Blended Biryani
  41. Mehboob Biryani Shop
  42. The Royal Biryani Shop
  43. DM Kebab and Biryani Shop
  44. Matka Restaurant
  45. Shahi Biryani Shop
  46. Fav Biryani Point
  47. BG Biryani Pride
  48. Classic Biryani Shop
  49. Biryani Story
  50. Home Biryani
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Unique Biryani Shop Names:

  1. Rich Biryani
  2. Tasty Biryani Shop
  3. Biryani Chef 
  4. Express Biryani 
  5. Biryani Villa
  6. We love Biryani Shop
  7. MM Biryani Shop
  8. Foodie House
  9. All in one Biryani Shop
  10. Cheesy Biryani
  11. Maska Biryani
  12. Butter Biryani
  13. Biryani Group
  14. Basmati Khushboo
  15. Rice ki Mehek
  16. Garam Biryani
  17. The Indian Biryani
  18. Biryani Trend
  19. Online Biryani
  20. Biryani to Home
  21. Go ! Go ! Biryani
  22. Spicy Spoon
  23. Non Veg Corner
  24. Biryani Adda
  25. Biryani Stop
  26. Ride with Biryani
  27. Moment of Biryani
  28. Delicious Dish
  29. FO First Order Biryani
  30. Biryani Station
  31. Flavourful Biryani
  32. Delightful Food
  33. Foods Delicious
  34. Paul’s Biryani
  35. Biryani Heaven
  36. Lovely Biryani
  37. Enjoy the Moment
  38. Biryani Swad
  39. First Choice Rice
  40. Tempting Biryani
  41. Juicy Biryani
  42. Biryani Junction
  43. Yummy Biryani
  44. One Tap Biryani
  45. Biryani Magic
  46. Traditional Biryani
  47. Good in Taste Shop
  48. Biryani Bite
  49. BB Corner
  50. Xpress Biryani
  51. KW Biryani

Bottom Line: I hope here I have given you 101 types of Biryani Shop Names Ideas that you will definitely like it. If you are preparing to open a biryani shop, then which of these names would you like for your biryani shop, do tell us your thoughts. If you like it very much then you can share it with your friends on your social media.