10 Easy to Start Small Business Ideas in Chennai

Small Business Ideas in Chennai

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” – Richard Branson.

Covid has hit every class badly, and job sector is not an exception. People started looking for business opportunities. Are you from Chennai and wish to start your business without investing a significant budget? 

We may understand that everyone can’t take the risk at massive scale as laying all your eggs in a basket is not good. Here we have brought to you some appealing profitable and yet small business ideas in Chennai, which can boost your financial status. 

So here we go!

10 Small Business Ideas in Chennai

1: Printing/Photocopying

This small scale business is still in fashion despite the smartphones and cheap data packs as everyone doesn’t have printing & photocopying facilities. Copy and Print business provides a wide range of customers from students to government offices.

You can make your this business point versatile with a camera and computers. Now along with photocopies, you can provide services, such as photography (people often turn up for passport size photograph), filling forms( Now from SSC to UPSC all the documents are getting filled online.)So students will keep reaching you.

You may convert it into a cybercafe or a computer training centre with the progression of time.

2: Coffee And Tea Shop: 

Chennai, the tech city has professionals who are techies. When their brain stands still the most crucial thing they look for is a dose of caffeine, and a hot cup of tea or coffee gives this to them. This small looking business has a potential of significant boost. 

The customers will walking approach you, but the chances are high that you may also get orders from nearby offices. The best part of this business is you don’t need a huge amount to start your business, nor do you need to wait long for the return of investment. It returns to you while your customer is sipping tea. 

Pro tips for this business venture are keeping bread,butter, and some other stuff at your tea/coffee shop. Sometimes the consumers also wish to have toast with tea. 

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3: Maid Agency Business Ideas In Chennai: 

Most couples are working in metropolitan cities, and Chennai is not an exception. But the problem is finding a trustable maid for housework is difficult.

So if you have the skill of managing people, you can pool people, inculcate a sense of professionalism and bring happiness in their lives by giving them a job. Here you get your earning too.

If possible training for the domestic assisting staff should be organized as per the expectations of the clients for clients’ satisfaction like demeanour of staff, understanding of basic courtsey like not discussing your clients’ family affair outside with others etc will not only bring respect and money to this profession, but that will also be a win-win situation for one and all here.

4: Car Washing Business Idea In Chennai: 

Chennai has the unique combination of two things: as the importer and exporter of automobiles in India it is the hub of the Indian automobile industry in a variety of the fact that it is also one of the cities with highest per capita income. 

Chennai witnesses every day the rush of couples to their workplace. They hardly have time for cleaning their car. If you own a car washing centre by the end of the week, you will be given a profitable business. 

This business hardly needs investment between 2-3 lacs for purchasing pieces of equipment like Washing system, conveyor tunnel Chemicals, Dryers, Blowers, Vacuums, Brushes, Towels & Water system.

You’ll also need practically license related to land Permit, Water Permit & Fire License. The immediate return of money will start once the business is set up.

5: Photography: 

If you are good at photography, video mixing and photo editing, you may hang your camera and get ample opportunities in Chennai. Chennai is blessed with natural beauty and happy people who love to celebrate their happiness. 

You may make their happy occasions memorable. You may start independently or in line with any event management team. Covid 19 too could not hamper the mood of festivity of Chennai. Hang your camera and get ready to commercialize the opportunities strewn around.

You may primarily require the minimum 1 Lakh budget to invest for starting a photography business in Chennai. It would be best to have a camera and lenses, Small studio, lighting, laptop and social media advertising for growing your business.

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Pro tips for this profession is – investment in camera lense and learning software and new style gadgets in photography like 4-D camera capture to drone photography.

6: Event Management:

Gone are the days when the bride’s kith and keen were staying conscious with bated breath about ceremonies’ preparations. Now event managers handle things for them.

If you are good at managing teams, making relations and building rapport with the clients and excellent supervision skills, you can start your event management enterprise to take orders to plan occasions from birthday bash, ring ceremony, wedding to baby shoot.

All you may require for Event Planning Business is degree or experience, license, equipment, inventory, advertisements, place in the market, some workers, and a 50,000 to 5 Lakh budget. 

Pro tips for this profession is – from florist to choreographer, from set decorator to caterer, from hotel to wedding places keep everyone in touch. 

7: Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business

One of the most profitable businesses in Chennai is the business of Tempered glass manufacturing. 

India is witnessing the unprecedented growth in several smartphone users, and hence the need for Tempered glasses too is getting increased as this helps to save their smartphones. 

You need to buy a tempered glass making machine and start your business. The cost of this machine may vary from 69000 INR to 2 Lakhs. You may visit any bank for getting your loan sanctioned on your business proposal.

This is not a new business opportunity, but after stringent restrictions on Chinese imported Tempered glasses, Chennai is a new profitable venture. Pro tips for this profession is – make your logistic partnership with trustworthy partners. 

Make your distribution network too very strong. Business relations should be built with wholesale and retail stores for push sale.

8: Smartphone Repairing:

As said earlier, the number of smartphone users is growing fast, and so is the falling and cracking of smartphones. 

It is almost challenging to change expensive smartphones because of any technical problems, so people rush to smartphone Repairing centres. Skill India program has brought you the chance for getting training in smartphone repairing almost free of cost. 

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This program also offers you the kit for smartphone repairing. You may start it with 30,000-50,000 rupees needed for shop deposit, rent, requirements, etc.

If you start your smartphone Repairing centre, you are only earning your skill. Pro tips for this profession are that a little investment in spare parts of the smartphone will help you make more and in a hassle-free manner.

Keep yourself abreast of new coming smartphones and their technological changes. The most important thing is you get the repairing charges paid as soon as you repair and don’t have to wait longer than that for your payment.

9: Fast Food Center: 

Chennai is a fast-moving city where people work till late at night and rush to the office every morning. In such condition opening a fast food centre in Chennai is the best opportunity by taking care of others’ appetite. Serving fast food with good hygiene and making your business viable at an affordable price. 

There are many types of fast foods that Chennai people love to eat. Pro tips for the business is – choose your menu and location (around the school, colleges, offices, parks, malls)smartly.

10: Tiffin Delivery Service

Many employees don’t get time enough for cooking, nor do they like eating fast food daily. Your tiffin delivery service is not only an excellent solution for such people but for you, it is also a great business opportunity. 

Here you have always the chance of growth. Hygiene, taste, variety, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction are vital to boosting this business in Chennai

Make your business a bit new by giving special offers like Special Sunday dishes, and Tasty Thursday offers, special discount on double order.


Post-Covid 19 scenario for jobs has been affected negatively, but there is always a business chance. 

So we presented before you these ten small but essential startup ideas in Chennai that you can try. No business is small as long as it is a profitable venture; it has immense possibility of scaling at a large scale.

Hope you found this article helpful on 10 Highly Profitable and Small Business Ideas in Chennai 

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