10 Reliable Business ideas in Bangalore/Bengaluru

business ideas in bangalore

Bangalore is home to some of the top tech industries in India as the city has done wonders than any other cities in the country. 

Bangalore is Asia’s fastest-growing cosmopolitan city as it is one of the major cities with economic centres and multinational companies in India. 

Due to the significant presence of major technology companies and the revenues generated by them, 

The city has been named the silicon valley of India. The city has a combination of mix and match fusion in a culture blended with new technology. 

That is why you will find thousands of students settled here or working in IT rings from across the country.

The economic growth has gained much popularity from abroad and within the country due to many start-ups business that caters to the homely demands.

Today we see people who want to quit their 9 to 5 jobs and launch their own reliable business in Bangalore. The city can provide economic stability and have a highly profitable business. 

However, it is essential to be creative and persistent to bloom with your business ideas in Bangalore to help you start your entrepreneurial domain.

So if you are thinking about starting your business with low investment and yield high income, here are some reliable Business ideas in Bangalore to set up your new business.

10 Best Business Ideas in Bangalore

Home-Based Catering Business

Bangalorean’s love for dining and hosting events has created an enormous market for all the catering business in Bangalore. 

Particularly home-based catering as nowadays people prefer well-balanced hygienic food which is tasty as well as properly maintained. 

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If you are a pro at making exotic and fusion recipes, then it is well going for your venture as many business associates prefer home-based catering services for their clients and events. 

Even the working class chooses home-made food as they don’t get time to cook for themselves. 

The idea of getting home-cooked food delivered straightway is convenient for them, and a good start, and profitable for you as this is one of the business ideas in Bangalore to help you start your venture at the comfort of your home with a minimal amount of investment.

Organic Food Delivery Business

Bangalore is one of the leading cities with organic farm food produce. Since most people are concerned about their lifestyle and food habits. Nowadays, most people buy organic food production as they are healthier, chemical-free, and environmental-friendly. 

If you can cultivate organic vegetables and fruits in your small plot, organic farming is a good business idea in Bangalore where you can grow and deliver to customers at their doorstep for their excellent experience as well as for your profit.

Car Rental Business

Bangalore is a weekend getaway for people who want to witness the city’s culture. The place is a hub for pubs, musical concerts, and regional concerts as people prefer vacationing near hill stations in Bangalore. 

So Car rental business is ideal for someone who has a genuine interest in automobiles and maintains it as the car renting services are in high demand among the city’s residents. 

You can rent out your car at companies like Ola, Uber, and other rental car services as they offer business opportunities at present, which could be an additional source of income for you.

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Estate Agent Brokerage

Many people are looking for a spacious right space to open their business or to live as the demand for pepper accommodation needs the hour in Bangalore. 

So if you have good associations and access to such information about rental properties and good negotiations, you can start real estate brokerage services as this doesn’t need initial investment but requires good convincing skills and the ability to develop a good relationship with people. 

Real estate brokerage services provide profitable business opportunities in Bangalore due to its growing economy.

Baking Business

The baking business has taken a good start in recent years as many professionals, and home cooks feed their passion for food as it requires low investment. 

If you are good at Baking different pastries, goodies then you can sell your custom baked goods at several stores in the city as it is one of the leading businesses in Bangalore with minimal investment, which yields excellent income in the coming years.

Daycare/Child Care Services

Working parents are always looking out for child care services as they cannot leave their job to look out for their babies, and thus they are still in search of daycare, which ensures their child safety as well as a lookup to children in learning things. 

So starting a business can be ideal in this field. You can rent up a place or if you own a big house where you can begin a child care service. 

A child care centre run at homes requires a license. It is one of the business ideas in Bangalore for your side income.

Cleaning Service

As people are busy in their professional lives, they hardly get time to look after their home, and during these circumstances, the option of cleaning services comes in handy. 

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So you can set up your cleaning services for both households and commercial cleaning services as it is growing faster in business. You can provide people with household help.

Paying Guest Services

As the topmost students and job seekers are coming from other states and countries to study and work in Bangalore, one can rent it out of their spare rooms or house as paying guest service at an affordable fee as hostels are expensive in the city. 

With these services, it can yield great income opportunities for you as these profitable business ideas in Bangalore.

Coaching Centres

Starting a coaching centre or teaching the skills to students is a popular business idea in Bangalore

Due to many educational institutions, a mass of students is always looking out for coaching centres where teachers provide learning skills at their expertise. So starting a coaching centre is a profitable business in Bangalore.

Corporate Hospitality Event Planning

Companies in Bangalore are always looking out for corporate event planning management to provide hospitality services by renting out a place with suitable catering needs in their events with business people, stakeholders, and their foreign clients. 

This management service is one of the business ideas in Bangalore, which provides immense scope in earning profits, as well as this business opportunity, is easy to start and enjoy. 

This kind of business requires keeping your customers cheerful in terms of business engagement.


These are the Top 10 Reliable Business Ideas in Bangalore/Bengaluru with low investment with providing ample opportunities from which you can yield a great source of income.

Hope your search ends here, if you have any query then drop a comment in the question box of this post.