10 Best Playschool/Preschool in India to Consider for your Kid

best preschool in india

Today, I am going to discuss some of the best preschool in India that will best suit your children.

As you know Preschooling is considered a seed foundation for a kid’s formal instruction. As a preschool introduces the toddler to the world of academic learning at the same time ensures the toddler has the best time around. 

The kids should attend a preschool before they begin schooling as they will learn the essential academic learning. 

It will help in shaping their physically, mentally, and socially. In a preschool, professionally trained teachers teach the kids and ensure the learning process is easy and enjoyable.

In every part of India, playschool has cropped nowadays. so there are plenty of choices from the curriculum, facilities, to personal attention paid to the kids. 

All factors play a significant role in finalizing the best preschool in India. So in this article, we have run down with ten best preschool in India that will offer efficient world-class learning to the kids.

10 Best Preschool in India


Kidzee is Asia’s most extensive preschool chain. It has a network of over 1500+ Centres operating across 550+ cities. The preschool offers a world-class customized theme curriculum called iLLUME to nurture your child’s abilities. 

Their program provides a  learning tablet- a specialized electronic tab with parental control and loads of educational content in the form of puzzles and videos. 

The preschool offers the facilities of learning experiential equipment and sensorial learning equipment. It is one of the top best preschool in India. 

Phone: +91-22-40343900

Website: http://www.kidzee.com/

2.Euro Kids

Euro kids are one of the noteworthy chains of preschool in India. Euro kids founded in 2001. They operate in 350+ cities with more than 900 centers. 

The curriculum in this preschool follows the Montessori and Playway approaches. They offer four different programs such as playgroup, nursery, Eurojunior, and Eurosenior. 

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Euro kids facilities include child-friendly equipment with a positive environment. The school also promotes parents involved in school activities. 

Euro kids are a theme-based school with cognitive skills, language, motor, and social skills with self-esteem.  They have a ratio of 10:1 of students with the teacher. 

Phone: + 91-22-61565656





3.Kangaroo Kids

The school was founded 1993 in Mumbai. They have more than 80+ branches across cities in India alongside focusing their centers in Dubai and Maldives. 

They focus on giving the kids parental involvement in their school activities. Their campus is spacious enough for the kids to learn and play with kids. 

Their curriculum focuses on providing the kids social, cognitive, emotional, physical, and catering to their needs. 

They also cater to the needs of exceptional children—the preschool functions in the high parental association. 

Phone: +91-22-42013000

Website: http://www.kkel.com/



4.Hello Kids

Hello, kids are the first pre-primary school franchise in India to cater to the middle-income band. 

They hold a network of over 285 branches across more than 22+ states of the country. They have a ratio of 10:1 with highly skilled, experienced teachers. 

They offer four programs such as playschool, nursery, LKG, UKG. Admissions are acknowledged for one and half years. 

Hello, kids have specially designed course subjects which focus on kid learning through the game and activities. Their facilities include regular check-ups with certified medical professionals, Yoga, Computer basics, exercises. 


91- 80-42166508 / 42166509

Website :




5.Little Elly

This preschool is an initiative of learning edge India private limited, which was founded in 2005. The preschool’s curriculum is based on the Montessori and Steiner methodologies.

 It has programs from playschool to old garden. They offer distinctive features for the kids with daycare facilities daily as well as every month. 

Their facilities include the international level of storytelling, games, playing toys, field trips, puppet shows. 

Website: www.littleelly.com

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Phone: +91-80-4112 7411

Email: help@littleelly.com

6.Little Einsteins

IIM alumni founded Little Einsteins preschool in the year 2007. Currently, the preschool boasts its presence in nine states across India with more than 30+ Centres. 

This preschool has various programs from infant, toddler, preschooler, and aftercare programs. The additional and most unique factor of this preschool is they offer ‘after school hours’ for kids up to seven years of age.

 The preschool aims at improving the cognitive and language skills to help the child enhance their ideal learning along with the basic etiquette, social behavior, and concept knowledge.

They follow the scientific approach of multiple intelligence action based on Cambridge, Harvey, and Oxford Universities. They offer the facilities of art and dramatic play along with cooking. 

Website:www.little einsteins.co.in

Phone: +91-9989058655

Email: kopal@littleeinsteins.co.in

7.Smart Kidz

It is an ISO 9001:2008 ensured association. The Smart Kidz preschool franchise has a presence of over 200 Centres. 

The preschool was awarded the best innovation in the preschool education grant at the World Education Awards 2014.

 It follows the requirements of the ICSE, CBSE, and SSC syllabus with Montessori methodology as their curriculum. 

From preschool to senior kindergarten, the preschool carers to all ages groups. One of the best parts of this school is the teachers are well trained in special training procedures relevant to preschoolers. 

They follow the approach of learning through playing with a colorful and homely environment. The teachers offer their best guidance on a child’s emotional, physical, social, mental, and intellectual needs. 


91-40-27894117 / 18


Email: info@smartkidzindia.com

8.Podar Jumbo

The Podar Jumbo was claimed by the Podar education group established in 1927. The Podar Jumbo kids boast of 80+ Centres across India. They are primarily covering the pivotal urban countries.

They follow the Playaway methodology of the Curriculum. They offer their program range from toddler to senior kindergarten. The study proportion of educators and students ratio includes from 1:7 to 1:10 depending upon the program. 

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They follow the theory of education, which nature’s the children and creates a growth of the environment. The preschool also has the facilities daycare. The classrooms are equipped with projectors, interactive boards, and tablets. 

The kids learn through the play method of drama, puppet show, sand show, water show, and field trips. 

Phone: +91-22-26465393

Website: www.jumbokids.com

Email: jumbokids@podar.org

9.Sunshine Preschool

Sunshine Preschool is a venture of the SatNav group. Founded in 2007, sunshine preschool offers preschooling along with daycare facilities to 30+ branches with accompanied CCTV cameras.

To keep the children interested. This preschool offers their curriculum through activity-based learning. The experts train the teachers here in the watch quarter. The school looks for feedback from the guardians and office enhancements.

They communicate with the parents through SMS and email for a new concept of techniques and learning themes.

Phone: +91-40-64619733





10.The Treehouse Play-School

 This preschool is known for its largest self-operated preschool chain in India. It has across 500 centers in India since its inception in Mumbai in 2005. Their curriculum is based on the play way and Montessori methodologies.

They introduce kids to formal education through their innovative methods. From preschool to senior kindergarten, the emphasis is on role play and dramatic social plays.

One of the best things this preschool offers is that they provide admission throughout the year by giving the parents their choice to choose the term and batch.

Phone: +91-22- 40169587 / 64572725 / 65295296






These are the ten best preschool in India. You can vouch for your kid’s future. 

Their facilities and curriculum, are top-notch and each offers different requirements.so take your time and choose the ideal place for your kids

Hope this blog helps you to find the best PreSchool in India for your little loved ones. If you have any doubt don’t hesitate to drop your query in the comment section.