10 Profitable Business Ideas for Uneducated/Less Educated

business ideas for uneducated

Are you willing to start your own business but not getting much confidence as you are not highly educated.

Do you know, about 65% of Indians are uneducated or less educated

So, before we go through this article to check out 10 Profitable Business Ideas for Uneducated/Less Educated, let me ask you one question

Does Running A Successful Or Profitable Business is only in the hands of a highly educated fellow?

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Let’s dive in the article

Finding a good-paying job is challenging work, especially if you are not highly skilled. So, if you are not well educated or skilled.

But wanting to earn a handsome amount of money, opening your own business is a good option. Here are some profitable business ideas for you.

Especially. if you are uneducated or less educated. These methods require almost no skills and a low to the high level of investment with maximum return.

All these business ideas will be divided into five sub-categories.

  • Home-based ideas
  • Renting based ideas
  • Service-based ideas
  • Agriculture based ideas
  • Store-based ideas

Home Based Business Ideas for Uneducated:

Home Based Business Ideas for Uneducated

Production Incense Sticks (Agarbatti):

Yes, you heard it right, you can make Agarbatti in your home.

Incense sticks (Agarbatti) is quite a popular thing in India. People use it daily for worship. Starting the production of agarbatti is relatively easy. 

You don’t need any skills, and the investment is low. You have to buy the Agarbatti making machine and raw materials required. 

Once you have all this, you can start production in your own house with your family members’ help. One of my friend’s father does the same business, and it is pretty successful.

Production of Candles:

Candles are another easy yet profitable business to do. You need to buy the candle-making machine and raw materials, a low, moderate level investment. 

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To boost your business and make it more profitable, you need to have a good relationship or at least contact the church where you can sell them quickly. 

Plus, in festivals like Diwali, all Indians buy candles to light up their house.

Production of Bangles:

Bangles are a prevalent thing in India. You also have seen many shops making bangles and selling them in their shop. You can start producing bangles on your home and then outsource to the other shop for sale. 

You need to have some skill and creativity in it, but you can learn it quickly. Production requires some tools and raw material (depends upon what quality of bangles you produce). 

The more designer and attractive your bangles are, the more they will sell. 

It gives you the maximum profits, and with that profit, you may also start your shop and remove dependency on others.

Renting Based Business Ideas for Uneducated:

Renting Based Business Ideas for Uneducated

Setting Up a Mobile Tower:

So much penetration of 4G networks in India and so, its users have grown dramatically worldwide. 

Hence many telecom industries are suffering from complaints from their users like slow internet speed. 

The companies are looking for setting up new towers and providing a good network to their customers. You can lend them your land for setting up their tower and earn a good amount of money. 

The best part about this is that there is almost no need for raw materials. You just need to have some legal permission to do so and have to take care of that tower so someone could not damage it.

Opening a Call Centre:

This might be seen as a little complex, but trust me, it is very profitable. As I mentioned above, customers are facing many problems regarding their telecom providers. 

You can open your call centre and then a partnership with other telecom providers to offer them your services regarding the call centre.

Opening a call centre is a high-level investment. First, you have to set up the whole office, and then you need to recruit people for this job but I also it is very profitable. Your partner, the telecom provider, will pay a good amount for your service.

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Setting up an ATM Machine:

Opening an ATM machine in your area is also a good way to earn money. But also it is quite risky since ATM machines have money on them. 

You have to hire a security giving service and install CCTV cameras all over the place. You also have to make sure that other ATMs are not available near your place.

Service-based Business Ideas for Uneducated:

Service-based Business Ideas for Uneducated

Particularly this section based on yourself. On what type of service you are good at. But still, here are some profitable services to do.


Sewing the clothes is a good service which you can provide and also it’s a very on-demand service. For this, you just need to acquire some skills, but most women already have those skills. 

Then start giving the service first, start with your own colony. Give your customer what accuracy and design they want, and in and only in a few times, you will be quite popular.

Yoga or Fitness Trainer:

After going through a pandemic, many people are now focusing on their health. They are starting many fitness exercises, especially yoga. 

You can teach them yoga by either opening your own yoga centre or being a personal yoga trainer. You can also become a fitness trainer in the gym or a personal fitness trainer. This service also helps with your health.

Being a Masseur:

Masseur means one who gives massages to others. You can easily learn this technique through a massage centre. 

At this point, many people are suffering from depression and anxiety and also sleep-related problems. 

Massage is a good way to recover from all these. Even psychiatrists recommend it. So it is both a good and profitable service to give.

Agriculture Based Business ideas for Uneducated:

Agriculture Based Business ideas for Uneducated

Fish Farming (pisciculture)

Fish farming involves the rising of the fishes for selling purposes. The government also provides subsidies on it, i.e. some of your total money invested will be refunded by the government. 

You can easily sell the fish on your local market or get in partnership with some companies. You can easily start farming the fishes by digging a pond on your land and then raising the small fishes to big ones. 

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Their diets are also very normal and affordable. Although you always need to take care of and protect it.


Beekeeping is the same as fish farming, but the institute of farming fishes, you create artificial hives for bees. You can sell the honey obtained by the bees either on the local market or to a big company like Patanjali. 

For this, you need to create artificial hives and take good care of them. However, most of the bees kept in this farming are stingless bees, but still, you need to have a protective suit for yourself.

Shop Related Business ideas for Uneducated

Grocery Store:

Opening a grocery store is the best and effective way to earn a handsome amount of money. However, opening a grocery store is a high level of investment, but it is also most profitable once because people go to the grocery store daily. 

In the pandemic, I have seen a huge crowd in the grocery store.

Books Store:

After grocery stores, bookstores are the most profitable business . To get maximum benefits, you have to make sure that you are near a school or a college. You can also do some partnership with your nearest school or college. 

Moreover, in order to boost your earnings, you also have to keep a Xerox machine. This will boost your income much time, even in the offseason.

Final Verdict:

All these ideas which I have shared with you through this article come from my personal experiences. 

I have seen many uneducated peoples around me doing these types of businesses and earning a lot of money. 

You can try one of these methods depending on your interest and start earning money. And remember the fact that continuity is the key to success.

Hope you find this blog on 10 Profitable Business Ideas for Uneducated/Less Educated pretty helpful for you.

However, if you still have any query about these business ideas for the uneducated then don’t forget to drop your question in the comment section.