10 Small Side Business Ideas In India To Start From Today

side business ideas in india

In 2020, we all are going through this global crisis, and most of looking for a quick way to earn money, and if you are one of them, this post is for you. Here you can get the top 10 side business ideas in India.

Everyone is under the pressure of losing a job, some lost their job already, and the remaining are on the edge of losing their income.

India is the place for the most opportunist people, you can start anything quickly as a side business, which initially may hectic to you, but if you stick with it, you will surely succeed.

It doesn’t matter if you live in any rural or urban area in India; there is still a chance to grow your income.

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Some prefer to have a physical set up business to earn a side income, and others went to online platforms to gain, as of now, offline and online have a similar chance to make money even more than an associate-level job.

Neither online dominates offline business nor vice versa, but if you are serious about your future and family, then you will defiantly get success in what you have started. Don’t lose your hope, and the business doesn’t give victory over one night, you should have patience.

Every business needs hard work, nothing comes easily, you have to research and what local market needs, which surely help you decide to start your own business.

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In this post, I have introduced 10 side business ideas in India, which definitely worth trying, and you don’t even need any venture.

Without wasting time, let’s move to the main topic.

Top 10 Side Business Ideas in India:


Baby sitter or caretaker is a rising trend in India. This is one of the easy ways to earn side income. Many couples or individual families out there don’t have enough time to teach the child.

Basically, a babysitter takes care of all ages of children. They don’t even teach them but help them in the school assignment, keep away from any incidents, and also prepare foods that are good to the children as a particular age.

If you wish to promote yourself as a babysitter, then you should have some talent and knowledge.

First of all, you must be a clear babysitting course, because everyone looks for a safe and professional caretaker for the child.
Babysitter must know how to first aid, and if a sudden incident happens, then CPR is a must.
Children’s skin is so sensitive and prone to allergic reactions, so the person must be aware of these things.
The last thing, the baby sitter, does not have any criminal records.

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Most homemakers earn much better, as you can expect a salary of a babysitter 15k to 20 per month, this range may vary from region to region.

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Yoga and Training Class:

Money does not always make you happy; after a certain period, when you cross 40, you start giving importance to your health and body.

Everyone has enough money to spend for themselves in this digital age, but nobody wishes to do exercise and yoga, physical activity is robust once your age is increasing.

People now believe in yoga, home-based exercise, which is worth it against chemical tablets. Yoga exercise is for everyone because it does not involves any heavy equipment.

From youngster to old age, everybody loves yoga, and usually, most hire a professional yoga teacher. If you are a kind fitness person, then this is a golden chance to invest.

Most yoga trainers charge per hour rate, ranging from 2k to 8k Per hour, if you are in this field, and not getting enough clients. Then, I suggest you join a yoga institute initially to sustain your identity in the market.

Dance Class:

Dance is the traditional method for fun and celebrates the moment. Nowadays, dancing is like a carrier, and top dancer’s demand is vast in functions, events, reality shows, film industry, and to train others too.

This is a kind of earning source for youngsters, and you can either train people or groups or apply to dance shows to gain popularity in a short period.

Dancers can earn as per hours, and once you out from reality show as a dancer then the whole film industry in your hand, you can decide whether to pursue as a full-time dancer or as keep as part-time income.

The global crisis and rise in online education in India are a golden chance for you to become an online dance educator, and you will be a full-time employee.


Photographers are game-changer in every way. They can demand anything easily, become a part-time photographer is profitable after a rise in JIO, most Indians are on social media, and everyone loves to have a dashing photo.

From professional to wedding photographers, there are many possibilities to you earn a much handsome amount from part-time photography.

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As per my knowledge, if you wish to promote yourself as a photographer, then try to click a better picture than your competitors in your region.

You can easily earn anywhere between from 10k to 50k per family event. If you wish to sell your creative photo online, then it’s also a huge opportunity to maximize your earnings.

Private Cab Driver:

Cab driving is still profitable in many aspects, and you can earn much more only by driving a cab. Top metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Bangalore can easily make money as a part-time driver.

Many feel this old and low class earning method, but this is still zero investment business ideas in India, you only need to have your cab or auto to apply as ola and uber driver.

If you don’t know, what is old or uber, then this are private cab company that hires drivers and provides traveling service via vehicle.

Most ola and uber drivers easily earn 10k as part-time drivers per month. Take your decision wisely and then proceed to this.

Music Instrument Tutor:

There are tons of musical instruments out there, and you can easily teach others and make some decent money.

As per my experience, this one of the safest and home-based side business ideas in India. Once you learn every instrument on how to play, then you will earn till life. Once you master it, you can easily teach anyone.

You can teach many instruments like electronic piano, standard piano, flutes, piccolos, guitars, drum set, violin, and many more.

You can either teach to students by taking home-based music learning or join the film industry, have you notice, most reality shows and family entertainment shows as Kapil Sharma shows, have huge music setup in background, they all are part-time earner or might be some full time. Now we have online platforms where you can teach how to play instruments via online education platforms. If you really think you are master in any instrument mentioned above, then why waiting enrolls as an online educator today.

Home Tuition:

Taking home-based tuition is a very profitable and low expense side business idea in India. Private tuitions charge a high amount for teaching, and most kids literally do not get real study value.

Home tuition has many advantages. You can easily focus on every kid, and you have control of everyone because low no of students and you do not need any separate room for this, you can take tuition either on the terrace.

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It would be best if you focused only on getting every kid’s academic points higher than the previous year. I know that’s a bit hard work, but if you succeed, then parents will quickly pay you as per demand.

Tiffin Services:

Tiffin services are what we called as (khanaval), which is a low cost and profitable small business idea for homemakers.

Many students, individuals, and travelers out there who live without family are either on combine rent or stays to relatives.

You can provide them dinner and lunch as per the required and charge every month, per person you can earn 4k to 10k only by delivering 2 times lunch.

This one of quick and less risky side business ideas in India, the only hard work you need is to make chapati.

English Coaching:

English is now mandatory in every field and organization except government bodies, but at least you must be aware of English words.

If you think you know every basic grammar, words, pronunciation, and vocabulary, you can easily teach English.

There are many English classes in Mumbai, like speak well (have you heard the name?). This is a pure English teaching institute.

The only hard work is to target the right group of people who are willing to learn English, charge as per hour, or online platform is open for us, join one of education platforms as an educator if you didn’t get any client.

Insurance Agent:

Insurance schemes are always there for decades and always stay until humans alive. Everyone in once life has at least enrolls for an insurance policy, Right.

This is a must to have a thing, and we need it to secure our future, our family, and children’s wellness too, The only thing you need to work on is to target the right audience or youngster who are fresh and don’t have any policy record.

Most insurance agents are freelance, then don’t really attach with a physical office, its outdoor job right.

How do they earn?

Excellent question. Insurance agents receive a commission as per policy sold as some percentage, like 10%.

They can easily earn 20 to 30k per month; the only thing you need is to make and build a good association with everyone and improve your communication.

Bottom Line:

This are only 10 side business ideas in India, and you can easily find more different or have unique side income ideas as per your local region, and local crowds demand. Money matters whether you earn it from a full time or part-time. Hit the share button If you like the post.