10 Most Selling and Best Ice Cream Brands in India

Best Ice Cream Brands

Whenever we hear the word ‘Ice cream.’ We started drooling over the flavors of ice cream and went into the dreamy land. All ages of the generation love ice cream. 

Be it a classic choco-chip chunk of chocolate with the best dark chocolate sauce to all favorite fruit-custard ice cream. Everybody has their preferences in terms of ice cream flavors.

India has seen a massive spike in the  Ice cream industry over the years. From pan-India to international to local brands. Each offers different varieties and flavors in ice creams.

But to find the best ice cream brands which provide the best quality. Without compromising on quantity and cost. 

Here are the 10 Best Ice cream Brands in India. That has emerged as the top brand. That has been occurring and evolving ahead in recent years. Due to the companies’ fierce competition to provide quality products to the consumers with their changing choices.

 As the summer season is around the corner, let’s find the best ice cream brands from the following.

10 Most Selling and Best Ice Cream Brands:


Amul is the largest distributor of milk and milk products in India. It was established in 1996 at Gujarat headquarters Anand. It is the first choice of all ice-cream lovers. Anand Milk Union Limited is shortly called Amul, was founded by Tribhuvandas Kishibai Patel and Verghese Kurien.

The brand is known for providing ice cream with different flavors with best quality at affordable prices. Other ice creams, the Amul brand produces milk, Cheese, flavored Yogurt, buttermilk, shrikhand too. From Cups, blocks to Cones, tubs, the ice creams come in all types. 

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2.Mother Dairy:

In terms of manufacture, products and sell. Mother Dairy stands next to Amul. The NDDB owns mother dairy, which is the largest distributor of milk and milk-related products.

The company provides the best quality ice creams across India with various outlets and branches. Mother dairy has diversified its products by selling products like vegetables, oil, fruits, etc., and has expanded its business by selling these items to outlets and stores across India.

3.Hindustan Unilever Company

Cornetto and Magnum are the best ice cream brands in India owned by the HINDUSTAN UNILEVER COMPANY.  One of the well-known brands is Kwality ice cream, a famous brand in the ice cream industry.

After Hindustan Unilever bought the Kwality brand, the Kwality was combined with the British walls and launched as a Kwality wall.

The brand offers some of the top-quality ice cream flavors such as Cornetto, Cassata, Sandwich ice creams, which the kids love as adults love. Due to this, Hindustan Unilever has become one of the best ice creams in India. 

Their premium brand Magnum is loved by the consumers for its richness and sophisticated flavor. Cornetto is the famous and in-demand ice cream flavor from this brand. 

4.Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is a premium flavored ice cream brand that has a global fan following. The American ice cream brand has 7500 locations in India alone.

It is available in 50 more countries, leaving America worldwide. In India, Baskin Robbins has its Manufacturing unit in Pune.

This premium brand offers ice cream based on the customer’s preferences. The company is known for experimenting with various innovative ideas to produce different cream flavors. 

Best Ice Cream Brands


Vadilal brand is one such company that focuses on its ice creams and candies—started by Vadilal Gandhi, the Vadilal Gandhi soda foundation in 1926 in Ahmedabad. It is one of the trusted ice cream brands which produces 50+ different ice cream flavors.

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Some of the popular flavored ice creams are mango, cream, cookies, Coffee Caramel, etc. It is one of the leading ice cream brands in India.

6.Arun Ice Cream:

  Arun is a well-known brand of Hatsun agro product. When other ice cream brands started their chains in cities, Arun ice cream followed the rule of opening its outlets in suburban and rural areas.

This ice cream brand introduces every season a different niche flavor in its menu, attracting consumers with its fusion flavors. 


Havmor is one of the top brands for selling ice cream and cones over the years. The company was initially established in Karachi in 1944. 

But after the partition, the company owner Satish Chona came to India and established his company as a part-time venture. But they gradually turned into a full-fledged business. 

Havmor is one of the few such brands which offer different variants of ice cream flavors such as American nuts, Chocolate block cones, and Hazelnut crunch are the popular variants from this brand. 


Dinshaw is one of the oldest players in the ice cream industry. The brand is a strong pioneer who has its presence all over the country. Mainly across central India.

 The company started its first innings by supplying high-quality milk and milk products such as ghee, butter, lassi. They have created mass production of ice cream.  Dinshaw’s is regarded as one of the premium brands in terms of ice cream in India. They produce Indian infused flavors of ice cream such as Anjeer badam, black sundae, waffle cones are the popular flavors. 

9.Naturals Ice Cream

Natural ice cream is known for its ice cream made from pure milk and its fresh ingredients as they don’t compromise on their quality and quantity.  It was founded by Kamath R S of Mangalore. The company started its first chain in Juhu, Maharashtra. 

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The company has expanded its presence to 135 outlets around India. In a combination of franchise stores and company outlets. 

This ice cream brand produces seasonal fruit ice cream flavors such as mango, lychee, and even Apple flavored ice creams. The company makes its priorities on creating rich flavored ice-creams without compromising on its taste. 


Giani’s is one such brand that offers 100% vegetarian ice creams. It is one of the best ice cream brands in India. The brand not only focuses on producing ice creams. But apart from that, it also makes gelato, kulfis, shakes, and more. 

The company was founded in  Fatehpuri, Delhi, in 1956. Some of the popular flavors on the menu here are Traffic jam, Belgian chocolate, Coffee walnut flavored ice creams loved by all ages. 

Their ice cream combo will take you to the nostalgia of the Chandi chowk’s rabdi falooda; apart from these, their menu offers new shakes with fusion flavors of Indian fruits filled with nuts, sundaes, mousse, gelatos, frozen yogurt, etc. 


 These are the  Best ice cream brands in India apart from others. India has seen a surge of new innovative ice cream brands emerging as top players in the ice cream industry. 

The Indian ice cream industry is evolving with changes over the years by embracing new techniques and ideas. They are considering the customer’s preferred choices. 

Hope you like our blog on top 10 best Ice Cream Brands  2021. Kindly leave your comment which one you like most among the list.